My mentoring sessions will take you deeper into your awareness and presence of your energy, your intuition, and your life. They provide support to meet the challenges of fears, emotions, lack of clarity, uncertainty in an empowering way as you move towards creating the life you desire.

I know you have the answers within you – yet don’t believe it. Let me be your guide through this journey of transformation.

I did four mentoring sessions with Roseleen and what I got out of them was invaluable.  Having previously studied with three other Reiki Masters I cannot recommend Roseleen’s way of teaching enough.  She is kind, knowledgeable, and goes over and above to answer questions.   My Reiki practise and teaching are at a whole new level, after these few months working with Roseleen.  The way she explains Reiki is simple yet powerful.  Connecting the system of Reiki back to its Japanese roots deepened my practice and understanding.  I have more confidence in my own practice and my teaching and courses have a stronger foundation to them.   It finally all makes sense!  Thank you Roseleen for showing me a way of teaching that brings joy back into the practice. 

Sandra Lynds

The Pathway

During this deeply supportive mentoring program, I hold space for you to unravel and totally open your heart and your mind. Together we navigate your internal body, your emotions, your purpose, and most importantly your self worth. I intuitively guide you through breaking free from old belief systems and reawaken you to your own authentic truth…

Reiki Mentoring

During the reiki mentoring sessions, I create a container for you to dive deeper into reiki as a spiritual practice. Together we will expand your reiki self practice and your capacity to hold space for others in reiki sessions / teaching. We tailor the sessions to your needs whether it’s practicing reiki personally, creating your professional practice or starting to teach reiki…

The Thirsty Soul

Roseleen McNally

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