Reiki Level 1 Course

I recently completed my level 1 reiki with Roseleen and had a such relaxing weekend. Like many I was finding it difficult to cope with the challenges life throws at us and wanted something more than meditation to help me relax and hopefully the ability to able to heal myself. Reiki has been absolutely amazing in allowing me to sit and connect with myself on a whole new level. Roseleen is a great teacher and very down to earth and would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to explore or expand on their spiritual journey



I thoroughly enjoyed my Weekend with Roseleen learning Reiki 1. Roseleen is a wonderfully warm and down to earth lady and I enjoyed being around as much as I enjoyed learning from her.

The relaxed approach Roseleen takes towards teaching Reiki really brought it all home for me and I really feel like I have come away with a tool I will actually use to navigate this challenge we know as life. I would recommend Roseleen to anyone, she is one of the special ones.



It was an absolute pleasure to re-sit my reiki one with you. You where so gentle and patient with us and made sure we all had an understanding of what is was we were doing. I can’t wait to get my reiki two on with you also.

The pure feeling of joy which I felt as I left your studio is still within me now. For this I thank you.



Roseleen is an excellent teacher. She is really grounded and really cares about reiki. She keeps it all very real so that you do not leave with any illusions about reiki, only its potential if practiced regularly.

I really enjoyed her down to earthness as I was worried it would all be a bit out of my reach.



Thank you for Reiki Level 1.

I can see very subtle changes in myself, shift in my reactions, preferences changing and little bursts of sudden symptoms that pass quickly 

In all it’s profound. I feel supported and less separate. I am really enjoying practicing Reiki and I’ve finally found my feet 🙂



I did the Reiki Level 1 course with Roseleen and it was just amazing! Perfect mix of theory and practice, very relaxed and light atmosphere too, which I think helped everyone settle in and enjoy the weekend.

I would definitely recommend this course to anyone interested in doing reiki and also for newcomers to reiki, as it gives a great introduction to it.



Roseleen is an experienced and caring teacher who led a thoughtful, practical introduction to reiki.

The workshop was very well-organized and especially welcoming for beginners. The information and support provided before and after the weekend were added bonuses. Anyone looking to explore energy work would benefit from studying with Roseleen.


New York

Reiki Level 1 was a wonderfully positive experience. Roseleen’s teaching was detailed, thorough and at all times nurturing.

In the warm, friendly atmosphere we were all given the opportunity to develop at our own pace and the freedom to experience the magic of energy in our own way. This is a fantastic workshop suitable for anyone interested in Reiki or in simply getting to know themselves better.



I loved the Reiki 1 course. Rosaleen is a brilliant teacher, she creates a fun, relaxed learning environment and makes you feel very at home. The course is the perfect mixture of information and practice.

I had high expectations of doing a reiki course and this course exceeded those expectations. Highly recommend it to anyone considering doing reiki




Reiki Level 2 Course

When I heard about ‘The Thirsty soul’ from a friend, the name alone had me curious and interested. I had completed reiki level 1 the previous year with a different teacher and was on the lookout for a place to continue to level 2. After attending a women’s circle and also a reiki share evening with Roseleen I knew this was my route to level 2. Roseleen knows her stuff! I felt so comfortable in her company as she creates a wonderful calm environment for learning, healing and expanding as a person. Completing reiki 2 with Roseleen has given me a new confidence with my reiki practice both for myself and with others



Both of my reiki 1 and 2 workshop experiences with Roseleen have been beyond my expectations.

Roseleen brings a great blend of teacher and healer to her workshops in a very accessible, authentic and down to earth way.

You get all the amazing transformative benefits of reiki in the company of a warm, open and highly intuitive teacher. She has an amazing gift which she shares so generously and I’m very grateful to have had Roseleen as my teacher.



From the way Roseleen taught the course, meeting all the different people and of course having amazing experiences with the reiki itself, it was magical.

Roseleen offers so much support during and after the course. After having several different experiences with reiki over the years, lets just say I’m so happy and grateful to have found Roseleen and the Thirsty Soul. Can’t wait for level 3.



Roseleens teaching are taught in such a beautiful and effortless manner, I always come away from her workshops with peace in my heart and the knowledge of these wonderful teachings and also the confidence to apply them in daily life!



Roseleen is honest kind AND ONE IN A MILLION you will not go wrong in chooseing a course or some healing work with her. I can only say i feel blessed to have found her and my life has changed so much for the best thank you roseleen from my heart.



Roseleen’s workshops offer the opportunity to explore Reiki energy without rigid constraints and rules. She is practical, yet allows room for the magical. She is a gift and I highly recommend her workshops.



Roseleen is an brilliant teacher and even better an amazing lovely person. She is very helpful before, during and after the course.

I felt a big change in my own energy and people around me also notice the effects that reiki is doing and i can see that my own changes are giving a great benefit in everyone that surrounds me, which is absolutely magic, and amazing. Thanks a million



Reiki II which I attended was very positive and powerful experience. I’m still feeling the benefits of it week’s later.

Rosaleen is a very engaging and inspiring teacher. The small class numbers and pleasant atmosphere made it all the more enjoyable . I’d recommend it to anyone considering attending a reiki course with Rosaleen.



Reiki heals and also spiritually awakens. It’s like being on the fast track but in slow mode yet always connected and with the flow.

