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Life & Financial Coaching

GS (Dublin)

I came to Roseleen for financial coaching because I  was experiencing anxiety about money. I have steady employment and I do not have a lot of debt but the anxiety I was experiencing relates back about ten years to a period  in my life when I was struggling financially.   I don’t have a desire to accumulate wealth but I felt that this anxiety was causing me to become obsessed with money.  I wanted freedom from this obsession and anxiety. Roseleen was an answer to prayer, she was tuned in to my needs, pragmatic and very supportive. She gave me some great ideas which were commonsense and easy to put into practice.  I am now training myself into a new way of relating to money and already feel more in control of my financial situation and consequently less anxious.”

John McKiernan (Dublin)

Travel Agent
Lifecoaching gave me ” Direction” I had lots of ideas but no idea what to do with them! Roseleen helped me recognize and put a value on what experience I have and how best to use that to achieve my goals. I found the coaching , practical and encouraging. It helped to clarify what I wanted and exactly, in precise steps how I was going to get there. Life Coaching is no overnight fix but it means you have someone in your corner who wants you to suceed and will use all their experience, knowledge and training to help you get there. Roseleen’s positivity , creativity and work ethic meant I learned a lot and found new hope and direction for the future. I know my future success is now closer and more realistic due to my Life Coaching with Roseleen. Thank you for all your help. Shine on.”

Jason (Dublin)

Manager, Internet Firm
“Roseleen has been a great life coach. She has provided some very clear and constructive advice on how I can lead change in both my personal and professional life. This has been of great benefit and helped me provide balance and contentment. Thanks Roseleen :-)”

Deirdre (Tipperary)

Owner, Complementary Therapy Business
“I was feeling very low and unmotivated with where I was in my life with regards to my business because of the recession. Contacted Roseleen with regards to coaching was one of the best things I have done. She was very supportive and provided a safe environment very quickly in our sessions. Roseleen encouraged me to set goals and to take action in work and life situations, inviting me to move forward. The results of which I now have my website set up and more business ideas in place. Roseleen showed me that for things to happen I have to take action. Thanks Roseleen for all your encouragement and support.”

Eileen (Dublin)

Eileen, Marketing Manager Accountancy Firm
“Over a series of practical and thought provoking life coaching sessions I feel a lot more focused and confident about my next career step and am more proactive in what I want to achieve in my life rather than waiting for things to happen for me.”

Reiki Treatments

Clare (Dublin)

I came across Roseleen through a recommendation from my cousin. I love reiki, I find it a very positive, energizing experience and I like to book in for a session a couple of times a year. When Im stressed or going through a tough time, it relaxes me and I find it brings me back in line, balances my energies. I found Roseleen to be excellent, I enjoyed the whole experience from the inviting calm room to her nice easy manner and I found the reiki session to be very relaxing, rewarding and energizing. I would always come out from the session calm and deeply relaxed. I thoroughly enjoyed the sessions and I would recommend Roseleen to anyone.

K.G (Dublin)

I had been feeling very anxious, burdened, and I suppose depressed for quite a long time. I had started to think that this was my ‘older’ self and that was just the way it was. I had forgotten that I used be quite a happy and positive person. Like everyone I had had some unhappy times and assumed that I would never be the same again and in fact I thought that this was just how life is. A friend had suggested therapy but at my age I thought by the time it would have me sorted I’d be ready to go six feet under. Many years ago I had been given a gift of a 3 day Reiki course, before all of this happened, and I really just took the experience as very pleasurable and good fun. For whatever reason a couple of month ago I remembered that weekend and thought that perhaps a Reiki healing might be nice to help me relax. I keyed “Reiki Dublin” into Google and when I came upon Rosaleen’s site I immediately liked the look of her face so booked a session with her on that basis and for no other reason. 5 sessions on I’m better emotionaly than I ever was! My ‘burdens’ are still around but they are no longer a problem- just part of what I have to do. I’m optimistic, happy, grateful for the really good things in my life that before I possibly took for granted and could only see the negative side of my responsibilities which were weighing me down. Even after the first session I felt so much lighter in myself, and had a very pleasant experience on leaving the Holistic Centre that first evening which I took as a good sign, and I truly believe that it was. I really bless the day that I decided to go to the Reiki session with Rosaleen as it has totally changed my life in the most positive ways and very importantly the lives of those whom I love and who love me. I’ve never written a testimonial before but if anyone who is now in a place similiar to the one I was in a couple of months ago is persuaded to try Rosaleen’s healing on reading this, I would be charmed that in some small way I got to give now that I have received

