Walk the Celtic Wheel

Let Nature Be Your Guide

 Return to Your Cyclical Wisdom

To Walk the Celtic Wheel is to return to the wisdom of cycles and spirals… it’s an invitation to connect to and to come into right relationship with Nature, the Self and Earth. Each threshold carries certain energy, intention, wisdom & healing. Through ceremony, meditation & earth based practices we can embrace the medicine each turning point holds for us as they arise in your own life.

As the seasons move around us, we, as beings of nature move with them. We remember the gifts of being our true nature, we reclaim our power and our creative fire, we dance with life / death / rebirth, we craft new pathways in our life, we learn when to rest deeply,  and we receive the gifts of healing in community. We let each of the thresholds work on us. We surrender to their magic. We feed our soul.

These classes are crafted to empower you to weave the archetypal energies, wisdom and healing of each point of the year into your daily life. You will have tools, resources, deep understanding and experience of knowing where on the Wheel you are in all aspects of life but also how to be and navigate those spaces.


Walk the Celtic Wheel

Life is busy. We feel we live in a linear time. We run from one thing to the next. There’s never enough time to do it all. We are looking for the next thing. We feel rushed and disconnected from ourselves and the world around us.

We have forgotten what it feels like to dance with the Spiral of life, to open our hands to the Mystery and to look to Nature as a guide back home to ourselves. Our Souls long for the touch of being in relationship with Nature.

Ignite a deep soul remembering that the upward & downward Spirals support one another. As you Walk the Wheel you will experience that they are two halves of a path towards fulfillment and wholeness.

We are cyclical beings. We ebb and flow like nature. The breath of life – expansion, contraction, expansion, contraction and so it continues. Just as light requires shade, yin requires yang, spring requires winter, action requires rest, giving requires receiving.

We can learn to work with these seasons and flows of life rather than pushing against or rushing through them. When we surrender, we can trust the movement between active and receptive, creative and still, light and dark, inhale and exhale. We learn that no matter what challenge we are facing it’s not permanent.

If you turn to nature, you see that after winter must come spring, after a new moon must come a full moon… this happens in it’s own time. You can’t force a flower to grow and bloom so why do we force ourselves?

Each turning point on the Celtic Wheel offers us an opportunity to come into attunement (harmony) with certain energies, archetypes and themes. There is much to learn when we truly listen and feel into these themes.

When we turn to nature, we have an infinite intelligence guiding us. We are reflected in it, just as much as it reflects to us.

All we have to do is be open and curious.


Brigid: Your Guiding Light

The Cailleach brings you to the threshold of Imbolc, you reach across your hands to be greeted by Goddess Brigid. You carry with you the wisdom, the dreaming, the visioning gifted through winter. You allow these tender seedlings to enter your creative heart. What gifts of wisdom does Brigid, the Soulsmith, healer and poet, wish to share with you at this turning point of the Celtic Wheel, Imbolc?

Let Brigid walk alongside you from Imbolc until she guides you to the threshold of the Spring Equinox. These gatherings are an opportunity to marinate in the presence and pure essence of Brigid whilst also receiving the healing gifts of Imbolc. Realign to your heart, inner wisdom and creative power so you can embrace the potentiality, possibilites and emergence that is available from your creative wellspring.

Brigid helps clear you of the remains of the deep winter that clings to you, she invites you to step your feet onto the dewy earth and begin to feel the lifeforce awakening in the earth beneath you and also within you. You begin to slowly turn your head towards the light allowing yourself to awaken gently to a new rhythm,  attuning to that which we’ve been dreaming into during the winter.

You carry within you, at this time of Imbolc, the tiny seeds of beginings, the soft budding of spring… what is the invitation within Imbolc for you? Learn what Brigid wishes to gift you at this tuning point, what she desires you to tend to in your heart / hearth, what she wishes to ignite within you with her perpetual flame.  When you arrive at the threshold of Spring Equinox and continue to walk the Celtic Wheel you will carry within you, within your heart, your three inner cauldrons the wisdom, energetic transmission, healing and gifts from Brigid and Imbolc.

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An Outline of Our Time Together

These are the general themes for our gatherings but doesn’t include the specific practices, ceremonies, meditations & rituals as these are crafted based on the energy and needs of the groups.

Course Portal Opens 28/29 Jan

In time for Brigid’s Eve, you will receive some preparation material which we will use throughout out time together. Honoring the traditions associated with Imbolc & Brigid – the Bhrat Bride, Brigids Cross – you will prepare to meet the dewy dawn of Imbolc.

10th Feb Live Gathering

We will commence with an opening ceremony to hold space for all our time together. Be taken on a guided journey to meet Brigid, her pure essence and how she reveals herself to you. Begin to attune to the medicine she wishes to share with you.

24th Feb Live Gathering

We will step into ceremony with Brigid and the elements of Imbolc. Attuning to this time of awakening, rebirth, new life, and new beginnings. Breathing new life into yourself and the world around you. Deeply listening to the whispers of your heart and soul.

