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The Nettle Elder Medicine Doll

She carries within her nettle, a most nutritious and healing plant. The elder knows it carries the magic of Mothering as within her is a bounty of nutrition as nettle provides the building blocks to be a healthy & strong individual. The Nettle elder carries the transformation that can occur through nurturing and self-worth. Nettle wakes the body up (remember it’s sting) after a long winter – so it can wake you up from any slumber you may find yourself in. She stands with you in any transition, helping you to choose how you are going to pull yourself through the void / the slumber / the endings / the lethargy and into being. The Nettle Elder awakens the new and welcomes creative things into your lives.

A key hangs from her waist as she holds the ability to unlock the secrets within. Her shawl has a harvest pin to represent the every growing richess of life that is available when you connect to yourself and your creative force.

Her hair is hand dyed teeswater locks. She carries a crystal at her hear to allow her energy to pour forth into the world. Her dress is made from merino cashmere and silk from Donegal.


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