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Let Your Breath Be Your Guide

Clear your mind, align your body and its energy and create a potent healing experience.

Release stuck emotions and trauma from the body that you may have been carrying subconsciously for years. Breathwork works on a somatic level, releasing emotions and experiences held and stored in the cells of the body but also beautifully fills you with healing and self love.

Your breath is with you every moment of your life. A powerful healer & guide that offers your body deep shifts & integration. If you want support moving through certain emotions or experiences – Let’s breathe together.


Breathwork guides you to disconnect from your head, reconnect to the body, move stuck energy and emotions, and be an active participant in your own healing.

It is a completely safe practice where we breathe through the mouth for the entirety of the practice. The continuous breathing helps to break down the emotions that build up in the body that are stagnant and unprocessed and don’t support our physical and energetic bodies.

For many people, it facilitates a deep healing, leaving you feeling lighter and clearer. In essence, you are relearning to be in & connected to your body, establish new pathways in the brain and cultivate emotional intelligence.

It is a 3-part pranayamic breathwork technique that promotes emotional release and transformation. It is a form of active meditation that is deeply healing.  You don’t get lost in the story, the session is time to just breathe and let the body do the rest!


Breathwork is a safe, natural, simple, yet profound healing process.  Sessions are led in a safe space and together we will create an environment that supports your highest potential.

Each session is unique and determined by your intention for that particular session and our ongoing work together. Over time you will learn to identify the shifts and feedback of when your system is activated and when it is regulated. The breathwork sessions will encourage your system to grow and expand in a safe and contained way.

It’s normal to feel energy shift or for an emotional release to occur and it is also normal for truly feel the space that has been created in your body as you unweave past patterns that are no longer needed in the present time. It’s awe inspiring to experience the healing capacity of our breath in this way.


While the technique remains mostly the same across all sessions, what you will experience and heal will vary from session to session, and person to person. (I recommend wearing something comfy – just nothing too tight or restrictive for your breathing)

The Breathwork session begins with a check-in to discuss your intention for the breathing. You will  then lay down and engage in 25-35 minutes of active breathing which helps us shift energy, moving freely through the body, clearing and releasing as it goes. I will support and guide you through the breathing process.

There will then be 10-15 minutes of ‘resting breath’ where you bathe in the energy you’ve created – in this potent space your body is open and expanded, you are connected to your inner self and an open channel for information, messages or just feelings of bliss, deep gratitude and peace. 

After, we get grounded, talk about your experience and discuss how to integrate any insights or clarity into your daily life. Appointments are 90 minutes in total (combined with reiki). 


Anybody can participate in breathwork. The practices are effective tools for navigating everyday life. Breathwork is also for anyone with a desire to integrate their body and mind, attain deeper self-awareness, elevate their capacity to heal or increase their overall health and spiritual well-being.

I do not do breathwork sessions with clients that are pregnant and if you have any medical confitions or are currently taking medication, please consult your doctor before starting breathwork.

Inhale – exhale

Benefits of Breathwork


Quiet your thoughts

Clears stuck energy

Dissolves limiting beliefs

Strengthens intuition

Calms the nervous system

Heals stored relational trauma

Increase creativity & inspiration

Learn to speak your truth


Relieves anxiety & stress

Eases stored grief

Supports addiction recovery

Release muscle tension

Improve digestion

Improve sleep

Increase energy

Improve immune system


Experience your true self

Open to your full potential

Reveal your true values

Awaken to your inherent power

Remove stagnant energy

Create from self love & acceptance

Find your connection

Align to your vision



Individual Sessions

Breathwork Healing combined with Reiki can either be done in-person (in Blackrock, Co. Dublin or Summerhill, Co. Meath) or virtually over Zoom. Breathwork done virtually is just as powerful than that done in an individual setting.

Private sessions are also a wonderful way to deepen the healing experience you may have had in a group session.

Breathwork Events

Events are custom designed and include grounding meditation, intention setting, active breathing based around a specific theme of the event.

Breathwork events are offered in person and virtually (you will receive a replay of the virtual circle once registered)

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