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The Dreamer Medicine Doll

The dreamer medicine doll carries within her mugwort and wormwood to help awaken your imagination and dreaming. Dreaming is not just for night but to dream while you are awake, to dream yourself into being. Opening you to the potential and possibilities that are humming on timelines. To recall your dreams, gifts and talents. The dreamer will guide you into allowing yourself to dream, to open your heart to the magic of life.

Hold her in your hands and notice how she speaks to you.

Her hair is undyed dartmoor locks with madder root highlights and her dress is made from merino and cashmere. She has a white mother of pearl crescent moon as she works her magic with the moon as her guide. Her staff has a clear quartz crytal for clear sight and bells for protection. She is an antlered one. She is wrapped in her pink linen cloak.


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