light gridsclear the connection to 'self'

What is Light Grids

From my own personal experience of the Light Grids, all I can say is that it has to be experienced to be truly understood – it’s an amazing technique which entered my life at exactly the moment I needed it. The benefits I have received from working with the Light Grids can’t be put into simple bullet points. To simplify it, the Light Grids has really bought me into the present moment – the past no longer haunts me and the future doesn’t scare me – I feel present, happy and full of fun and adventure. All I can say is try it for yourself!

The Light Grids is a healing technique by which connecting with and touching certain points on the body and in the energy-field of a person can allow clearing on a very deep level of blocks and issues that have been holding that person back from living their life to their full potential. It works primarily at a subconscious level, and with some aspects at a conscious level, and can bring about deep change in many areas of a person’s life. Each session usually leaves the client feeling deeply relaxed, energised and lighter like a weight has been lifted of them.

The Light Grids is continually evolving which suits the world in which we live – which is currently evolving and changing at a fast pace. I have been working with the Light Grids since it’s early days. The Light Grids has grown from the Light Points & The Wynne Thorp Technique.

Benefits of Light Grids

The Light Grids can:

  • Facilitate you to empower yourself and be in charge or start your own healing journey;
  • Bring about huge change on every level – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual;
  • Bring you more into alignment with your higher self;
  • Clear blocks and issues whether they be family and ancestral patterns, physical and emotional blocks, past or future lives or energetic imbalances within and around the body and the soul;
  • Be used primarily for personal growth and is a tool that greatly enhances a person’s ability to shift and clear their own issues;
  • Speed up healing of physical ailments and relieves pain;
  • Create deep relaxation and helps the body release stress and tension;
  • Dissolve energy blocks and promotes natural balance between mind, body and spirit;
  • Aid better sleep;
  • Compliment medical treatment;

What Happens During a Session

The client is lying down, relaxed and fully clothed. I work with certain points of the body (covering the head to the feet) allowing the energy to flow into these areas. It is a healing technique in which touching specific points on the body can lead to a powerful and efficient clearing of blocks and patterns, thus allowing the energy from the soul to express more clearly through the personality. The ‘Light Grids’ is a gentle yet powerful energy healing technique – you can feel the energy flow – people report feeling deeply relaxed, lighter, a sense of peace and see things more clearly as if from another angle. Most people also fall asleep during the session – it’s always good to take time out for yourself!

Each session is different and it will affect each individual differently depending on what they are experiencing in their lives on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. The best way to ‘try’ to understand it, is to experience a session for yourself! So if you feel a connection with or are drawn to the Light Grids then listen to that voice within, I would be delighted to hear from you.

Who can Avail of a Treatment / Session

There are no restrictions on who can have a treatment. You don’t have to be ill to benefit from the Light Grids as it will work on whatever needs to be released/cleared at this stage in your development.

How Many Treatments Are Needed

A treatment usually lasts an hour depending on the individual and the healing that is needed. It is completely dependent on the client on the number of treatments they wish to receive as each client is unique. You might find that during a particular stressful time in your life that you may wish to receive Light Grids on a more regular basis or have ‘top-ups’ as a preventative measure or for pampering.

Initially I would recommend 4 full healing sessions spread over an appropriate period of time which will allow a cumulative build up of the energy in the client. However, it is still an effective healing treatment if you wish to try it on a ‘’once off’ basis.

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