Anon (Dublin)

A friend recommended Roseleen to me. I found the treatment to be very relaxing and beneficial. I found Roseleen to be a really lovely, genuine and open person. I have had plenty of alternative therapies before where the therapist can really focus on the negative findings of the treatment only whereas Roseleen gave honest feedback but I came away feeling like it was a positive experience. We all have areas that need attention but it is important for me that this is focused on in a positive way. I would recommend Roseleen for Reiki..

Janet (Meath)

Busy Mum – for her 4 year old son
“I’m so delighted that you treat such young children and he took to you straight away (the ‘shy’ act is just that, an act). I’m amazed he was so calm and relaxed through the process. He’s still sleeping soundly and we had a very good day today in terms of behaviour and attitude. He also loves the new little routine we have before bed of ‘the ground beneath our feet’. We do the visualisation exercise in his bedroom. He thinks it’s a fab new game :).

Tom (Dublin)

Civil Servant
“My  experience  is  such  that   I  must  give  testimony. Truly,  sincerely,  My  experience,  My  being,  My  Soul,  gives thanks  to  the  Creator,  who  through   Roseleen  a  gifted Master  Reiki  Healer  facilitates  and  channels liberating  healing. By  her  simple   humble  presence,   by  her  generous  availability and  knowledge,  she  facilitates  the  myriad   life  supporting  energies.  A  safe  secure  protected   moment  of  holistic  truth  I  experience. Surrendered  experienced  at  the  subtleness   of  levels,  inevitably experienced   at   the  surface  of   life,  an accumulated   holistic   benefit,  energising  awakening  me  to  my  place  in  the  overall   scheme and  design  of   life  created   expanding. I  am  on  a  journey,  as  are  all,  reach  out,  seek,  experience,  surrender to  the  beautful   gift   lessons  of  life   leading   us   to  the  Eternal  Truth,   a  free  gift   available  to  all.  Individually  freely  spoken. “

Catherine (Dublin)

“I decided to try Reiki out after my friend recommended it to me. I was suffering from anxiety and stress which was affecting my breathing at times and giving me pains in my chest. After my first session I didn’t feel any different afterwards but gradually over the next few days I started to feel much calmer and less pain in my chest. Reiki certainly has helped me but it is also about helping yourself and learning to cope better with things. I keep reminding myself that it is about living for the now and sometimes we need to remind ourselves of this. I would most certainly recommend it to anyone to even try. I know it has helped me a great deal and will continue to have sessions every now and again to give myself a little boost.”

Vivian (Dublin)

Project Manager
“For the past year & 1/2 I felt like I was ‘stuck’ in my life and not my happy self. So I decided to try Reiki to get ‘unstuck’. Thankfully I came across Roseleen who has been such a blessing. After 4 sessions with her I feel so much better within myself, I have positive energy again, I feel motivated again & I feel so cleared of negativity. It has been such a powerful & positive experience for me. Roseleen is so welcoming & friendly and has a real talent to heal. I would definitely recommend her!”.

