Medicine Dolls

A doorway to deepening your connection to your inner spirit

Open to Enchantment

A powerful companion to support you in your personal transformation. All you have to be is curious. To hold within your hands a Sacred Medicine Doll is to remember and reawaken something deep within your being – the wisdom of your soul.

The Medicine doll opens a doorway to deepening your connection to your inner spirit. A reflection of your own inner soul. She holds space for you to connect to parts of yourself that you have forgotten, left unclaimed or disconnected from.

Your Own Healing Companion

The medicine doll can teach you how to hold yourself through life – with a loving, compassionate embrace. A guide to walk alongside you sharing healing, wisdom and medicine. She serves as inspiration, encouragement and a reminder of what you need at this moment.  

Whatever your intention, a doll is a powerful companion supporting you in your personal transformation.

Sacred Medicine dolls can call to you at anytime and are often chosen to:

A doll with long dreadlocks and green hair.

Weaving magic

A little piece of soul

Each Sacred Spirit Doll is handcrafted and carries within unique energies and qualities which are available to sustain, inspire and enliven within you as you walk the path of life. It is to be treasured and can be handed down from one person to another weaving ancestral remembrance and growing in its power.

A spirit doll carries within its belly a medicine bundle of healing (herbs, nature items, crystals etc) – chosen as medicine for the wearer. It holds your hopes, dreams and wishes. To hold space for whatever wishes to be in and on your spirit doll to come through. 

When you hold your Spirit Doll in your own hands, you get to grow in relationship to this doll, enlivening her medicine with your energy and attention. The beautiful gift of whispering your dreams and wishes to it, asking it for help or just holding it and receiving. 

All you have to be, is curious.

The doll is the symbol of what lies buried in humans that is numinous. It is a small and glowing facsimile of the original Self. Superficially, it is just a doll. But inversely, it represents a little piece of soul that carries all the knowledge of the larger soul-Self.
Clarissa Pinkola Estes

Reclaiming Your Magic

Creating Medicine Dolls is a magical process and bringing them to life is a joy.

It’s a space where my passions merge – energy healing, plant medicine, handwork, creativity, inner child and ancestral connection and playfulness. I was an artistic and creative child until ‘I grew up’ and placed it all to the side. Finding myself in burn out, I turned back to craft again under the tutelage of Julia, Sacred Familiar.

Creating medicine dolls for myself is a spiritual practice, a place to reclaim lost aspects of myself and awaken archetypal energies to help me grow and heal. It was one of the few places during burnout where pleasure, rest and ease were available at that time.

Crafting with my hands, connects me to my ancestors who worked with their hands through the land and craft. It opens doorways to magical realms and wisdom.  I step into simplicity and the mind drops away. There is nothing left to do but be present.

I believe the Medicine Dolls open realms to healing, inspiration, creativity and joy. Qualities that we too easily lay down when we ‘grow up’.

A doll with a red cloak and a necklace.

Custom Made Medicine Dolls

It’s a joy to create Spirit Dolls for individuals who desire to hold a custom medicine doll to support, guide, heal, enliven, awaken and nourish them.

A doll with a red dress and a dog on a string.

1. Intention Setting

Once booked, you will receive a questionnaire for completion so you can share your specific wishes and intentions for your doll.

2. gathering the medicine

There may be themes, energetic qualities that you would like to be honored. You may wish to have some small personal items included in the medicine bundle (inside the belly of the doll) such as herbs, crystals, strips of cloth that may have been handed down and loved. Small items that have significant meaning for you or charms you would like woven in or included on the adornment of the spirit doll make a magical addition to your doll.

I’ll always do my best to meet these needs but to also surrender to the medicine doll’s wishes. By doing this, I truly allow the medicine doll that is for you to emerge rather than what 'we' think it should be. This way, it will be a doll filled with medicine, energy and magic.

You may not have any items you wish to include so I will allow the spirit doll to birth itself into being.

3. Creation Process

As I craft the medicine doll I listen for the spirit of the doll that wishes to be held by you and to guide you. Much of the work is intuitive, deeply listening to my creative self and the spirit of the doll that wishes to come through, as well as weaving in your intentions.

4. Blessing

Once the piece is completed, I work with my guides and ancestors to bless the piece and fully make it yours. With thanks to the wisdom teachings of Shamanic Energy Training ® for the energetic, ritual magick and plant spirit weaving.


Kind Hearted Words

Medicine Doll Shop

A limited number of Spirit Dolls are released every few months. Listen to your heart and feel into what Spirit Doll calls to you and wishes to be of service to you in your life. I create these spirit dolls in the hope they will serve as guides to your own innate wisdom, will attune you to your own true north, teach you to listen to the wise elder within and to feel supported by your ancestors.

the serpent medicine doll

The Serpent Medicine Doll

The Four Directions Medicine Doll

The Dreamer Medicine Doll is standing in a field of bluebells.
The Weavers Apprentice Medicine Doll with long hair and horns sitting on a tree.

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