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Sacred Completions at Autumn Equinox Ceremony

Step forward with clarity to expand into new possibilities. This is your invitation to join me on the autumn equinox for an intimate in-person ceremony as we honor endings and completions so you can clear the path for a more vibrant and alive version of yourself.

Experience the sacred beauty of completions. 

In this in-person alchemical ceremony, we’ll meet at a place of curiosity, appreciation, compassion, forgiveness, and love to uncover insights and growth as you experience  reflection, release, transformation, and completion

Every transition holds a sacred blessing. By tending to what needs to fall away, you clear the path for a more vibrant and alive version of yourself to emerge.

Compost the past to fertilize your future. 

Join me for this intimate ceremony on the Autumn Equinox, with me as your guide, we’ll explore what’s asking to be released, creating a sacred space to honor the completions so you can step into the fullness of who you’re becoming.

With guided rituals, immersive shamanic drumming, transformative meditation, gentle reiki healing and grounded earth-based practices, you’ll liberate the energy needed for creation through rituals of release, composting and clearing. By tending the completions, you’ll emerge renewed and ready to meet the opportunities awaiting you.


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