A.D (Dublin)

“I completed 6 sessions of Reiki with Roseleen just short over a month ago. Before I begin, I would like to clarify I was quite skeptical about complementary therapies previously. However, that skepticism has been well and truely lost!!! I suffered from a significant amount of stress due to my work life which invariably spilled over into my personal life, unfortunately affecting many of my close friends and family members. I was a nervous wreck and my health and fitness were in tatters by the time I decided to give reiki a try! My first visit to Roseleen and every subsequent visit have brought me not only a sense of peace, but also an abundance of information to help me manage my stress and not only cope with, but also deal with my problems. Roseleen herself is a true professional, she clearly enjoys her work and always endeavours to provide an empathetic and personalised service in my opinion. The holistic centre is a most quiet and relaxing haven, which compliments Roseleen’s sessions and techniques perfectly. By the end of my 6 sessions, I had found a new inner strength, I had begun to rediscover aspects of myself which I had long ago lost and indeed forgotten due to an inappopriate work-life balance. I found the strength to put myself in new social situations which in hindsight I would never dare dream of merely 4 months ago! And above all I dealt with and have somewhat overcome my problems. One month out, my self-esteem and self-confidence has improved, I feel happier and indeed healthier than I have done in years and I honestly put it down to my experience with reiki, I highly recommend Roseleen to anyone I meet who reveals they are in a similar situation to myself and continue to do so!! Thank you Roseleen!!!!”

Reine (Dublin)

Civil Servant
“I went for reiki therapy to address sleeping problems and for general relaxation purposes. Roseleen made me feel completely at ease immediately; she explained what the therapy involved and answered my queries fully and frankly. The sessions were very satisfying; I relaxed completely and felt energised and renewed afterwards. My sleeping patterns and general mood also improved. If only to take an hour’s time out from our busy daily lives once in a while, I would heartily recommend it.”

Jill (Dublin)

“A friend of mine had recommended Reiki to me and to be honest I was a little sceptical to begin with. I had been feeling a little out of sorts, not my usual self, anxious and a little down in the dumps so decided it was worth a try. I just came across Roseleen on the web. It was the best thing I’ve ever done!!! I’ve been to three sessions and after each session I’ve left feeling really relaxed, calm and really positive. The sessions are so relaxing. Its given me a great boost. I would definitely recommend anyone to give it a shot. I’m even looking forward to my next one! “

Lisa (Dublin)

“It has been about a month since I had my Reiki session with Roseleen and I still feel the changes. I feel more grounded and more centered. I had to set an intention for what I hoped to get from the session – all of which got results. The Reiki itself was very relaxing and I could feel random movement in my body as she worked on me. Roseleen was very insightful and passed on some messages to me that made complete sense and actually helped me to understand myself better. She gave me some insight as to why I had difficulty staying present and gave me advice on how to work on it. With that insight I went away with a lot to think about and over then next week I began to feel that my heart was more open and that I was more content. I was given some homework if you like, things to do to work on myself and so I am still working away on myself. It was a great experience and the Reiki continues to work on you even after you have left the session. It is something that you have to experience at least once for yourself because I really don’t think any words can explain the experience and the results after. Thank you Roseleen, Big Love, Lisa xx”

Reiki Level 1 Course


“I’m just amazed by the power of reiki. I practice it each morning for between 30-40 minutes and know i’m going to keep up the reiki way of life now – it really just feels so right, i’m so delighted to have found it and you Roseleen.” – (Reiki Level 1 2014)


Masters Student
“Thank you so much for sending distance healing over the last weekend. Last Monday i had a job interview for a management position, which was successful 🙂 yay!!! So many things have happened since the Reiki Level 1 attunement there were so many big changes. But I feel like I’ve grown so much,I learned a great deal about people and more so, about myself. I still practice Reiki on me about 4 times a week, whenever i am off :); and i received great feedback from a couple of friends who enjoyed having Reiki done to them. I’ve never felt more calmer, composed and ready for new challenges like these in my whole life. I now know that taking that first course with you, was one of the best decisions of my life. Thank you again so much, I’m truly looking forward to the next level.” – (Reiki Level 1 2014)


Occuptational Therapist
“I enjoyed a lot your weekend course. You really live what you teach. The class was a lovely size and everything was very well organized. Theory and practice was very good balanced and you made sure that everybody experienced the energy and understood all about it.I can only say well done!” – (Reiki Level 1 2014)


