Let Nature Be Your Guide

Navigating the Seasons of Your Soul

Return to Your Cyclical Wisdom

Attune to your inner nature is a journey into the quiet space in your heart and nature that offers nurtance, wisdom and soul medicine.

This is for you if you hear the call to live more in alignment with your natural rhythm and cycles. You hear the call to listen to nature and how you can come into harmony with nature in your life. The focus of the 8 online gatherings at each turning point of the Wheel of the Year is to explore practices, ceremony & ritual as well as guided meditation and soul prompts that awaken you to your inner wisdom and offer you deep nourishment for each cycle.

Each gathering includes: a Live class, meditation, ceremony to guide you through every step. You will receive a recording after each class.⠀


The Seasons of the Soul

Life is busy. We run from one thing to the next. We feel rushed and disconnected from ourselves and the world around us.

When we begin to align to the turning of the seasons through the wheel of the year, a whole different way of looking at the cycle of life opens to us.

We begin to see that although we feel we are ‘expected’ to be ON all the time, this is not our natural state – we ebb and flow just like nature. We are cyclic beings. There is time to be in action and there is time to rest & receive.

We can learn to work with these seasons and flows of life rather than pushing against or rushing through them. When we surrender, we can trust the movement between active and receptive, creative and still, light and dark, inhale and exhale. We learn that no matter what challenge we are facing it’s not permanent.

If you turn to nature, you see that after winter must come spring, after a new moon must come a full moon… this happens in it’s own time. You can’t force a flower to grow and bloom so why do we force ourselves?

Each turning point offers us an opportunity to come into attunement (harmony) with certain energies, archetypes and themes. There is much to learn when we truly listen and feel into these themes.

When we turn to nature, we have an infinite intelligence guiding us. We are reflected in it, just as much as it reflects to us.

All we have to do is be open and curious.

 Join me in Seasons of Your Soul if you desire to:

Start each turning point of the seasons more in tune with the wisdom it offers

Nurture yourself as you learn when to be active and receptive, inward and outward, celebrating and re-evaluating

Explore the mystery and beauty of each season, so you don't dread the coming of winter or the heat of summer as you may understand why you feel that way and why you resist certains season

Enjoy creating a sacred time just for you. A space to connect within and see how you are meeting yourself at that moment in time

Discover the power of ceremony & ritual that is aligned to the particular season / theme

Have the opportunity to release, root in current and new intentions through the cycle

Deepen your ability to listen to yourself and tap into your inner wisdom

Remember the beauty of keeping your self practice simple and let go of it being ‘perfect’ or ‘correct’

Explore Your Relationship to Nature

Tap into the soul medicine held in the season

Be bathed in reiki healing

Winter Solstice: Walking the Spiral
Sign Up

Here’s everything you’ll get when you sign up:

A 2 hour LIVE Gathering Call with Roseleen

Let’s gather together like our ancestors did, share our stories of the turning of the wheel, learning to be open to all the turning points have to show us. Be open to receiving the medicine of each gathering through meditation, talks, ceremony and at home elements.

The live gatherings will also be recorded so you can work through the information at your own pace.

Ceremony / Ritual to Honor the Cycle

A ceremony to celebrate the turning point of the wheel, that honors the past cycle so we can bring the teachings into the next cycle



Additional information on the archetypes, goddesses and themes that are available as resources to you during each cycle – worksheets for you to delve into if you wish. All at your own pace.

A Guided meditation to resource you during this cycle

Individual meditation for the point on the Wheel which you can relisten to and go deeper with. All meditations contain healing energy.


Soul Prompts

Explore on a deeper level what each of the cycles wish to teach you about yourself, your life and aligning to nature.



A crafted playlist to help you access the different themes / energy available.

All Downloadable Content

All call recordings, video MP4 files are downloadable. You can revisit them as often as you like.

Access to Online Community

A space on a dedicated facebook group for participant sharing. If you prefer not to use facebook, it is still possible to join in with the course through the Zoom meetings only and sharing via the online course platform.


Winter Solstice

20th Dec 7 – 9pm

Theme: The Returning Light

Ceremony: Walking the Spiral


2021 dates

New dates for the 2021 cycles will be launched soon and will start on Imbolc.


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