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Celebrate the Flowering of your Soul

Nuture your soul's growth and embrace the richness of life

Are you ready to nurture the flowering of your soul and embrace the richness of life that surrounds you?

Life is a gift to be celebrated. All of life is to be celebrated, the highs, the lows and everything in between. This is more than just an "attitude of gratitude." It’s about opening yourself to receiving the blessings, the wonder and awe which can feed your spirit no matter where you find yourself. It’s about allowing yourself to be touched by the beauty of the world so you can feel more alive and abundant.

In this intimate in-person alchemical ceremony guided by Roseleen and the plant spirit Lady Lavender, we’ll reflect upon and celebrate our personal harvests, exploring how they can provide sustenance and inspiration for the continued growth of our souls, as we prepare for the introspective months ahead. 

Through guided rituals, shamanic drumming, meditation, reiki healing and earth-based practices, you will receive blessings and gifts that will nourish your heart, allowing you to experience a life that feels deeply fulfilling, nourishing and expansive. 

Life is flowing in the gifts that nature offers us

Life’s gifts flow abundantly from nature, and our ceremony aligns with Lughnasadh on August 1st (true date 7th August), marking the time of the first harvest.

It signifies both endings and new beginnings—a moment to gather and reflect on your journey thus far and the path that lies ahead. This is a potent time to pause and consider where you are, how you arrived here and what you need to feel resourced moving forward. 

Together, we’ll discover how to hold a clear vision and strong intention in your heart, guiding you along life’s path, ensuring you never lose your way. 

It may not be easy to see the gifts in your personal harvest but whatever life is offering you now, we’ll honour the blessings, abundance and growth within your life and inner being. 

This ceremony will serve as a balm for the demands of modern life, providing a precious pause to celebrate your unique journey, acknowledge your growth, and embrace the vast potential nestled within the seeds of your harvest. 

If you long to reconnect with the beauty and sweetness of life, harmonise with its ebb and flow, and commune with fellow travellers on a similar path, this is your invitation.

Together, let us seek a sacred space for deep listening to our inner beings, opening ourselves to clarity, creative flow, and rejuvenating rest.

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Ceremony for the soul

Gratitude is the greatest treasure

Gratitude is the greatest treasure of all. It can be found in the reluctant, bittersweet gratitude that we may carry about the harder teachings in life as well as the beauty that radiates from within when we have a full heart.

The ability to hold gratitude protects and buoys you when the challenges of life arrive. When you are grateful for yourself and the gift of life itself, that gratitude and appreciation connects you to the creative flow of life.

Imagine being open to receiving the gifts of life, to let the appreciation for life return if you’ve been knocked off balance, to let yourself soak up the goodness of life and embrace the ability to be touched by, and to touch, life.

Receive healing, guidance and support from Lady Lavender

Lady Lavender is a divine presence that offers solace and grounding when life feels overwhelming and scattered. She envelops you in the soothing embrace of unconditional love, gently guiding you to still your mind and listen to the wisdom of your heart.

As her essence envelops you, Lady Lavender brings the assurance that you are on the right path, bringing tranquility to your spirit and making the journey towards clarity and solutions much smoother.

Her delicate fragrance and captivating purple hue hold a special significance. They act as a gentle support for your nervous system, serving as a messenger that connects your mind and emotions.

Lady Lavender harmonises your entire being, starting from the depths of your stomach and traversing through your digestive system, infusing serenity, grace, and a profound sense of calmness.

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Reclaim the magic of ceremony to step into a life of joy, depth, and receptivity.

Are you ready to reclaim the magic of ceremony so you can live a more joyous, deeper and receptive life?

Experience the timeless power of ceremony that was once woven into the fabric of daily life. Step into a circle where you are held, seen and witnessed on your journey of personal evolution. Ceremony supports you to experience the sacredness that is all around you. Ceremony is a powerful catalyst that opens pathways for your healing and transformation, allowing you to experience the beauty and sacredness that permeate every aspect of existence.

Its profound benefits not only nourish your own soul but also extend outwards, enriching your family, community, and the collective consciousness. 

In the midst of the demands and distractions of modern life, it’s natural to feel disconnected, uninspired, and disenchanted. The sense of awe and wonder that once animated your spirit may have waned, leaving you feeling depleted and disconnected from your true vitality.

Yet this is where the beauty of ceremony holds potent magic to reawaken your spirit.

Ceremony brings you into alignment with who you are, in this moment, in your soul. It’s from this space that you can connect with the gifts and blessings that are already here waiting for you. By creating space and intentionally slowing down, you invite presence into your life, allowing you to deeply listen to the whispers of your heart and the divine. 

This deep connection opens the door to true connection, inner peace and vibrant living, infusing every aspect of your life.  As you carry the sacred blessings of the ceremony within you, you step into life with a renewed perspective, feeling centred, inspired and ready to embrace the magic that unfolds.

Roseleen McNally holding a Mala Naofa in her hands. Her shamanic medicine bundle.

The Details


Sunday, 30th July 2023


10am - 1pm


Aventine Garden, Foxrock, Co. Dublin


€90 (includes all materials and soothing lavender tea)

What to bring

Please bring your own yoga mat, blanket and a bottle of water. You’ll receive an email with additional smaller items you may need to bring for the ceremony. Rest assured, no previous experience or specific skills are required to participate in this nurturing program.

Celebrate the Flowering of Your Soul Ceremony:

Space for this transformative experience is limited to ensure an intimate gathering. The ceremony is held within a Shamanic Energy Training® Template that weaves a multi-dimensional space of lasting transformation. These ceremonies are influenced by my training and mentoring with Sli an Chroi, and they carry the wisdom gifted to me by my spirit team, the earth, and my ancestral lineage.

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