“The weekend completing the Reiki Level One Degree with Roseleen was a uplifting, inspirational and wonderful experience. Roseleen’s relaxed, natural and incredibly informative approach to teaching wa a pleasure to attend. My experience of Reiki was very strong and positive. My favourite part of the weekend was the final treatment during the last hour, when the class got to practice all the new skills we had learned. Learning Reiki Level One to me is mainly about expanding my spiritual health and understandings, but I’ve learned this weekend that it can also enhance mental, emotional and physical aspects also. I would strongly recommend Reiki to anyone intrigued by personal growth and development. A brilliant weekend, thank you Roseleen! ” – (Reiki Level 1 2013)


Office Worker
“I found Roseleen’s workshop really inspiring and motivating. She encourages people to explore their own way of feeling energy and she very much stresses the fact that every person can have a unique experience. I really enjoyed the weekend at the course and I’m looking forward other Reiki shares. ” – (Reiki Level 1 June 2012)

Margaret Mc Cormack (Dublin)

Office Worker
“Since completing Level 1 Reiki with Roseleen I am much calmer and more content in myself. I feel that I now have the tools to deal with the tough days in life. ” – (Reiki Level 1 April 2012)


Office worker
“I had gone for a Reiki treatment with Roseleen last year and decided to do the Reiki Level 1 workshop, I’d read a lot about Reiki and find the area fascinating and thought it would be a fantastic skill to have in life to be able to heal myself and others. I had been feeling very down in the lead up to the course, I am hitting a milestone birthday this year (30 not old but still a big birthday to me) and had been feeling a bit down and lacking direction in my life, I did not know what to expect from the course but went with an open mind. The atmosphere in the room when I arrived was lovely and initimate and relaxing with lovely lighting and beautiful aromas from incense and oil burning. Roseleen is a very warm person and helped to relax us all straight away. There was a lovely group of people there also partaking in the course a lovely mix so it was really enjoyable to meet different people all coming together to learn Reiki. The course itself was amazing, Roseleen is an excellent teacher and gave us all so much information & tips in using Reiki in our everday lives. It was a fantastic experience over the whole weekend and I felt completely rejuvenated after the whole thing, it almost felt like I’d been away on a relaxing holiday for a week when I got back to work Monday morning!! I am thrilled that I decided to take the step to learn Reiki and I know that I will definitely use it every day in my life, it’s a beautiful gift to have received and I would recommend it to anyone. Sinead ” – (Reiki Level 1 April 2012)

K.B (Dublin)

“An excellent, thorough course taught by a caring, passionate instructor. When I got home Sunday evening to my partner, due to the extensive teaching and practical aspect encountered over the two days, I was able to confidently give a brief but comprehensive explanation of Reiki, what a treatment involves and what the person may experience during and after treatment. I was then comfortable channelling a forty minute treatment. I never thought that I would ever be that knowledgeable or competent after just one weekend! Thank you Rose, see you in three weeks!” – (Reiki Level 1 Sept 2011)

Nuria (Spain)

Complementary Therapist
Realise the level I of reiki with Roseleen and I can say that I felt love, I felt light and felt the unit of the universe inside me. It has been an experience so agreeable that I will continue doing the near courses with her.” (Reiki Level 1 June 2010)

Tina (Dublin)

“Attending this Reiki workshop was the most positive uplifting experience. Attending this Reiki workshop was the most positive uplifting experience.” (Reiki Level 1 Sept 2011)

S.M (Dublin)

 Project Manager
“The Reiki workshop with Roseleen was a wonderful experience. The Reiki attunement was powerful, peaceful and for me life changing. Roseleen is a gifted healer and teacher. I would recommend this workshop to anyone.” (Reiki Level I June 2010)”

Helen (Dublin)

Legal Secretary
“I thoroughly enjoyed Roseleen’s workshop on Reiki Level 1 – Roseleen is an excellent teacher and explains and communicates everything very well and Roseleen’s passion of reiki makes the workshops extremely interesting.” (Reiki Level I April 2011)

Sophie (Dublin)

