About Me

Healing Practices for Cultivating Peace in Daily Life

About Me

Healing Practices for Cultivating Peace in Daily Life

Hello. Iā€™m Roseleen Mc Nally

People say I’m Grounded, Normal, Down-to-Earth and make all things ‘energy wise’ practical and tangible

Initially I was a little deflated, I thought that’s not very exciting! Yet, in the world we live in and especially in the work I do, being grounded and connected with ourselves is essential. For me it’s about how can we bring the ‘spiritual’ into our day to day so it’s not only something we do when we’re in yoga class, meditation class or in a workshop but how it filters out into our day to day, our relationship with ourselves, with others and the world around us.

Healing isn’t reserved for a few or the ‘hippies’, it’s for everyone

Our daily life is where we struggle, where we get stuck, where we get lost and it’s also where we need support. Healing can seem very intangible but what it’s really about is having someone who can guide you to connect with your inner wisdom, as only you truly know what is best for you – there is no one formula fits all, as nice and easy as that would be. It’s for anyone who wishes to be kinder to themselves, to be present to themselves, to connect with themselves, drop the wounds, stories and patterns you carry that weigh you down. The beauty of this work is that the benefits don’t just make a difference to you, it extends to your family and the world around you.

This wasn’t part of my plan

I actually didn’t have a plan! It seems like a lifetime ago. I was a floater, doing what I thought was the ‘right’ thing to do and what everyone was doing. I did the whole college thing (French & History – go figure!) trained as an accountant and ended up as an auditor. Give me numbers and I’m still a happy woman. Yet, something just wasn’t right – how did I know this? Anger, frustration, boredom, a deep well of sadness and a sense that there had to be more to this life than what I was experiencing gave me some clues that I just wasn’t happy. I stumbled upon Reiki and I’d love to say that once I found it, life was full of singing birds around my head but it wasn’t… it was the beginning of a new cycle. I went through one of many spiritual crisis or dark nights of the soul in my late 20’s and 30’s as I searched for some understanding of what I was feeling and experiencing. It wasn’t until I found the right teachers a few years later that I truly learned how to navigate the world a little bit easier. When I heard the teachings of following the cycle of the seasons, the life – death – rebirth cycle, deep connection with nature and the moon cycle, a light bulb went off in my head – I finally knew that we’re not always meant to be ‘up’ and that things do end yet they begin again. Life ebbs and flow and the more we resist the ebbing, the less it flows.

I felt I didn’t fit the mould

Before finding my medicine, I felt like the odd one out – I just didn’t get the positive thinking, the repetition of affirmations, the need to stay in the higher chakras as I had a deep desire to go within, to go deeper, to grow and to be me. I felt deep shame around not being into those things, like I was a fraud just waiting to be found out until I realised that’s what I do – I help people to bridge the worlds, to see the beauty and magic in both sides – the ‘spiritual’ and the mundane, the higher and lower chakras, the real life stuff and the fluffy stuff, to bring their inner wisdom into their day-to-day, to make life easier to navigate and to listen to what is calling your attention – your fears, your feelings, your dreams and yourself. My experiences have and continue to shape how I teach and facilitate people. If it didn’t I would be doing healing by numbers and I’m not that kinda person. That’s the beauty of this work – everyone is different.

I went to every opening of a ‘spiritual’ envelope

Hands up…. we’ve all done it. We find our first technique and then suddenly we’re out there doing all the courses thinking ‘this will be the one’ that heals me, gives me the confidence, then I’ll be done. It’s natural, almost part of the initiation in a sense to get nosey. Yet, we learn eventually to come within and begin to gently remove the blocks, the hurt, the pain, the thought patterns that we have built up over the years. That was me! Now, I enjoy the pauses, I allow myself to slow down so I can hear myself more clearly as let’s be honest the world and our minds can get pretty loud! I could list many of the courses I’ve attended but I always come back to the ones that I hold dear in my heart and supported me most along my path – Reiki, Magnified Healing, Shamanism, Women’s Circles and Coaching. I can say, that I am meeting deeper teachings and experiences within each of those modalities continually. In fact, they are no longer modalities but who I am.