Roseleen is a great teacher, she’s passionate about her work – in her class you definitely feel Reiki flows through her




Reiki Level 3 Course

Thank you so much for another wonderful course in level 3 reiki. I got so much from it and I really took the time during my cleanse to work on myself.

I continue with my self practice, and I have been reading loads more about reiki to deepen my understanding.

When you said that with reiki 3 it’s like coming full circle and coming back to the beginning. That makes sense to me now as I feel like I’m coming at it now with new set of eyes. Things I read/learned before make more sense or a new sense, I feel I am developing a deeper understanding now. Thank you!



Having previously done Reiki Levels 1 & 2 with Roseleen and knowing what a brilliant teacher she is, I was excited to delve into Level 3 and thought I knew what to expect.

What I got was even more than I had hoped for.

Doing this course has brought my connection to the energy to a level I didn’t know was possible, as well as simplifying everything I learned in the previous courses and giving me the knowledge and tools to teach Reiki to others.

Roseleen as always was kind, patient, helpful and incredibly knowledgable.

Thank you Roseleen for a wonderful course! What you’ve taught me in these courses has changed my life in so many amazing ways. You are an inspiration!



I completed both Reiki levels 1 and 2 with Roseleen and decided to go back to do level 3. The weekends for the courses are always an amazing experience and Rosie has a natural ability to make everyone feel relaxed and everything flows easily.

It’s so nice to have completed all 3 levels and to be able to pass the gift of Reiki on to other people. Rosie is also fantastic to follow up and be there for support after the workshops which helps if you have any questions of concerns.



I completed my Reiki Level 3 with Roseleen, she is a wonderful teacher full of wisdom and pours just the right amount of wisdom when required. She has given me so much encouragement and support and is always on hand to answer my questions. I would highly recommend Reiki Level 3 with Roseleen



Since that weekend I feel my love for Reiki is growing stronger and I would hope that I will get to the stage like you said where you are Reiki rather than do it.  I’ve been practicing the symbols and reading the notes and doing my daily practice to become more familiar with it and more in the flow. I’ve notice a great difference in how I feel about myself and life. Thank you



So many things have happened since the Reiki attunement session in the middle of July, my whole work life went towards Big changes. But i feel like i’ve grown so much, I learned a great deal about people and moreso, about myself.

I still practice Reiki on me about 4 times a week and i received great feedback from a couple of friends who enjoyed having Reiki done to them, one actually came back for two other sessions and said they fell it’s helping them a lot. Thank you for your support and guidance.



The Reiki III for me was a wonderful experience. It was powerful  and energetic. Learning the Master Reiki symbol was exciting. Roseleen has given me so much that will benefit me in my Life. She is a wonderful teacher and person. I have grown to another level of my spiritual development. I would not be without Reiki in my life.



Thank you for a great weekend. Since the course, my self reiki practice has supported me in lots of ways in my life in general, including my meditation, the letting go and just feeling my way. I feel the weekend was an enormous turning point for me. Strange, I certainly knew all about it but was not actually understanding on a being level. That is changing for me and it keeps on changing everyday. Thank you



Just wanted to thank you for all your work rosie. It’s had a hugh impact on my life. Its hard to describe but your work is so powerful yet so subtle and gentle. Each time I leave a treatment or a workshop I feel I’m better, brighter, lighter and a more powerful version of myself. Thank you beyond words.




Magnified Healing Course

Thanks for a truly amazing weekend. I really feel I got so much out of the healing. You are an exceptional teacher and healer and I feel blessed we had you to guide us through.

In addition to the value of the course itself that we thought there was so much more value in being with someone who really walked the walk and absolutely radiated the benefits!

I’m really happy I had such a positive experience.



Magnified Healing was a wonderful experience. I have been using other healing methods over many years, such as Reiki, but I found the healing was indeed MAGNIFIED, it was instant.

For those people that may be thinking of using other healing methods, for the people who feel drawn to it, (like I was at the time) I would say, go for it.

Rosie has a lovely energy about her, she is warm, kind and understanding. Some of the meditations over the weekend were truly eye opening. Thanks Rosie.



I absolutely love Roseleen @thethirstysoul, her energy is warm and welcoming, and her knowledge is profound.

I am blessed to have met such a wonderful charismatic soul to help me on my journey. Roseleen is a buddistava of this world. I highly recommend her healing courses and gatherings.



Thank you so much for a lovely weekend, I feel my life changing already, I had the most amazing sleep and felt more alive than I have in a while. It feels like this is the beginning of a beautiful chapter in my life.



Magnified Healing is amazing. I love this healing practice, aside from the immense sense of peace and love I get from it, I don’t fall asleep half way through 🙂 I’m very grateful to you for your teaching and continued support. 



The Magnified Healing course with roseleen was divin. It was a totally heaven like presence as well as being fun and very healing.



Magnified Healing was a beautiful weekend, a magical mixture of self and group healing.

The energy is gentle and powerful. The ritual of simple movement with words makes the experience intimate and memorable, giving each of us in the class precious methods to enhance our lives.



I loved the gentle but strong and powerful touch of this healing.

The connection, the oneness and the mother energy that cuddled my inner child making me feel protected, supported and unconditionally loved. I can’t describe enough the sensations with words.



Magnified healing energy is gentle and subtle, but the effects are wonderful. I have noticed many benefits since I started this process, and while it’s very different to reiki (mainly in that it’s much more structured) I’ve really enjoyed making it a part of my daily routine.

I would certainly recommend the course to anyone who’s curious about it – just leave your expectations at home!