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Reiki Hand Positions

Reiki Hand Positions Self treatment is the main focus of a Reiki Level 1 course as healing always starts with ourselves first. There are about 13 hand positions taught in my reiki level 1 course covering from the head right down to the feet. I recommend to students that they take 2-3 mins at each place which is about an …

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Using a Vision Board

At the beginning of March, I started creating 3 vision boards around my intentions for 2012 and energy I would like to bring in during the year. You may think 3 is a little overboard but I felt that some themes/intentions needed a separate board so I could explore them in detail more. I based them around my own workshop/holistic …

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Well as we all know, it’s the start of 2012 – a time where a lot of people set New Year’s Resolutions without really wanting to do them… My Blog isn’t a New Year’s Resolution, the idea of starting one has been in the back of my mind for a long time now but the usual ‘I’ll do it sometime’ …

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