Sales Manager
Thank you so much for the Reiki course. It was a true pleasure discovering it, and I have been practicing faithfully on a daily basis. So far I have been using the music, it really helps me – but I have noticed that I move away from the set time-frame and trusting on my instincts more and more. I love it! – reiki 1(Reiki Level 1 2014)

Jenny (Dublin)

I am very happy to have met you and been your student. You are such a great teacher! I can tell and feel right away that you really love and believe in what you are doing. And this is great as you inspire people! I loved every moment of the class and have been enjoying my reiki self practice everyday since! – reiki 1(Reiki Level 1 2014)

Nadine (Dublin)

I thoroughly enjoyed doing the Reiki 1 workshop with Rosaleen. Both the location and the calm atmosphere created by her were perfect for the occasion and I felt both happier and more rejuvenated after the two days of learning Reiki treatments. Rosaleen has a great way of teaching and was very open to any skepticism and any questions our group had. She also has such a positive and accepting energy and nature. I can’t wait to do further workshops with her. – reiki 1(Reiki Level 1 2014)

Clare (Dublin)

I was very surprised with course not knowing much about reiki beforehand it’s the best thing I’ve done for myself in ages. Thank you Roseleen (Reiki Level 1 2014)

Jennifer (Dublin)

I had been interested in spirituality for a long time and wanted to go further, I wanted to enter into “healing” and when I looked at Roseleen’s website I immediately decided that it was for me and I certainly wasn’t disappointed, upon entering the Reiki 1 workshop I felt relaxed straight away and the friendly atmosphere along with the tuition was brilliant. I would certainly recommend this to anyone. It has given me exactly what I wanted and more. – reiki 1(Reiki Level 1 2014)

LD (Dublin)

Roseleen has a very kind gentle nature. Having a reiki session and attending reiki level one was such a good experience for me. I thoroughly enjoyed it and would give it ten out of ten glad I chose Roseleen as a teacher. I loved the whole experience. I’ve done courses before and there was always something that I wouldn’t have been completely satisfied with but after attending reiki level 1 with roseleen I could not give enough praise. There is nothing I would change. (Reiki Level 1 2013)

MS (Dublin)

I loved the experience and I believe it helped me and it will help me to live my life, my fears and to face stressful situations in a different way. I really believe in the power of reiki on me and I love giving reiki to people I love. Thanks a lot for the great time spent together and for the knowledge and the passion for reiki that you purely transferred to us. (Reiki Level 1 2013)

Eileen Doherty (Dublin)

Office Worker
Rosie was absolutely fantastic with her teaching and as a person. She was great to answer any questions that we had about Reiki. I loved the way that she taught. She made me feel very confident doing the class. If we weren’t sure of something she went over it again. She took her time explaining things to us so it helped keep in it my head. I have been interested in learning Reiki for a while and I am very happy that I did the course. I loved every minute of the course. Meet brilliant people. Everyone got on well with each other. My favourite part of the weekend was giving and receiving Reiki. I was lucky enough to be in a group of three so I could feel the difference in the energy of the women I worked with. It’s amazing how you can feel the energy and the heat from a person. I have never felt so warm. I would recommend doing this course to anyone who is interested in doing it. I would like to Thank Rosie for everything. (Reiki Level 1 2013)

Despoina (Dublin)

First Secretary Embassy
It was an excellent experience that I would recommend to anybody. Helped me instantly and in ways that I couldn’t even imagine. I can’t wait for the next one!  (Reiki Level 1 April 2011)

Catherine (Dublin)

Civil Servant
“A lovely introduction to reiki for a beginner/novice like myself. Sensing energy, the chakras and the aura was explored in a fun way through various body work exercises over the duration of the weekend. Roseleen provided a relaxed and safe learning environment for us to explore, share experiences and ask questions. The manual she supplied each of us with provided an excellent introductory guide to reiki and included all the basics for getting started with self treatments and treatments for family and friends. It also proved a most useful learning tool/reference post the course too. I thoroughly enjoyed the Reiki Level 1 workshop, it truly was an insightful and exciting learning experience and I would highly recommend it for anyone starting out on their reiki journey. Roseleen has a lovely gentle, friendly manner about her; is very approachable and delivers the workshop in a fun experiential way. Her knowledge, skills and expertise in the area of energy work shone brightly throughout the weekend and her continued support & guidance since the workshop has been much appreciated.” (Reiki Level 1 January 2010)

