My Vision & Mission Statement

Where did the ‘Thirsty Soul’ come from?

We are Masters of our Fate, the Captains of our Souls, because we have the power to control our thought” – Napoloan Hill

What does Soul Thirsty mean to me – it is that feeling that things aren’t right, that there is something ‘out of sorts’, where you think that ‘there has to be more to this’ or you feel that you just haven’t reach your potential yet. It is these feelings that make you search, read, listen and dig for the answers and it’s the answers that help you grow and explore so you can find solutions and ideas to feel more connected to your dreams and to yourself ultimately.

I have always had a thirst for learning – from when I was young devouring Roald Dahl, Enid Blyton and mystery books, to studying history and English at college, to number crunching as an auditor & accountant and to expanding my mind through energy healing, life coaching and all things spiritual / holistic….. For me, it’s like I am a flower and learning is the water – I just keep soaking it up and without it I wither away… learning and exploring are an integral part to my life.

I have a thirst for love, learning, adventure, fun, helping people and wanting to use all my skills (even if I don’t know what they all are yet). I have always loved learning, gaining information, watching how people do things and then taking whatever pieces that connect with me for my own life. I’ve a hunger to explore and expand in my knowledge (consciousness) as I feel there is so much more to life and myself than I can currently see.

I am continuously updating my skills so I can provide a relevant and powerful service to those who come to me. I hope my thirst for life and learning doesn’t stop as it keep pushing me beyond my limitations and out into the world….

My Vision Statement

Life Coaching ~ My vision is to facilitate people to gain peace, clarity and direction by laying foundations to support themselves in their lives as they grow and expand. To provide a supportive environment where people can realise their dreams and to create a strategy that they can walk and follow as they continue to grow and expand. To empower people so they can see more clearly all that they can be and bring in the freedom to tap into their dreams.

Financial Coaching~ My vision is to educate people on their relationship with money. To make understanding and managing money a normal part of day-to-day life. To take the fear out of money and replace it with confidence and courage. For people to control money and not for money to control them.

Reiki/Energy Healing ~ My vision is to provide people with the time to relax, let go and just be so they can feel lighter, liberated, happier and oneness. To facilitate a space where people can be healed, loved and released and connect into the joy that is within.

Reiki/Seichem Workshops ~ My vision is to hold regular workshops to share my knowledge and love for energy healing. To facilitate people to connect with their own healing abilities and support them on their personal journey as they learn to use their talents and skills with reiki/seichem to make it their own. To provide a space where learning, growing, sharing information and fun are integral part of learning reiki.

My Mission Statement

My mission is to keep growing, exploring, developing, learning and having fun in all that I am passionate and connected to so I can apply what I learn to facilitate and support you as you change and grow and develop in your life so you can keep connected to your dream, yourself and still have fun and adventure along the way.

Life Coaching ~ my mission to to provide a life improving service to people where they can:

  • find peace and contentment
  • reconnect with the fun and adventure of life
  • understand their thoughts and patterns; how they communicate with themselves and others
  • explore the possibilites open to them
  • rediscover what is important to them in their life
  • lay foundations and create a strategy they can follow
  • rediscover what they want from life
  • bring more freedom into their life

Financial Coaching ~ My mission is to take money from being a ‘taboo’ subject to being a ‘normal’ subject. To facilitate people

  • understand their relationship with money
  • change how they think about money
  • ‘see’ and know where their money is going
  • organise/reorganise their finances so they can create a level of financial security they want
  • connect in with their financial goals
  • create a strategy on how to reach their financial goals
  • make money easier to understand and control
  • create financial freedom

Reiki/Energy Healing ~ My mission is to create a space where people can come to relax, let go and feel full of lighter and brighter.

Reiki/Seichem Workshops ~ My mission is to provide high quality training which is focused on sharing knowledge, connecting people with their own unique talents so they can male reiki their own. To support students as they continue on their reiki journey. To learn, grown, explore and have fun with reiki healing.