Reiki Shares

Monthly Reiki Shares Dublin

What is a Reiki Share

Reiki Shares A reiki share is a monthly meet up where you can experience guided meditations, energy work/group healing, distant healing and learn to go with the flow of reiki. It will be a healing space where you can find support and encouragement as you continue along your reiki journey.

The reiki share is for anyone who has completed a Reiki workshop with me or another Reiki Master/Teacher. Whether you are looking to get back in touch with reiki, refresh on giving reiki treatments, increase your self confidence in working with reiki, receive a gentle yet powerful reiki treatment or meet new friends – it promises to be an evening of healing and fun!

Benefits of a Reiki Share
  • Opportunity to meet and keep in touch with fellow reiki practitioners as we support each other on our healing path
  • Provides space and time to practice reiki. You will give and receive a reiki treatment (the majority of the treatments will be on a 1 -1 basis but we will also explore group treatments i.e. 2-4 people working on an individual as it is also very powerful)
  • Allows you to reconnect and refresh yourself with reiki
  • Provides an opportunity to share your reiki experiences and stories
  • Provides a space where your questions can be answered and discussed
What do I need to Bring
  • Yourself
  • Socks/Slippers
  • Your passion for reiki and a readiness to explore reiki
Contact Information

If you would like more information on the Reiki Shares please contact me Roseleen Mc Nally, 086 889 8433 or email or join me on Reiki Healing Group on