Zaneta (Czech Republic)

“Dear Roseleen, thank you so much for the wonderful Reiki 1 workshop! It was absolutely exceptional experience for me. The atmosphere was really extraordinary. Wonderful combination of music, light and aroma created perfect ambiance for relaxation and focus to the energy at the same time. Now, few days after the workshop, I feel the process of changes. My sleep is more peaceful and deeper and I feel more connected with my body. It is greate to have the manual, so I can go through it repeatedly. I really appreciate your amiable way of passing the knowledge! Thank you!” (Reiki Level I Jan 2011)

Louise (Wicklow)

Complimentary Therapist
“Thank you so much for the beautiful weekend, thats what it felt like to me not like a ‘workshop’! You have a lovely way of making people feel comfortable because im not great in groups and I felt completely at ease very quickly. The manual is excellent, everything that was covered and more is in it to take home and not having to take notes was great, I felt more relaxed and got more into feeling the energy. My favourite bit was giving and receiving the healing and it was amazing the way we all seemed to connect really well with the person we ended pairing off with. I absolutely loved it! Thank you again Rosie im really excited about Reiki Level 2, and I know you will help me achieve that, definitely!” (Reiki Level I June 2010)

Reiki Level 2 Course

Sile (Dublin)

Logistics Co-Ordinator
“Reiki II which I attended was very positive and powerful experience. I’m still feeling the benefits of it week’s later. Roseleen is a very engaging and inspiring teacher. The small class numbers and pleasant atmosphere made it all the more enjoyable . Roseleen explained everything very clearly and it was great we got lots of practice over the two days. The manual is also very comprehensive. I’d recommend it to anyone considering attending a reiki course with Roseleen” (Reiki Level 2 2014)

Laragh (Dublin)

“I am delighted to say that I have completed Reiki level 1 and 2 with Roseleen. I found Roseleen to be kind, understanding and patient as a teacher. She was a good listener and shared with us her wide range of knowledge as a healer. She provided detailed booklets full of relevant information and always took time out to answer clearly possible questions to the class or individually. I am happy to have connected with Roseleen and I feel as though I have really grown as a person. It has changed my life and I will always be thankful to Roseleen for these wonderful experiences” ” (Reiki Level 2 2014)

Mark (Dublin)

“Roseleen is a naturally gifted person who is very trusting and sharing. She allows everyone time and space to develop and open their souls to the Reiki practice.” (Reiki Level 2 2013)

TW (Dublin)

“I would like thank you for fantastic weekend. I really like the way you explained our questions and also all that information what you shared with us was so light and funny at the same time. Just lovely :)” (Reiki Level 2 2013)

BR (Dublin)

“I loved all of the course! You explained about the symbols extremely well and I can’t wait to do Reiki 3 with you.I love the way you do all the courses over a two day period, not cram it all into oneday. I love your way of teaching and your gentleness.” (Reiki Level 2 2013)

Nuria (Spain)

Complementary Therapist
“I fulfilled Reiki Level I and it was an excellent surprise for me. So I decided to realize the reiki second level and also it was a great gift for my soul.” (Reiki Level 2 Aug 2010)

S.M (Dublin)

 Project Manager
“Roseleen is a wonderful teacher. Reiki is such a wonderful gift and she truly communicates her passion for the Energy which makes workshops wonderful! Thank you Roseleen, Thank you Reiki!” (Reiki Level 2 Aug 2010)

Theresa (Kildare)

