Summer Solstice Celebration & Ceremony

Summer Solstice Celebration & Ceremony

Roseleen & Ellen invite you to join them to mark the Summer Solstice which marks the turning point of the seasons. At this time of year, the sun will be at it’s peak and so is everything else in manifestation. This is a time of completeness as nature is in full bloom and a time when the sun is warming, nurturing and empowering us.  Nature is fully alive and present: flowers are in full bloom, trees are laden with leaves, the grass is rich and green. Nature is full of life and vitality as the tremendous force of life makes itself apparent.

The Summer Solstice is a time of enlightenment both within nature and so ourselves. En-lighten-ment – the very essence of the word is pouring light and bringing to our awareness the parts of us that we find easy to accept as well as those that we may find challenging. We have an opportunity , at this time of year, to acknowledge where we would like to bring more light into or even lighten up within, thus bringing lightness to those areas of our life we wish to expand. The alignment, timing and energy create a ideal opening in which to look at the gifts, talents and opportunities that we find easily to embody and a time to cultivate those that are latent.

To pause, reflect and be within at this time is therefore particularly significant for you and your life.

The summer solstice is also the turning point from which was have the slow return to the darkness of autumn and winter.It is a time of celebration and a time for gratitude for all that we have expanded into.

What to expect

You will experience:

  • A guided meditation to celebrate all that is alive and present in your life
  • A guided journey to connect to your inner light
  • You will be bathed in reiki healing for the duration which will replenish your energy and help you to balance your chakras
  • A beautiful summer solstice ritual to acknowledge this turning point in the seasons
  • A fire ceremony to release what no longer serves you thereby creating space to welcome in that which your spirit yearns for.
  • Community, connection and laughter as we acknowledge the light within and without.

Leave reconnected to the aliveness and vitaliy within allowing you to re-enter the world feeling centred, peaceful and refueled.

What a wonderful way to greet Summer.

Date: Sunday 18th June 10-12.30pm

Investment: €35

Venue: 7 Carysfort Avenue (above GSM), Blackrock Village, Co. Dublin

I’ve made it easy so you can book your place on this course by using cash, cheque or postal order please contact me on 086 889 8433 or email [email protected] .

Send paymet €35 to Roseleen Mc Nally, Apt 126, Turvey Walk, The Gallery, Donabate

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Summer Solstice Ceremony