The Grandmother Blue Lotus Medicine Doll

A guardian of blue lotus, she carries within her blue lotus flowers which she gathers under the phases of the moon. Blue lotus opens pathways to serenity, peace and wisdom. A symbol of rebirth and the cycle of life, it supports you in dreaming and awakening your intuition.

The turtle, a guide reminds her of the endless well of energy gifted by the element of water that is nourishing and helps her connection to all things. She is deeply connected to the element of water. Turtle whispers to take your time and honor all of life. Move deliberately with your words, growth and actions so you can access the deeper well of ancient wisdom.

Her hair is natural white faced dartmoor locks hand dyed with silver tips. Around her waist is a belt with three polished grey crystal quartz. Her dress is made from merino cashmere and silk. Her staff a gift from nature. Her bag carries the symbol of the moon.


Sold out!


Sold out!
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