Okuden Reiki Level 2

Deepen Your Reiki Practice

Reiki Level 2 invites you to connect further to the healing power within you and deepen your experience of the system of Reiki as you continue to bloom from within.

Are you ready to build on the foundations you created in Reiki Level 1? Reiki Level 2 is an opportunity to begin to open yourself to trusting yourself and the reiki energy whether that is in self treatments, treating others and in your day to day life.

As we move from the ‘structure’ of Shoden Reiki Level 1 into the flow of Reiki Level 2, we also explore on a deeper level what healing means to us. The integration of the heart-mind, the balancing of our logical and intuitive mind, the embodiment of our practices and an ability to move from duality (light / dark; right / wrong; positive / negative etc) towards a place of curiousity where we drop the labels and open ourselves to wholeness.

The more you practice Reiki, the more you’re able to peel away the heavy and limited layers that can accumulate from living life and prevent you from connecting fully to your true nature.

Reiki Level  2 course focuses as always on self – healing, increasing your awareness of the power of Reiki, introduction of symbols and practising reiki professionally/personally with an emphasis on practical learning so you can get more ‘hands on’ reiki experience and grow in confidence.

On completion of this Reiki course you will be able to continue to treat yourself and family and friends to the gifts of reiki and you may notice a change in the energy of the treatment. Officially, this level is required if you’d like to practice Reiki professionally (and ethically), but many students choose Reiki 2 simply to enhance their own inner power and healing ability.

Above all, during this course I invite you to experience the spark, feeling of your true self beneath all the ‘stuff’ that life holds – to tap into the peace, calm, compassion, silence, stillness, happiness, love and excitement within.

To remember that true connection within as we get to meet ourselves each day as if for the first time.

What will you learn:

Okuden is a Japanese word meaning ‘the inner teachings’ or ‘hidden teachings’. It is the second level of teachings in the traditional Japanese branch of Reiki called Usui Reiki Ryoho. Inner means we turn our attention to what’s hidden inside ourselves. The training teaches you how to connect to Earth and Heaven energy, which are the first steps in exploring our integration with the universe. Both of these energies are the foundations to becoming fully integrated with Reiki.

The 2 days training and follow up support are deeply experiential, giving you direct and  practical experience leading to an inner understanding of energy. My teaching draws heavily on the deep roots of Reiki which originate with Usui and Japanese Buddhism (Usui Reiki Ryoho).


3 reiki initiations (reiju) which deepens your healing ability and connection to your true self


Learn 3 Reiki symbols & mantras (We focus on the Traditional Usui Symbols & Mantras but I will also share the 4 additional symbols that are frequently taught in the West)


Traditional Japanese meditations to boost and cultivate your energy


Discover the traditional and modern meanings and uses for the symbols as the teachings evolved through Dr. Usui, Mr. Hayashi and Ms. Takata.


Learn how to share Reiki treatments at a distance


Explore on a deeper level the Reiki Precepts as the foundation of the System of Reiki


Learn and practice Byosen scanning so we can truly begin to trust and surrender to reiki i.e. so we can get out of the way and let magic unfold


Practice self treatments using the knowledge of the symbols and begin to see the flexibility of your practice


Learn more about best practices for you to develop as you continue to self treat and treat family, friends or clients e.g. grounding; cleansing yourself, setting up a sacred space etc


Tools to practice Reiki professionally


How to incorporate Reiki practice into other modalities


Practical reiki treatments experience using the symbols, distance healing and byosen scanning

Along with having 2 days of reiki theory and hands on practice, you will leave with:

Your Comprehensive Okuden Reiki Level 2 Manual

Guided Reiki Self Practice MP3 for use at home

Your Okuden Reiki Level 2 Certificate

A practice plan to keep your self practice going after the class.

An Online 2 hour follow-up after the Course

Case studies: 4 hands on treatments, 4 distant healing treatments to be completed within 6 months.

Optional - Join the Reiki Sanctuary for continued practice

Optional - Access to reiki mentoring as most of the questions happen later on when you practice on your own

When we can offer healing to ourselves and others from a place of compassion, non-judgement, connected to our hearts and allow ourselves to step out of the way then that is where magic can happen.

Reiki Level 2 is a stimulating and comprehensive workshop which will give you a very thorough understanding of how to work with energy at this more advanced level.

You will also learn how to develop your intuition and give distant treatments, and a variety of effective new ways of using Reiki to improve every aspect of your life, as well as how to give deeply healing and effective treatments to others.

You will learn how to focus Reiki energy in powerful new ways to help specific mental and emotional challenges, distress in yourself and others, to clear negativity / trauma from the past and from your physical environment, to change beliefs, habits and behaviour, to enhance relationships and personal / work circumstances (both yours and those of others), and to influence future concerns / plans / situations for good.

Reiki Level 2 is the next step to take if you are interested in strengthening the energy you are channeling to help support yourself and others and/or if you would like to focus on making more specific changes in any area of your life.

