Women's Circles

Women’s Circles

Do you feel the call for authentic connection, deep conversations, real presence and a supportive community who walk alongside you on your journey?

These circles are a space to rediscover, nourish, awaken and restore the feminine spirit within. It’s an opportunity to reclaim your power and innate wisdom which can be grown as a result of women coming, sitting, listening and sharing together and also through ceremony and / or ritual.

Do you feel a longing to experience the rites of passage that weren’t offered to us, to mark us crossing energetic and physical thresholds in our lives?

We are each at different places in our life journey, when we choose to share our stories and travel together, the companionship we offer each other is invaluable. We can learn so much from each other because we each bring our own unique experiences and energy to the group.

Let us be inspired by each others experiences. By giving way and space to our hopes, fears, laughter, dreams and tears we can strip away the anxiety, judgement, stress that we are carrying so we have space to breath, to grow and to cultivate a deep kindness towards ourselves and thereby our family and world around us.

The circles provide a deep well that feeds and sustains our life force energy as women – a well of vitality and inspiration from which we can draw creativity, vision, soul practice well after the evenings have come to a close.

Let me ask you?

Would you like to connect to yourself and to other kindred souls in a safe and supportive women’s circle?

Are you curious about the significance of the moon, ceremony and ritual as we follow the natural rhythms of being a women?

Would you like to explore, celebrate and cultivate the different aspects of being a woman?

Are you in need of some ‘you time’ or need time out from the busyness of life?

Do you feel it’s time to start nurturing yourself?

Are you longing for connection and a sense of community?

We are created to be together, to collaborate, to support each other and to be a community. The coming together in a women’s circle for some fills the longing for authenticity, deep connection and the expression of our powerful yet also vulnerable selves.

The full moon is a powerful time of the month when our intuition, receptivity and sensitivity to higher energies are heightened, allowing us to weave these radiant frequencies into ourselves, our intentions and our world. The Full Moon’s energy re-charges, and it can be a time of brilliant clarity when we grow even closer to ourselves and deepen our self-understanding. Everything that takes place during a full moon reflects the accompanying reality of our intentions and points the way to realizing their power. Full moons can show us things have yet to see for ourselves.

What if we celebrated ourselves in all of our phases the way we do the moon?

My Intention

Through my own journey I have experienced a power and unfolding in women’s circle and I wish to share that with other women.

These evenings were born out of a desire to create a space for community and connection as well as honoring our feminine spirit which I feel so many women long for.

It is an opportunity to enter a space where we can leave the masks, roles and stories at the door and come into a safe, supported and experiential environment, where non-judgement and compassion for the self is practiced. It’s a place where we get to be and somehow in that being weave a new sense of aliveness within ourselves.

It’s a space to feel held, heard by others but more importantly by ourselves.

If there is a part of you that is drawn to these women’s circles but is daunted by the idea of a women’s circle / divine feminine / lunar cycles or you have preconceived ideas of what it entails, please listen to that little voice within that is yearning for re-connection with your fellow women. Contact me and I will explain the evening to you so you can feel at peace with arriving and settling into the space being created.

My suggestion is – come and dip your toe into the magic of circle and then decide if it resonates with your heart and soul.

What Happens at a Women’s Circle

Each month we come together to celebrate a different aspect of being a woman.

We open & hold a safe & confidential space including a cleanse to release any stresses & strains of the day, week or month so all sit for the time together. Following the introduction of the evenings theme, a ‘Talking Space’ is opened to voice our truth & express ourselves freely.

There is also an experiential aspect to the evening with the practise or Rite or demonstration of our theme.

To close the evening we have a sacred Fire Ceremony to release anything that no longer serves us & welcome in whatever does.

The flow of the evening will depend on the theme of that month.

It is important to know that we hold all aspects of the feminine within us i.e we don’t have to be a child to connect to our inner child, we don’t have to be a ‘crone’ to receive the crone rites etc. We hold all these ‘energetically’ and they can help us to bring healing to our lineage where these aspects of life were not acknowledged or celebrated. They can also help us prepare for these energies when we do meet them physically.

“Somewhere, there are people to whom we can speak with passion without having the words catch in our throats.

Somewhere a circle of hands will open to receive us, eyes will light up as we enter, voices will celebrate with us whenever we come into our own power.” – Starhawk

Upcoming Circles

October, Thurs 5th 7-9pm 'The Chrone Rites'


At this time of the full moon in Aries and as we move deeper into the Wintertime, exploring the archetype of the Crone and receiving her Crone Rites is potent medicine for our soul.

You might think – I’m not a crone so it’s not relevant? Ah but yes, it is… we hold within each of us energetically the aspects of the goddess i.e. crone, mother, maiden no matter what age we are. Each aspect can also teach us much about ourselves.

The Cailleach (Gaelic for Crone and pronounced ‘Cal-yack’), Crone Goddess or dark mother is the last aspect of the Triple Goddess, together with the Mother and the Maiden she represents part of the circle of life. If the Maiden talks to us about beginnings, and the Mother of maturity, the Crone makes us think of endings.

In a society that worships youth and beauty, the crone aspect of the Goddess is the most frightening and misunderstood of the three, as she represents our destruction, decay and death. However, when we delve deeper into her teachings we can see that death was viewed as part of a cycle i.e. in nature, the death of Winter is followed by the promise of rebirth in the Spring so too in life when something ends there is space for a renewal and rebirth. We can also see how she offers us a gateway to connect with our inner wisdom as we face change and our fears so we can embrace life more fully.

