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The Weavers Apprentice Medicine Doll

The Weavers Apprentice Medicine Doll is a sweet doll who is learning under the tutelage of the Ancient Weavers. She is remembering how to weave the threads of life, to hear the singing of the web of life in her blood. To know when to act and when to pause. She listens, watches and keeps all her sense open so she can receive from her teachers. The spider at the centre of the spiral is her guide as a weaver of her own fate as she weave words, stories and purpose into the fabric of life.

She is an antlered one, carrying within her the lineage of the deer folk. She carries within her mugwort to support her visionary gifts.

The turquoise around her neck supports her to let your true voice flow. Her hair is from hand dyed milk protein fibre. She wears a bright Harris tweed cloak.


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