The two days are tailored to the energy of the group and there is plenty of time for discussion or questions as they arise.

Reiki does not come from your hands, it comes from your heart ~Kathleen Prasad

What are the benefits in learning Reiki?

It connects you with your own innate self healing ability.

The most beautiful thing is it helps you in being more of ‘you’ i.e. you feel more like yourself.

An empowering way to take care of yourself, enabling you to connect with your inner wisdom and find true health.

Supports you to become more grounded and centred so you can learn to ride the ‘waves’ of life in a different way and trust life.

If you are sensitive person (empathetic) reiki can support you in managing your own energy levels rather than feeling drained, ‘like a sponge’ or overwhelmed by all that is going on within them and in their outer world. It’s like a salve for your sensitive nervous system!

Your daily self practice helps to feel calmer, more aligned, balanced, connected and practice self love. Reiki meets you exactly where you are at, and opens the doorway to the support you most need at that time.

You’ll have this healing practice for the rest of your life and Reiki can become a significant source of inner support in your daily life. The magic is the more you use it, the stronger it is – just like any muscle you exercise!

Supports you to be more present and therefore let go of worries and invites in calmness and peace.

Can help you to develop more compassion to yourself and others as you open your heart to the world around you

Guides you to recognise fear for what it is, listen to it’s wisdom and your inner guidance so you can move through it with strength.

Everyone is intuitive; reiki helps you to awaken and strengthen your own intuition so you can make decisions and choices that are more aligned with your truth, your life and your purpose.

Helps you to sleep better and feel more at peace.

Kind Words from Reiki Level 2 Students

I cannot tell you any spiritual truth that deep within you don’t know already. All I can do is remind you of what you have forgotten ~ Eckhart Tolle

Both of my reiki 1 and 2 workshop experiences with Roseleen have been beyond my expectations. Roseleen brings a great blend of teacher and healer to her workshops in a very accessible, authentic and down to earth way. You get all the amazing transformative benefits of reiki in the company of a warm, open and highly intuitive teacher. She has an amazing gift which she shares so generously and I’m very grateful to have had Roseleen as my teacher.

I did Reiki level 2 with Roseleen and I am really happy of my choice. Roseleen is an brilliant teacher and even better an amazing lovely person. She is very helpful before, during and after the course. I felt a big change in my own energy and people around me also notice the effects that reiki is doing and i can see that my own changes are giving a great benefit in everyone that surrounds me, which is absolutely magic, and amazing. Thanks a million!

Reiki level II far exceeded my expectations. Roseleen’s down to earth approach is refreshing and her teaching flows with clarity and depth. It was a positive and powerful experience on every level. I’m still feeling the benefits of it week’s later. I felt incredibly supported, comfortable and cared for throughout the course. Roseleen is lovely and welcoming, as well as being an excellent teacher and communicator. I would have no hesitation in contacting her with any questions that arise in my reiki practice in future, and this is something I find very comforting.

Upcoming Okuden Reiki 2 Course

Date: Sat & Sun, 24th & 25th September 2022

Time: Sat 10.30am – 5 / 5.30pm and Sun 10am to 5pm

Investment: €325 (Non-refundable deposit €100) / Refreshers €250

Class Number Limit: 6 – 8 people so it’s an intimate and personal teaching weekend

Venue: Ballygortagh, Summerhill, Co. Meath A83 RC65

Pre-requisite: You must be qualified in Reiki Level 1 from any lineage to attend

We don’t practice Reiki to get better at Reiki. We practice Reiki to get better at ‘being’. ~ Frans Steine

Is this course for you?

All of my reiki courses are designed so that anyone can benefit from the material presented. In order to attend, reiki level 2 you need to have completed  reiki level 1 (with myself or another teacher). Please note, I teach from the traditional japanese lineage so there will be some differences. Having trained in both, I will support you to see how they weave. There is a minimum wait period of 6 weeks between reiki level 1 and level 2. The class material is helpful for professionals such as medical practitioners, nurses, massage therapists, complimentary health practitioners, physicians, or anyone interested in healing themselves or who wish to use Reiki for spiritual growth, or to help family, friends and for the student’s self-healing. The course is also geared for those who are interested in undertaking the course to become reiki practitioners.

Finding the Right Reiki Level 2 Course for You

When you have decided to start your Reiki journey it is important that you choose a teacher that is right for you. Therefore I offer potential students a discounted Reiki treatment to discuss my approach so you can decide whether the timing is right for your adventure with Reiki to begin. If you are interested in the course but have never had a reiki treatment before, I would advise having at least 1 treatment before the course so you can experience the benefits of reiki for yourself. Please contact me for more information; call 086 889 8433 or email [email protected]

I have done Okuden / Reiki Level 2 before but I am feeling like I would like to repeat it with you, can I do that?