“The Reiki Level 2 workshop I completed with Roseleen exceeded all my expectations. The weekend itself was relaxing and informative – a really enriching experience. Roseleen is wonderful – she’s so lovely and welcoming, as well as being an excellent teacher and communicator. I would have no hesitation in contacting her with any questions that arise in my reiki practice in future, and this is something I find very comforting. The workshop was an entirely positive experience and one I’m very glad I treated myself to. ” (Reiki Level 2 2014)

Martina (Dublin)

“I am definitely feeling the benefits of workshop. I am a lot more positive and clear thinking and have so much more energy. Long may it last!!! I am integrating the symbols into my daily practice so they are becoming automatic. Thanks for a great weekend of learning and fun” (Reiki Level 2 2014)

Sandra (Dublin)

Financial Assistant
“I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop with Roseleen. It was an amazing experience. Roseleen is a great communicator and made me feel at ease. She was encouraging and very informative.”(Reiki Level 2 June 2011)

Zaneta (Czech Republic)

“After Reiki level 1 I knew I would do Reiki Level 2 and I knew it will be again with Roseleen. I couldn´t have picked a better teacher. Roseleen is a real Master – patient, supportive, passionate, gifted and experienced. She delivers the knowledge very clearly and understandable way. I appreciated down to Earth approach and putting the information to the context of normal life. Life changing experience. Thank you Roseleen!” (Reiki Level 2 April 2011)

Anon (Dublin)

“I liked the nice atmosphere, I enjoyed the excerises and both receiving and giving the treatments. The exercises were very useful for me, because we covered a lot of information. Now when I go through the manual or try the excercises at home, I remember the process or how we did it together and it is clear for me. It was great experience, thank you! Reiki has now new dimension for me”. (Reiki Level 2 April 2011)

Reiki Level 3 Course

Deirdre H (Dublin)

Finance Administrator
Thanks again for fantastic Reiki weekend, thoroughly enjoyed it and feel great now that I have done Level III. I am doing my self treatment every night and am doing some treatments on friends and family. The group was great and so nice. You are a fantastic teacher so thanks again. (Reiki Level III / Master Level 2014)

JH (Tipperary)

I really enjoyed the course and the 21 day cleanse is going well:) I have noticed a big difference with the energy and the new symbols.(Reiki Level III / Master Level 2014)

Sinead O’Connor (Dublin)

Roseleen has a truly deep understanding of reiki and this shines through the whole course. She covers every aspect and was able to answer any questions we had. Very cool, calm and collected and I found her extremely approachable. Plus I love her accent and could listen to her all day. Thanks again.(Reiki Level III / Master Level 2013)

Kitija (Dublin)

“Thank you so much for this Reiki III workshop! It was fantastic and it definitely got me back to the reiki energy that is now stronger than ever. I just literally hold my hands few centimetres off me and I can feel the energy flowing from my hands. Wonderful! As I am kind of a “doubting Thomas” type it helps me enormously to feel the energy physically so I can believe that it is really flowing and working.”(Reiki Level III / Master Level 2014)

Jean Phillippe (France)

First Secretary Embassy
“Reiki teaching was a great moment in my life. We discover more about our true nature. Enjoyed the company of the group and the light we shared. Thank you.”(Reiki Level III / Master Level 2013)

S.M (Dublin)

Project Manager
Reiki heals and also spiritually awakens. It’s like being on the fast track but in slow mode yet always connected and with the flow. Roseleen is a great teacher, she’s passionate about her work – in her class you definitely feel Reiki flows through her! (Reiki Level III / Master Level Feb 2011)

Seichem Masters Course

Lucy (Dublin)

Healer / Therapist
Thank you so much for a beautiful weekend of Seichem. I enjoyed every moment. Your relaxed approach to teaching this course ensured that we all felt at ease in learning, sharing and healing. The simplicity of your teaching methods helped us to learn quicker, remember better and have loads of fun at the same time! The meditations were simply beautiful and the attunements so powerful yet so gentle. I’m really looking forward to integrating the energies into my reiki practice. This course feels like a completion, yet it’s only the beginning of a new life ahead. I couldn’t have asked for a more caring, supportive, relaxed and fun loving teacher to facilitate me on my healing and learning path. (Seichem 2014)

