Align with the Seasons

Align with the Seasons

Healing NatureWhat you will discover from this series of meditation evenings::

1) We will teach you how to understand, work in harmony with and navigate your natural cycles. You will explore when to be active, when to pursue goals, when to be still, when to nurture and nourish yourself and your life.

Sometimes we feel we “should” be following everyone else. This is most apparent at Christmas when people are busy setting goals, however most of us are in a Winter phase at this time of year, and do not feel the call to be active in this way at this time. We actually need rest, relaxation, nurturing and a hibernation of sorts until we feel the movement within of early Spring.

When we meditate and reflect on where we are and what we want to cultivate for the year ahead and then follow a guided meditation to help us to do this whilst nature is going through this same phase, then it makes it a much more powerful, intentional and incredible experience.

For example when you are entering a growth phase, this is the most poignant time for you to set new goals, sow the seeds of what you want to manifest in your life and not the time for rest and relaxation. Similarly when you are in a winter phase it is the time for going inward, nourishing, resting, nurturing and not taking action.

This helps us to learn to follow our own rhythm in this way, and so life becomes easier, it flows, we are supported by nature and consequently we experience more calm, peace, joy, abundance and love.

2) We will guide you deeper into your understanding that nothing ever stands still, that nothing ever maintains its current state, identity or shape for very long. Just as nature cycles through seasons of change and transformation, effortlessly and naturally, we transition through psychological and physical states of transformation throughout our lives. Some changes that are unavoidable, inevitable, and yet very manageable when we learn to tap into the wisdom of nature to assist in these times and learn that there natural cycles of life are beneficial for our personal growth.

3) We will help you to identify which cycles you find easy or uncomfortable to navigate during your life and how to move through these cycles with ease as you work with the energy of that season of change rather than against it.

4) You will begin to observe a beautiful world cycling through patterns, phases and through stages of transition which will reflect to you that your circumstances, needs, desires will evolve alongside these cycles of life.

5) We will support you to discover what seeds you wish to sow in your life, when to plant them, what to do to nourish them, how to tend to them so they manifest in your life with grace and ease.

We invite you to use these classes to balance the four parts of your life: body, mind, heart and spirit.


NatureThe power of nature is undeniable. Every day we bear witness to the nurturing, nourishing creative aspect of our beautiful planet as well as the destructive and sometimes violent forces. Nature contains within it all the resources to regenerate itself, and so do we.

The planet cycles through its phases, not attached to what phase it’s in, it just allows it to be, and each phase is vitally important for the next phase. It needs the death and hibernation of winter to allow the new beginnings to Spring and the light of Summer to create abundance and prepare for the flow into Autumn and the harvest this brings. One phase flows into the other effortlessly and easily.

If we open our senses and awareness to seasonal changes in the World around us and live with an open heart and with the desire to deepen our connection to the World and our experience of it, our lives become enriched, meaningful and fulfilling.

Our Intention

Roseleen & Ellen have come together from their mutual love of energy, flow, how nature can teach us how to live and how we can bring these teachings into our everyday lives, effortlessly and easily. When we work with the planet, we harness the most amazing creative force that there is and the experience invites us to come totally into flow.

Upcoming Dates

Please note you are very welcome to drop into these sessions, you don’t have to come to all of them. More meditation evenings will be added as we go through the year. Check back for regular updates.

Our ancestors marked the turning of the seasons through their observation of the natural world and each of the 8 significant days on the Wheel has certain myths, traditions and ceremonies associated with it. We have created special events themed around these 8 days to harness the energies of these times in nature with an added 4 events around the theme of checking in with ourselves and filling up our own cups. They are listed below, please contact us to book your place Roseleen 086 889 8433 [email protected]

All meditation evenings take place at 7 Caryfort Avenue (Second Floor), Blackrock Village, Co. Dublin.

Turning of WheelThemeDate
Summer SolsticeIgnite the Light WithinTues 20th June 7-9pm
LughnashaCelebrating the HarvestTues 8th August @ 7-9pm

Autumn EquinoxCultivating HarmonyThursday 21st September @ 7-9pm
SamhainHonoring the Celtic New YearTuesday 7th November @ 7-9pm
Winter SolsticeWelcoming the LightTuesday 14th December @ 7-9pm


I wanted to thank you for the most wonderful meditation on Thursday evening. It was such a magical experience and everyone there was so kind. – C

“Thank you so much Roseleen and ellen for last night…am now so set for 2016. It’s taken Ellen so many years to convince me to do meditation and now I am hooked… Everything now seems so much clearer….thank you…!! Looking forward to living, laughing and loving 2016 xxx – L

“Thank you so much for this evening. I got so much out of it, more than I’ve gotten out of a lot of things I’ve been to recently. Thank you so much x”

“Thanks so much to yourself and Ellie for yesterday.It was pure magic and exactly what the doctor ordered. I do hope our paths cross again.”

“I really enjoyed the day and meeting such lovely people and sharing experiences. You and Ellie work so well together and create a beautiful space. It is very inspiring to see both you and Ellie and the other people in the group following their dreams. You both give us confidence that it is possible to love what you do and you both have very much found your calling. Thank you for sharing that with us. Thank you for everything.”

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