10th Mar Live Gathering

Receive Brigid’s fire blessing to ignite the three creative cauldrons within. Opening yourself to your infinite creative fire, life force and inspiration. We will end with our closing ceremony taking with you all of Brigid’s & Imbolc’s Blessings.

 core practices

The Pillars of Walk the Wheel

Direct Experience

We go direct to the source – the archetype / turning point of the Celtic Wheel. To experience, engage and enter into relationship with the pure essence is where the true transformation is held.

Ritual / Ceremony

Each ceremony / ritual is designed to harness the potentiality of this point on the Celtic Wheel. Ceremony remind us of our place and our participation within the vast tapestry of life.


Specifically crafted meditations open us up to the power that is held within our creative imagination and creates space for deep inner relevation.


Receive reiki during the meditations to soothe the nervous system, support the shifts occuring within and align you and 


Taking space to digest what you receive and what is revealed to you during your personal self reflection and from the classes. Integration helps to solidify your personal experience into your energetic being.

 Join me in Walk the Celtic Wheel if you desire to:

Use this time for YOU to tend to your own power, evolution, and rewilding your own wholeness.

Start each turning point of the seasons more in tune with the wisdom it offers

Through Earth Based (Celtic Shamanism / Animistic) practices bring healing into your life. Nature as a path of direct revelation.

Nurture yourself as you move through the Spiral of Life, Death & Rebirth. Gain wisdom on where on the Wheel you are on your soul journey.

Have the opportunity to release, root in current and new intentions through the cycles

Discover & integrate resources through the power of ceremony & ritual that is aligned to the particular season / theme

Explore the mystery and beauty of each season in nature & life, so you don't dread the coming of winter (ending, sacrifices, death) or the heat of summer (joy, pleasure, passion). Retrieve the wisdom and healing of each season in your life.

Cultivate presence to the moment as you deepen your ability to listen to yourself and tap into your inner wisdom

Tend to archetypal energies that are present in your life so you can harness them for soul growth

Tend to Your Relationship to and with Nature. Enter into a reciprocial relationship with Nature.

Tap into the soul medicine held in the season and how you can receive from it.

Connect to Celtic Wisdom through myths, Goddesses / Gods and sacred sites.

Be bathed in reiki healing to help integrate the teachings, support you in releasing and allowing space for transformation

“An old Celtic proverb boldly places death right at the center of life. ‘Death is the middle of a long life,’ they used to say. Ancient people did things like that; they put death at the center instead of casting it out of sight and leaving such an important subject until the last possible moment. Of course, they lived close to nature and couldn’t help but see how the forest grew from fallen trees and how death seemed to replenish life from fallen members. Only the unwise and the overly fearful think that death is the blind enemy of life.”
Michael Meade

Here’s what is included

3 x 1.5 hour Live Gatherings (Zoom)

Let’s gather together like our ancestors did, share our stories of the turning of the wheel, learning to be open to all the turning points have to teach us. Receive the medicine of each gathering through meditation, talks, ceremony and at home elements.

The live gatherings will also be recorded so you can work through the information at your own pace.


Dates & Times

29th Jan: Portal to the Course Opens

10th Feb: 7pm-8.30pm

24th Feb: 7pm – 8.30pm

10th Mar: 7pm- 8.30pm

18th Mar: Portal to the Course Closes

Ceremony / Ritual to Honor the Cycle

A ceremony to celebrate the turning point of the wheel, that honors the past cycle so we can bring the teachings into the next cycle and also opens the doorway to the next cycle. Taking the wisdom & healing earned with us.

A Guided meditation to resource you during this cycle

An additional meditation to support you anchor the wisdom of Imbolc into your life.


Worksheet & Soul Prompt

A simple (non time consuming) worksheet / soul prompt to allow space for the insights and revelations of each class to be digested and integrated by you.



The Course Portal opens on 29th Jan with preparation material. Each Live class will be recorded and you will have access for it to 1 week. The Course portal then closes on 18th March as we edge closer the threshold of Spring Equinox.

Book Your Place

Recordings will be available and access to all course content via the class platform if you are unable to attend live.

Each class takes place at 7pm IST (Irish Standard Time) / GMT +1 and last 1.5 hours.

Hi I’m Roseleen

I’m a Celtic Shamanic Practitioner and Reiki Master / Teacher working professionally since 2008.

I’ve walked the sacred sites of Ireland for many years, hearing them call to me and whisper their teachings to me. I’ve received deep medicine from Walking the Celtic Wheel many times through my professional and personal life. Each spiral invited more shedding of skins, surrendering to the cycles of life / death / rebirth but also the reclaiming of inner power and an ever growing relationship with Nature.

When we Walk the Celtic Wheel we are remembering the power that is held within both the fertile darkness and the glorious light.We enter into conversation with Spirit & Nature. We meet each turning point with fresh eyes as we change through each Spiral and the medicine required by our Soul will be unique. We are ever changing, ever evolving and ever learning. For me, that is the magic and beautiful mystery of letting Nature be our Guide…

So, come Walk the Celtic Wheel with me as one of your guides as well as your Soul and Nature.

The Thirsty Soul

Roseleen McNally

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