The four directions medicine doll

The Four Directions Medicine Doll


The Four Directions spirit doll has access the wisdom, teachings and inner knowing that may come through walking with and through the four directions. She stands at the centre of the directions, with her clear sight she is able to discern what direction is calling her, what medicine she needs at this moment.

She is strong and steadfast and carries a lightness within her being. She holds the 4 directions – the feather in her hair (air), the shell on her necklace (water), the plant medicine of mugwort, rosemary and lavender in her belly (earth) and the colors yellow and orange (fire).

Her dress is hand dyed madder root along with wool from Donegal. Her hair is undyed wensleydale locks. Her shawl is hand dyed linen with hand embroidery by Roseleen to represent the eternal light of the sun and soul.

If you’d like to pay in installments please just email me. The Spirit Doll will be posted upon receipt of the last installment.

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