A journey back to accepting all parts of ourselves.

If there is one thing I could share with people, it is that healing makes us whole, and whole means integrating all aspects of ourselves: the parts we love as well as the parts we hide from ourselves and others. Don’t run from one or get lost in the other – there is power in both sides which make you whole.

Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?

Community & Connection

Community and connection is something I foster in all I offer. Connection to yourself, first and foremost and then connecting with others. There is nothing like sitting in a space with people and truly listening to what they share – usually we find that we are not alone in what or how we think, we learn from the experiences and wisdom of others around us of all ages. The world is immersed in a culture of busyness to the point where it’s a badge of honor to say ‘I’m too busy’. We have lost touch with our natural way of being and place our happiness and self worth on the opinions of others, seek validation outside of ourselves and place overwhelming expectations and pressure on ourselves. We are disconnected from ourselves, the cycles of life, the power of nature (within and without) and our own inner compass. We have forgotten to take time out to tune into ourselves and really get to know ourselves.

everything works again when unplugged including you – Ann Lammot

Everything I offer is an invitation to step away from our ‘normal’ environment and begin to turn inwards and find contentment within ourselves.

A Little Bit About What I Enjoy

Traveling is one of my passions in life. I became an accountant as it’s a job you could travel anywhere with and guess what? I didn’t get too far! Since becoming self employed I’ve traveled more than ever before. All of my travels are little mini pilgrimages. There’s no such thing as a ‘normal’ holiday. We tried that once in Bali and ended up with a ceremonial leader as our driver šŸ™‚ I love Ireland for it’s ancient culture and our sacred sites having traced ley lines for years. India was my first solo traveling and it was definitely an initiation. Bali is one of my soul homes where everything flows and is easy. Glastonbury has a dear place in my heart with it’s magnificent tor, chalice well, white springs and the myths associated with it. Mexico was deeply healing in my dark nights. So many more and hopefully many more to come…. Being outside in Nature is my way of rooting down into myself. No matter if it’s a walk in the local park or up into the hills, I always leave feeling more ‘in’ myself. You can’t beat the sea air to clear the cobwebs, the sun to warm your heart and even the coldness of winter to create a little inner cave. If you’ve been to any of my events, you’ll know that the music chosen plays an important role in the healing. I’ve been known to sing and chant (if you can call it that!) at my women’s circle as we do our fire and water ceremony. There is nothing like hearing the vibration of the words coming from everyone in the space. Music is one of my ways of shifting my own energy from singing in the house, to dancing around the kitchen, to crying my eyes out listening to Lenard Cohen…I dare you not too!

Here’s some photos to give you a sneak peak into my life…

My Qualifications

Okuden / Shoden & Shinpiden Reiki Masters (numerous times) – Usui Reiki Ryoho Lineage with Frans Stiene

Reiki Masterclasses & Retreats covering numerous topics including Japanese Reiki Practices, Reju, the Reiki Symbols and many more that deepen my personal reiki experience and practice and influence my teaching

Shamanic Healers Spiral with Sli an Chroi

Shamanic Medicine Spiral with Sli an Chroi

Shamanic Masterclasses covering numerous topics including Divination, Arceteypes and Mesa and Ceremony (Prayer Bundle)

Shamanic Teaching Assistant with Sli an Chroi

Breathwork Levels 1 – 5 with David Elliott

Moon Mna Women’s Circle Facilitator

Magnified Healing Phase 1 & 3

Women’s Sacred Circle Training

Life Coach & NLP Practitioner

Reiki Masters – Usui Shiki Ryoho Lineage

Seichem / Angelic Healing / EFT / Kundalini Reiki / Light Grids and many other modalities which I’ve forgotten!

Working as a professional healer & teacher since 2008

Teaching Reiki to all Levels since 2010

Life experiences and travels around the world. No better teacher than life!

Accountant & Auditor (ACA)

IFRS Diploma for Auditing

Postgraduate in Accountancy

BA (Hons) Arts – French & History

The Thirsty Soul

Roseleen McNally

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