Of course you can! You can attend the 2 day course. No two reiki teachers are the same, even if they come from the same lineage as every teacher will teach Reiki based on their own personal experience so there is always benefit from learning from different teachers and lineages. There are many reasons why students come and repeat reiki level 1. I often have students coming to repeat that have either trained under another lineage or have done the training years ago and are wanting a refresh. Then there are those who are maybe interested in teaching reiki and would like the experience of seeing how others teach.  You are not being ‘re-attuned’ as you always have reiki within you but the initiation / attunement will give you a consciousness boost where ever you are at, so it will only build on your existing foundation.

Your Reiki Teacher, Roseleen McNally

I have been teaching reiki since 2009 and my love affair with it began way before then. No matter what else I have trained in, I always come back to the beauty and simplicity in Reiki.

I am trained in both the Western and Japanese teachings which both originate from Mikao Usui.

Having studied from two lineages – Usui Shiki Ryoho & Usui Reiki Ryoho provides me with a broad, balanced and authentic view of the system of Reiki

I continue to deepen my knowledge, understanding and experience through additional Reiki trainings which I love to share with my students once I’ve integrated the teachings for myself.

My teaching is grounded, practical with plenty of emphasis on theory and developing your own personal practical experience.

Reiki continues to guide and teach me even after all these years as there is always the potential to go deeper into the teachings and practices of reiki.

I hope to create a space for you to truly experience the healing and spiritual growth reiki can offer you.

Reiki Level 1 with The Thirsty Soul

My Reiki courses:

  • are straightforward, comprehensive, professional and offer a wonderful opportunity for personal growth and development.
  • are suitable for those wanting to work as a therapist as well as those for whom Reiki is for personal use.
  • cover everything you need to be able to treat yourself and others safely, effectively and professionally.
  • involve lots of hands on practice so you get to grow in confidence with giving self treatments & treating others.
  • includes plenty of time for sharing experiences and for your own personal healing.
  • have a good dose of play, laughter and curiousity as you begin to sense reiki.

Frequently Asked Questions about Reiki Level 1

I have done Reiki Level 1 before but would like to refresh / retrain it with you, can I do that?

Of course you can! You can attend the 2 day course at the refresher rate.

No two reiki teachers are the same, even if they come from the same lineage as every teacher will teach Reiki based on their own personal experience so there is always benefit from learning from different teachers and lineages.

There are many reasons why students come and repeat reiki level 1. I often have students coming to repeat that have either trained under another lineage or have done the training years ago and are wanting a refresh.

Then there are those who are maybe interested in teaching reiki and would like the experience of seeing how others teach.

You are not being ‘re-attuned’ as you always have reiki within you but the initiation attunement will give you a consciousness boost where ever you are at, so it will only build on your existing foundation.

Who am I able to treat after Level 1?

Reiki Level 1 is where we learn the importance of healing ourselves i.e. committing to our reiki self practice. Reiki is a path to rediscover our own inner self-healing power, which when practiced, can create a certain radiance of healing around us, from which others can benefit.

It is through healing ourselves that we can notice that our relationships with our family, friends, work and life begin to shift even though we haven’t given them a reiki treatment. That is the beauty of Reiki, as we open our hearts and our minds we begin to interact with the world around us differently.

However, after Level 1 you can treat family, friends and pets to the magic of reiki. Just don’t forget yourself!

When can I do Reiki Level 2 or Level 3?

The weekend provides a strong foundation for your reiki self practice on which you can build after the course (and add to if you choose to attend Reiki  Level 2 or Reiki Level 3 further on your path).

There is no obligation to continue to Level 2 as for some people Reiki Level 1 is all they want for their self healing.

The time between the courses is as unique as the individual. Please remember there is no hurry. The most important thing is the integration of each levels teachings and your own personal experience of reiki through treating yourself and your family / friends if you wish to share it with them.

Per the RFI, the minimum wait period is as follows:

Between Level 1 and Level 2 – 6 weeks

Between Level 2 and Level 3 – 12 weeks

What Ongoing Support do Your Offer Students?

The role of a Reiki teacher is very important to me. I want to be a part of your Reiki journey and not just at the beginning of it.

I am available for any questions or support face to face, by phone or if you would prefer by email.

I provide continued learning with Reiki shares, Reiki days, workshops and retreats. All with the aim to offer a space to deepen your reiki understanding, experience and practice whether you use reiki for personal growth, practice is professionally or teach it.

Roseleen is also available for one to one reiki mentoring, this can be a great way to deepening your learning or adjust your practice etc.

Refund / Transfer Policy

A lot of energy & time goes into creating the space and material for my reiki courses. As the course is limited to 6-8 the deposit for the course is non-refundable.

Your deposit can be transferred to the next course if 14 days notice is provided prior to the commencement of the course.

I thank you for honoring my time and commitment to providing all students with an excellent level of training and support.

The Thirsty Soul

Roseleen McNally

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