New Year to Cultivate Your Hearts Intentions.

A new year for me is about a new cycle, an opportunity to review and re-align to our hearts intentions especially if we’ve been pulled off track or got distracted by the busyness of life.

  • Are you sick of seeing ‘New Year, New You’ everywhere at this time of year?
  • Are you coming up with New Years resolutions that are ‘shoulding’ all over you… you should be thinner, you should be in a relationship, you should have a house, you should have kids, you should *fill in the blank*?
  • Are you sick of hearing from the media that you aren’t where you ‘should’ be, that you maybe haven’t been doing enough, working hard enough etc?
  • Are you getting caught up in the comparsion cycle thinking everyone else has got it sorted (little secret – they don’t!)?
  • Have you forgotten what are the things you actually WANT to experience and create space in your life?
  • Have you forgotten that your visions are co-created with source /energy / spirit / all that is – whatever you believe in?

Remember a lot can happen in a year


  • Setting your intentions from a place of love and a space of acceptance of yourself and where you are.
  • Knowing you are worthy as you are now. That you can want to do things differently and grow this year but you don’t have to do it by beating yourself up.
  • Consciously creating your intentions, your 2018, your life
  • Being excited for your intentions for the cycle ahead rather than rehashing last year list that gathered dust
  • Focusing on a few heartfelt intentions rather than a massive list of things you feel you have to do!
  • Feeling open and receptive than weighed down by your vision

Each year is another opportunity for you to get to know yourself.


For me, this is the most important journey we can undertake.

In this free booklet, you will be guided to journey into what is important to you for this new cycle, what would you like to experience and feel, what word or theme would you like to bring in for 2018.

This is about taking some time to go within and see where your heart & soul wishes to guide you.

You don’t have to keep doing things the same old way – these pages are where you get to choose how you wish to interact with the yourself, family, friends & the world around you. You can use these pages as a start over or to fine tune aspects of your life.

Remember not all seeds planted this year have to blossom in 2018. Some may be in a longer cycle where you tend to them throughout the year and it could be 2 or 5 years before they full bloom and are ready for harvest. Feed them, nurture them, adjust them and let them follow their own cycle too.

Tap into the wisdom of your heart and be curious to what arises…


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