Most Disney films and fairy-tales don’t do her justice either as she is often depicted as the old hag, the wicked witch or the jealous old woman, praying on the young. She is often portrayed as a woman past her prime, no longer fertile; vengeful and mean because her ‘juices’ have all dried up. On a side note: the word witch and hag are respectively derived from the word wit, denoting wisdom and hagio meaning holy!

Isn’t it about time that we challenged these definitions? Create new and empowering ones not just for ourselves but for those come after us…

Crone is derived from the old word for crown, suggesting she is the wisdom keeper, seer and healer and midwife, whose knowledge is sought out to guide others during life’s hardships and transitions.

The medicine of the crone rites teaches us to:
• Step into your sacred ‘older woman time’ after menopause & embracing your innate wisdom
• Honour your crone aspect in the presence of like hearted women
• Create a smooth passage when it is our time to move into menopause
• Honour the women in your Lineage who didn’t have this opportunity to receive this rite of passage (your mother, grandmother, great granny).
• Remember the cycles of life if you are experiencing a loss.
• Face your deepest fears as they offer great wisdom when we are prepared to look upon their faces.
• Be wild and free, as the crone shows us the strength and courage within us all.
• Understands the importance of death and renewal. She understands that without death, release and letting go, there can be no renewal and fresh starts.
• Have the freedom to live our life more fully and make choices based on what we wants rather than what others in our life need from us.
• Know that getting in touch with the Crone is getting in touch with that part of ourselves that is old and wise, who has seen everything, and dropped many of the pretensions, rules and limitations that society lives by. That lives their life consciously and aligned to their higher truth.
• Create in a different way. Instead of using all our physical energy and pushing to make it happen, the crone teaches us to watch and, in the stillness and being, allow events to evolve as she is the weaver who creates with intention and flow.

There is very little in Western culture that celebrates the Crone so let us this evening change that by celebrating, honouring and reclaiming the true power of the crone within us all! There is also a wealth of strength, courage and wisdom to be gained from making the journey.

On this evening, you have the opportunity to step into the Crone/older woman aspect of ourselves retrospectively as we wished it had been for us OR as it is now OR will be in time to come, in the presence of like-souled women. We will work ceremonially in small groups holding space & witnessing each others emergence into full cronehood/or smoothing our passage in the future.

If you want to experience the conscious decision to step into all or some of these then you are very welcome to join me to receive the Crone Rites. You may also come and observe the Rites, perhaps deciding to receive them another time.

November, Thurs 2nd 7-9pm 'Journey to the Energetic Cauldron of the Womb'

Let us gather in circle during the darkness of winter to journey to the energetic cauldron of our womb to receive any wisdom, guidance or healing that it has to offer you at this time. We will do this whilst being held and supported under the bright light of the full moon.

All women have a wombspace, a powerful inner cauldron which is not solely physical, it is energetic in nature. The womb that you hold within you, is the space of all that you will birth, your creativity is sparked within this space, your desires, your longing and your dreams are all planted within.

How do you feel about your womb? Have you ever taken the time to connect deeply with it? Do you ever reflect upon what is being called to be birthed through you? This evening is an opportunity, within safe and confidential space, to connect to the depths of this sacred vessel to hear the message it wishes to whisper to you

December, Tues 5th 7-9pm Crafting & Storytelling'

This months theme helps us to get out of our heads and into our bodies by crafting and weaving integrity, love and meaning into that which we will create (you’ll find out what when you sign up!). With every word or creative stroke, we will mend our hearts and heal our frazzled bodies and weary heads at this busy time of year.

What can we ‘get’ from crafting & storytelling you may wonder?

Therein lays the beauty of this evening where you tap into the stillness, pause and soothing energy that happens when we come together to craft without a need for a result, outcome or work of art.

This is not about what we craft, we don’t care if our knitting has holes, our sewing falls apart, we can’t remember the end of our story – it’s about the feelings we create within and together when we plug out from the doing and into the being. As we allow the energy of the evening to weave together and see where the stories take us!

Your unique story will contribute to the circle in profound and beautiful ways, as our stories weave together to form a rich tapestry of feminine wisdom. If you prefer to listen – you provide the beautiful space which allows others to be heard.

Creativity and crafting is a time-tested anti-stress/anxiety activity. You will leave the circle feeling grounded, relaxed, peaceful and connected to your natural feminine creativity. Best of all, it will all happen effortlessly just by showing up. That’s the feminine way.

Kind words

I found the women’s circle evening magical. I felt very humbled and priviledged to be there, among women sharing such personal experiences. As always, every session with you is so eye & heart opening for me! And I truly love it, I learn so much from them. Thank you for holding these very special events – may they continue to thrive, like the women who run them and attend them!!


Being able to share with and listen to other women and their own experiences put everything into perspective. You learn more and faster, you can relate to certain stories, take example from others and open your mind when you understand that there are some many different and beautiful realities and none of them is better or worst than another.


Being part of the womens circle was a very wholesome experience. I liked the warmth and feeling of connectedness in the space. The central space ‘altar’ was truly beautiful and it felt like something very special was about to happen. I enjoyed very much the coming together and witnessing each persons fire ceremony of letting go and inviting something into their lives. Many thanks for a beautiful evening.


Save Me A Place

Each evening is €20 – booking in advance is essential as space is limited. We will start at 7pm sharp so please arrive from 6.45pm.

Please note you are very welcome to come to these sessions as a stand alone evening. A preparation email will be sent to you about 10 days before each gathering to remind you of the date and theme. For first timers, please note that most women come to their first Full Moon Circle on their own so you can rest easy entering the space.

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