reiki for children / teens

Reiki Treatments for Children and Teenagers

Many people ask, why would a child or young person need reiki or healing?

Children and teenagers (young adults) have to deal with many issues which parents may not be aware of. They often bottle up their fears and worries, keeping quiet because they do not want to cause trouble or upset those around them.

They may be concerned about:

  • Bullying
  • School
  • Family break ups
  • Peer pressure
  • Academic pressure
  • Exam worries
  • Non-academic children being left with a sense of failure
  • Grief
  • Fitting in
  • Expressing their true personalities / gifts
  • Worry about finding work/college places
  • Financial worries that their families are going through.

We like to think that we are protecting our children from problems we may be experiencing but children are incredibly perceptive. They can pick up on changes within their environments and individuals very easily. If you are worrying, so are they. Sometimes, they never really talk as much as they could about what is bothering them, either because they feel they should be able to deal with their own problems or because they do not want you to worry.

Benefits of reiki for children or teenagers


  • Allows children to accept themselves for who they are
  • Raises their self esteem
  • Increases their confidence levels
  • Enables better coping strategies for lifes problems
  • Increases their ability to concentrate
  • Heals mind, body and spirit
  • Allows children to know they are loved and cared for despite all that is going on around them

Before booking Reiki sessions for your child/ young adult, two important items need to be considered.

Healing will only take place if the child is happy to accept it. Therefore I need to discuss Reiki with the child to ensure they are happy to allow a healing session to take place.

All children under 16 need to be accompanied by a parent or guardian during treatment. At no time are they to be left alone with a Reiki Practitioner. This complies with Reiki Federation Guidelines as well as insurance requirements and protects both the child and the Reiki Practitioner.Consent for a healing session is needed by both parent/guardian and child.

I am happy for a parent or a guardian to be present for the first treatment of any young adult aged over 16 I find it reassures both parent and young adult, enabling a bond to be built upon between yourself and your child. You both have the opportunity to see exactly what a treatment entails.

Reiki treatments for children and young people are generally half the time of that of an adult. This is because they are more open to healing and the effects are intensified.