1-1 Sessions

1-1 Sessions

My 1:1 Sessions are ideal if you’re:

  • Feeling stuck, lost and disconnected from your true self. You may feel numb, depressed, disconnected from your own life.
  • Going through a period of transition – career change, new stage of life, moving location, healing after a break-up, grieving the loss of a loved one or a stage of your life or letting go of an old way of being, pattern or behaviour.
  • Someone who struggles with being grounded in the physical and experiences difficulty managing earthly responsibilities.
  • Someone who is quiet sensitive and doesn’t know how to manage this within a busy and sometimes overwhelming world.
  • Finding that ‘being stressed’ has become second nature to you and you feel like you are carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders.
  • You feel there’s something missing but can’t quiet put your finger on it
  • You are used to dealing with life in a logical and analytical way, but feel a call to to explore healing / energy work and your creative, intuitive side.
  • A healer, therapist or entrepreneur who has a strong desire to make a difference in the world but might be feeling stuck, struggling with your inner journey or need some support along the path so you can share your gifts and teachings easily. Working in the ‘giving’ field makes it important that you give yourself time to receive and have a space to shift through your own growth and experiences and assist you to navigate the path.
  • Feeling drawn to experience healing even though you have no idea what it is or what to expect – that’s what I am here for!


My clients report:

  • Feeling deeply relaxed and ‘more like themselves’
  • Reduced fear, anxiety, stress and worry
  • More connected to their heart’s truth
  • Greater balance in life and in themselves resulting in increased happiness and peace
  • Learning to let go of the need to push and force things to happen and allow themselves to feel supported and guided
  • Feeling more fulfilled, joyful, peaceful and connected to themselves
  • A deepened trust in self, others and the Universe – they begin to allow themselves to see who they truly are, how they chose to live life and have faith in being supported.

The modalities I offer:

Reiki Healing

The way I see it is that we each have an inner well that gets depleted throughout each day and most of us have forgotten how to tend to that inner well. We have forgotten what fills us up and feeds that spark within us. We often let the well run low or even dry as we try to be everything to everyone and leave ourselves at the bottom of our ‘to-do’ list. A Reiki session gives you an opportunity to fill your your cup or fill your inner well. The healing energy allows you to gain clarity and awareness of how you are managing your own energy and then assists you in transforming any blocks, stoppages, limiting beliefs or old emotions that you may be holding within that are keeping you stuck.

The beauty of Reiki is that the sessions are different each time, as the energy gives the person exactly what they need in that moment depending on where they are at the moment on all levels (physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually)

Also, you don’t have to have something “wrong” with you to get a Reiki treatment. Each treatment will meet you where you are at and who wouldn’t like to receive more of the powerful healing of reiki – you can’t have enough peace, love, joy etc!

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Magnified Healing

The feminine energy of Kwan Yin, Goddess of Mercy, Compassion and Forgiveness is truly present during these healings. It is a deeply healing energy that brings our focus to Ascension (Ascending with both feet on the ground i.e. allowing ourselves to be authentic, connected to our truth and heart, tending to our inner light and letting it shine).

Magnified Healing opens and brings you beautifully into your heart, leaving you feeling whole and at peace. It helps you to clear any lower energy, bring in the ‘higher light’, helping you to connect with your higher selves, our purpose, the universe and the earth. The healing energy is a great support to those who are struggling on their path, feelings a little lost but also for those who are dealing with patterns & behaviours that prevent them from fully embodying their essence.  It brings ease and peace to those who are healing the physical body as the energy focuses on transforming the different layers of the physical and energetic body.

Magnified Healing invites you to open your heart and go within.

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Shamanic Healing

The practice of shamanic healing involves making a commitment to become more authentic and integrated with yourself, others, spirit and nature. We all have the capacity to self heal and shamanic healing helps you to bring forth that which is in shadow into the light of awareness, for the purpose of transformation and healing.

It will help you:

  • Feel more present, increase your vitality and improve your ability to respond to life instead of react
  • Deal in an empowered way with grief, anger and fear
  • Regain clarity, passion and soul-purpose in life
  • Release limiting blocks, emotions, patterns, and belief systems and move through past issues that one could not previously move past
  • Awaken self-love, self-responsibility, inner-freedom, understanding and acceptance.

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Everyone should have a mentor – someone who ’empowers you to see a possible future, and believe it can be obtained’ as so often  people feel they have to go it alone, keep pushing forward and sort it out themselves.  You may have lost the gift of truly hearing what our soul / spirit is asking for.  Our language is so rich with metaphor if you know what to listen for. Mentoring helps you to go deeper into what you are experiencing and assisting you to uncover for yourselves the answers that have been hidden so you can feel empowered to move forward and be open to life.

Reiki Mentoring

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Distance Healing

The beauty of energy work is that it can be ‘sent’ over distance. It is wonderful to have the option to receive healing distantly when you feel the need for support but can’t make a session in-person. Find out more here