Celebrate the Flowering of Your Soul Ceremony

Are you ready to nurture the flowering of your soul and embrace the richness of life that surrounds you?

Life is a gift to be celebrated. All of life is to be celebrated, the highs, the lows and everything in between. This is more than just an “attitude of gratitude.” It’s about opening yourself to receiving the blessings, the wonder and awe which can feed your spirit no matter where you find yourself. It’s about allowing yourself to be touched by the beauty of the world so you can feel more alive and abundant.

In this intimate in-person alchemical ceremony guided by Roseleen and the plant spirit Lady Lavender, we’ll reflect upon and celebrate our personal harvests, exploring how they can provide sustenance and inspiration for the continued growth of our souls, as we prepare for the introspective months ahead.

Through guided rituals, shamanic drumming, meditation, reiki healing and earth-based practices, you will receive blessings and gifts that will nourish your heart, allowing you to experience a life that feels deeply fulfilling, nourishing and expansive.



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