J.H (Tipperary)

I completed the Seichem course with Roseleen and really enjoyed the course. Roseleen is so friendly and welcoming and makes you feel at ease straight away. I found Roseleen to be an excellent teacher as she shares her experiences and knowledge but respects the place that each person is at on their journey. I loved the energy from this weekend and really looking forward to working with it (Seichem  2014)


I attended Roseleen’s Seichem workshop which I really enjoyed. Roseleen has a lovely friendly manner and she makes you feel very welcome and relaxed. She is an excellent teacher and she makes sure that you understand everything that she teaches before she moves on to the next step. I am really looking forward to working with the energy and I would recommend Roseleen to anyone thinking of doing Reiki or Seichem.( Seichem Masters 2013)

Patrick (DTipperary)

“The seichem workshop I attended was taught in a gentle, empowering way. I found Roseleen down to earth, clear and fun as a teacher. We were treated as equals and it was an absolute honour to be taught by such a wonderful nurturing teacher”(Seichem Masters 2014)

Magnified Healing Phase 1 Course


This healing is all about the heart and if you want to give yourself lots of TLC, put this course on your bucket list, you won’t regret it.

I attended the course in Magnified Healing with Roseleen over a weekend and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute. Roseleen is a great facilitator and teacher, she makes everyone feel at ease and she is very knowledgeable of the subject matter.I found Rosie to be an excellent trainer during the weekend. She is also hugely supportive with any queries, concerns or any other support needs post the training.

Magnified Healing has a wonderful energy that has left a lasting impression on me. I look forward to the practice of Magnified Healing every morning as it has rejuvenated and empowered me. I love being able to send this beautiful Magnified Healing energy to close friends and family.(Magnified Healing Phase 1 2014)

Theresa (Kildare)

I’ve been getting on really well since the workshop. During the 11 days I had an important emotional release and I’ve felt much better since. It had been building for quite a while so it’s really nice to feel like myself again. I feel really inspired by the experience. I’ve also found myself feeling more grounded, which is a welcome change.
So yeah, definitely glad I came along!(Magnified Healing Phase 1 2014)

Eimear (Dundalk)

I’m really loving the practise… I’ve never been so grounded or calm! (Magnified Healing Phase 1 2014)

Terri (Dublin)

“When I first came across Magnified Healing I felt really drawn to it, but also a little uneasy about some of the terminology used. I decided to attend the workshop in spite of these reservations and I’m very glad I did. Magnified healing energy is gentle and subtle, but the effects are wonderful. I have noticed many benefits since I started this process, and while it’s very different to reiki (mainly in that it’s much more structured) I’ve really enjoyed making it a part of my daily routine. I would certainly recommend the course to anyone who’s curious about it – just leave your expectations at home! “(Magnified Healing Phase 1 2014)

Jean (Kildare)

“Roseleen is a wonderful teacher; she is very relaxed so it made me less anxious. she covered a lot of material and catered for students with different backgrounds. I am looking forward to doing the next phase with Roseleen !! many thanks”(Magnified Healing Phase 1 2014)

Toni (Dublin)

Field Administrator
“I’ve been consistent with the practice, which has surprised me. I am certainly feeling much more relaxed and ‘happy’ than before and working on being more patient. I did absent healing on my sister and she loved it! “(Magnified Healing Phase 1 2013)

Sinead O’Brien(Dublin)

Financial Administrator
I completed Magnified Healing phase 1 with Roseleen in May, I had already done Reiki levels 1 & 2 and thought the MH sounded very interesting so decided to do the course. It was an absolutely fantastic weekend. I think the most important part of it is that you need to go in with an open mind and for anyone who practices Reiki to know that it is very different. It is a very powerful healing technique and I would highly recommend the course to anyone. I practice daily since and definitely notices the difference in myself and also find that I can feel energy must stronger when practicing Reiki. It is definitely worth checking out :-)(Magnified Healing Phase 1 2013)