About Me

About Me

Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life? – Mary Oliver

SO WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE TO KNOW ABOUT ME? Roseleen Mc Nally, Reiki Teacher & Master

Here’s a little about me

My name is Roseleen Mc Nally. I am orginally from Donegal and I am living in Dublin for a long time despite coming down here for 1 year! Yet, if I’m honest there is nothing like heading to the hills of Donegal to relax and take time out.

How would I describe myself?

I’m someone who likes to laugh, explore the world, learn new things and is committed to being the best I can be at any stage. I love meeting people and hearing their life stories.

I continue to push my own comfort zone so I can provide an authentic experience to those who come to me for healing. How can I expect someone to face their fears, if I am not willing to do the same myself.

I love to travel. I never really call them holidays – they always appear to be pilgrimages. Travel always brings change to me, I’m never the same person coming back as it expands my vision and can put me back on my tracks if I’ve gone into overdrive! Even with my best intentions of having a ‘normal’ holiday, I am always drawn to the energy of places that call. I have been lucky to journey to Glastonbury, Cornwall (Merlin & Kind Arthur Legends!), trace ley lines from Stonehenge right through Ireland, India, Mexico, Thialand etc.

I also love to spend my time painting, reading, walking along the sea, enjoying the landscape of our own beautiful land and I am a food lover!

I believe that life is a journey of exploration and is meant to be full of joy.

How did it all start for me?

I have always had a thirst for learning – from when I was young devouring Roald Dahl, Enid Blyton and mystery books, to studying history and English at college, to number crunching as an auditor & accountant and to expanding my mind through energy healing, life coaching and all things spiritual / holistic…..

As a past drifter in life, I know that it is all too easy to put of things until tomorrow, to use all the excuses of the day, to think that one day you’ll wake up and somehow your life will have sorted itself out without you having to take responsibility for it.  My biggest learning so far is that ‘I am responsible for my own life’ and although that can be scary, the changes resulting from knowing, accepting and growing with this are so rewarding.

What do you look forward to most?

When I’m teaching any of my workshops there is something special about being part of someone’s growth – whether it is seeing people ‘feel’ energy for the first time in Reiki Level 1 to someone deciding that they want to practice reiki professionally or teach their first Reiki class. It is wonderful to be part of someone’s journey as they begin to use reiki for their own personal healing – on a physical, mental, emotional or spiritual level – and see the benefits that having and using reiki in their lives provides.

In 1-1 treatments, you can actually see the changes in people – even if they are only small. Sometimes they look brighter, they are smiling and feel like a weight has been lifted off their shoulders. And above all this I get to met such wonderful people who are/have faced such challenges but do not let it define them.

What has been the biggest challenge and biggest lesson you have learned to date?

Patience – I always want to be rushing ahead but I’ve learned that I’ve got to enjoy the little moments in life and that things will happen and materialise when they need to. I often compare it to being in a river. Do I feel like I am going with the flow of the water or am I swimming against the current – it often helps to being me back into the now.

Trust – I’ve had to learn to trust myself, my instincts, my choices and  Source. To let go, release and know that it will be ok and that is actually ok at this moment too.

I’m always learning! That’s one of my favourite things about this path – I am constantly evolving, growing and changing…

What are my qualifications?

Like many therapists I have done numerous courses over the years. I teach and use those that I love and those that have supported me the most during my life. The ones that came into my life at times when I was going through major transitions or initiations and they helped me to breath and move through them – sometimes elegantly and other times clumsily!

Reiki – I adore reiki. It’s simplicitiy, power and gentleness. No matter what I have learned, reiki has never left my side. I am always going deeper and deeper into my understanding of the beauty of reiki. There is no end to what it can unveil to me. I have witnessed many heart warming transformations in students & clients after being initiated into reiki. It is the subtleness of reiki that I love – yes, there can be major shifts we see straight away but I love the subtle shifts. The ones we don’t even know that are happening until we are a few monthsor even years down the path and suddenly we are not doing what we usually do, we have found naturally a new way of being without any hard work – it can happen effortlessly. For me reiki has always been the spiritual path back to our true selves.

Magnified Healing – The beauty heart opening energy of Magnified Healing and connection with Kwan Yin, Goddess of Mercy, Compassion and Forgiveness. A deeply healing energy that brings out focus to Ascension (Ascending with both feet on the ground)

Shamanisim – The connection with nature, the deep earthy work, the movement of core energetic blocks, the ability to bring parts of ourselves home, feeds another aspect of my soul. I love Shamanism for its ‘earthiness’ and ability to get to the core of issues. It’s grounded, practical and yes full of myth, mysticism, metaphor which I feel plugs me further into my being and all the things I adored as a child / teenager. I’m constantly amazed by it for  my own healing and bearing witness to the gifts it brings to others.

Coaching / Mentoring – Most of my work involves bringing coaching / mentoring. The energetic work is absolutely my baby but I love facilitating people in peeling back the layers and gaining an understanding of what they are actually saying to themselves. I feel we have lost the gift of truly hearing what our soul / spirit is asking for or even of what we are saying about our lives. Our language is so rich with metaphor if we just go beyond the surface layer. I love working with people to go deeper into what they are experiencing and assisting them to uncover for themselves what the answers that maybe can’t find a way out.