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This is the 4th year of this free offering and I adore hearing how it supports everyone so deeply. 2020 has been (and still is) a rollercoaster or as a friend describes it ‘the gift that keeps giving’. This offering is designed to nourish, hold and support you at this time. It’s an opportunity to loosen the grip on life, to honor all the emotions, to soften towards yourself and life and to awaken the beautiful soul essence that is within you. No matter how much time you have, no matter where you are or what you are doing you can always carve out a few minutes within the Christmas period to tend to you and your needs. I’ve made it simple – as simple things work and are powerful! You also don’t need to have any previous experience of reiki to enjoy all the gifts.

Each day you’ll receive Distance Reiki for 30 minutes and something from the selection box below! I like to keep it varied so you never know what might land in your inbox as a gift.

Distance Reiki Healing

30 mins of Reiki each day for to receive. Your body will always take what it needs to invite harmony during the beautiful yet often stressful time of Christmas.

Ceremony / Ritual

Potent & grounded rituals and ceremony to release the past and open your arms to the present moment and the future.

Guided Meditations

Short powerful meditations to bring you back to your centre, to ground you and refill your tank.

Other Goodies

Tarot card spreads, creative expression exercises and other bits that add value to each theme of the day.

Kind Words about the 12 days of Reiki

I cannot remember a Christmas day when I haven’t been affected by all the memories at this time of year. It has always been an emotional time where I feel alone and often upset. Yesterday morning I opened your email and even just reading it I could feel a change. I felt like I was changing as I allowed in your words. I also set my intention to receive Reiki healing as you mentioned. I found that I responded in much healthier and balanced ways and didn’t take things personally. I was able to give myself space to gain perspective and really take in the beauty of what was around me rather than focusing on the ‘negative’. Your Christmas gift is priceless.

Boy did i need to read this today rosaleen, thank you Really enjoying everyday the reminders of checking in. I’ve found they really helped me to slow right down and only do what serves me rather than all the ‘shoulds’ and ‘have-to’. Receiving healing is the icing on the cake.

I found the 12 days of Christmas excellent. I really enjoyed taking time out to read your words and receive your healing. It was lovely and I’m feeling good after it especially as I was distracted easily during the holidays. It is a great way to remind me to do my Reiki practice also.  Thank you

With the help of your 12 days of Christmas delivered to my inbox,  I have remembered that the universe will give me what I need and if I stay present I will always feel supported and find a way through. I started a bit late into the 12 days but I’ve been catching up in my own pace and enjoying all the words and prompts.

Just want to let you know how much I loved and appreciated your 12 Gifts. I spent some time yesterday reading back over all of them and writing down notes and quotes and creating a routine of meditation and mantra for myself. You have sent out such wisdom and beauty. Receiving Reiki everyday has shifted something for me. I am feeling calmer, centred and not getting pulled into ‘dramas’.

Thank you so much for your wonderful gift of reiki over the Christmas period. I am getting so much from it and I have just done today’s meditation which was enlightening. I have grown so much as a person since I met you 2 years ago and thinking back it feels like I was a different person. And even with that I feel I am still only at the very start of what I can discover about myself and all the possibilities before me. What I have learnt from you has been key to my progress. 


Who is it for?

This free gift is designed for everyone – you don’t need to know anything about reiki as there is so many other aspects to the offering. You can take as much time with the different themes each day or dive in anytime after the days – the tools & resources are yours even after the 12 days are complete.


You want to bring self care into your holidays

You want support during this time of year

You want tools & resources to review 2020 so you can take the best of it forward with you

You want to start the New Year aligned to you and your values

You want reiki healing to ‘hold’ you during this period

You wish to cultivate self love and compassion

You want to learn how to manage your energy, thoughts & emotions better

You want to connect to your inner peace, joy & wisdom

You want to feel connected to yourself and not get lost in the busyness

You want to integrate more ritual and ceremony into your life

You want to nourish your thirsty soul

Frequently Asked Questions
Do I need to know anything about Reiki?
No. This offering is open to everyone no matter what stage of life they are at. We can all do with extra support around the Christmas period as their is sometimes so much pressure for it to be a certain way – perfect, happy, family all together and a tree full of presents. These are things that are not possible for everyone. There will be healing, soul prompts, meditations, articles, videos & rituals so you can pick and choose what resonates.
Can I choose not to have the Reiki Healing?
Of course. It’s your choice. There is plenty of other tools and resources for you to gain from the 12 days of Reiki event – meditations, ritual, journaling, creativity etc… The reiki healing is there for anyone who wants to receive. If you don’t wish to receive that is perfect.
What kind of themes can I expect?
I like to keep the themes a surprise to each day. Last year topics included self care, boundaries, end of year ceremony, intention setting etc… It will be all new content this year even though some topics will be explored again – in new ways!
How do I access the Free 12 Days of Reiki?
Sign up with your name and email. That’s it. Then each day from the 25th December you’ll receive an email with all the details & information.

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