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  Uncover the Depth of Reiki

I adored reiki from the moment I received my first treatment where I felt my energy deeply shift. Learning reiki nourished me and teaching reiki expanded my capacity and invited me to delve deep into the System of Reiki. Through it all I was left with a lot of questions some of which I’m sure you’ve asked too – what I am meant to be doing with my mind? Was the chakra system really part of reiki? Why the big emphasis on protection? Did Usui work with angels, crystals and if not, how are they included now? What are the precepts really about? How do I teach in a way that is unique to me? How do I find my reiki voice? Where do Is start with a reiki business? And who the heck can I ask all these questions to?

You could just keep trying to sort it out yourself, but why not take the benefit of my experience to guide you. I’ve been practicing reiki professionally & teaching since 2008.

It was when I learned Traditional Japanese Reiki that things clicked – this was how I saw and experienced reiki. Reiki wasn’t something that was outside of me or channelled – I was Reiki and through practicing Reiki I remember this more and more.

There is only so much you can learn and digest in each Level of Reiki which is usually covered in 2 days. As most people in the West have studied reiki through the chakra system, my mentoring will support you to weave your Western Reiki Practices to the Traditional Japanese Practices which are based on the 3 diamonds. This will open doorways in your practice (self and other) and deeply impact your way of being in the world.




Having completed reiki training (Level1 , 2 or 3) and you are wondering ‘now what?’

Feel something is missing from your understanding, experience & practice of reiki.

Desire to deepen your daily self practice experience.

Have ‘fallen-off’ the self practice wagon and would like support in greating their reiki self care practice.

Have integrated your self practice but nervous about sharing reiki sessions with others.

Want to deepen your understanding of the Reiki symbols.

Interesting in exploring the Reiki system beyond hands-on healing (e.g. reiki meditation practices, chanting, reveal the layers of reiki through its Japanese spiritual roots).

Feel drained after sharing reiki sessions with others.

Wish to explore how reiki can support you with certain life situations.

You may be on your reiki journey and wish there was someone who could help guide you deeper into what is holding you back.

Interested in working professionally with reiki but feel stuck, going around in circles or don’t know where to start.

You desire clarification of practical reiki techinques.

You need assistance with particular clients and/or specific issues that clients present with.

You’ve set up your business and the reality of being a reiki practitioner has hit you – you are the accountant, the receptionist, the marketer, the website designer etc… it wasn’t what you expected and you’re feel disillusioned and need support to expand into your vision

You may already be walking your path but find yourself going around in circles, a call to go deeper or wondering why things still aren’t different, if you’re doing all this ‘self-development’ work.

You feel your reiki self practice / sharing reiki sessions with others has become complicated and want to come back to the simplicity of reiki.

Considering Reiki Level 2 or Reiki Mastership, but not sure if you’re ready for that level of commitment yet but want to deepen your healing practice?



Wish to explore reiki as a spiritual practice and not just hands on healing.

Interested in working professionally with reiki but feel stuck, going around in circles or don’t know where to start?

Your teaching of reiki feels ‘routine’, stale or stuck? It might be missing an important ingredient – you and your experience to make it your own rather than teaching by rote?

Feel you are teaching the same way as you did when you first began?

Starting to teach but don’t know how to start or have questions ‘How to teach X, layouts, manuals, what ifs, how to hold space, creating sacred space etc’

Wish to deepen your understanding and experience of the system of reiki (meditations, chanting, reju, symbols, the spiritual roots of reiki) so you can bring it into your classes?

Have completed Reiki 1, 2 or 3 training but know there is more to explore, experience and learn so you can deepen your connection to Reiki?

Wishes to learn more about themselves, their relationship with reiki / energy work, want support to navigate the tricky terrain of ‘walking your talk’?

Considering Reiki Mastership, but not sure if you’re ready for that level of commitment yet but want to deepen your healing practice?

Wish to set up a practice but are overwhelmed by all the other parts – branding, ethics, marketing, getting clear on your offerings, your style, voice, pricing, your location, policies, etc?

Have set up your practice but feel overwhelmed and don’t know what the next aligned step is?

Need assistance with particular clients and/or specific issues that clients present with in treatments or classes.

Curious about how to apply the teachings to yourself. A lot of aspects of reiki are taught firstly with the emphasis of applying it to others or outside of ourselves e.g. the symbols, mantras, distance healing, hands on healing but how can they expand our self practice?

Wish to know you’ve someone in your corner supporting you are you step up into practicing reiki professionally or teaching reiki.


Heal – Expand – Radiate

Benefits of Reiki Mentoring


Learn Reiki Meditation Practices to Quieten the Mind

Dissolve limiting beliefs that are holding you back from fully becoming the practitioner you are

Strengthen your intuition

Create road maps for you to expand your reiki practice (professionally / personally)

Increase creativity & inspiration around your practice & life

Learn to speak about reiki from your heart


Feel supported as your step out into sharing reiki publicly

Listen to your inner guidance how you wish to share reiki sessions or teach reiki

Support in moving through any blocks, fears or challenges you might be facing

Opportunity to practice techniques and treatments on Roseleen if you would like to

Guidance on any aspect of the system of Reiki, giving treatments & healing’s, holding space for clients & how to run sessions, business mentoring and developing your Reiki practice at home and in your business.



Explore the Japanese Spiritual Roots of Reiki – Chanting, Meditations, Reju etc

Learn Reiki Meditation Practices to Expand Your Energy

Reveal more of your true self in your life & business

Open to your full reiki potential

Remove stagnant energy around being ‘good enough’

Create from self love & acceptance

Deepen your spiritual practice

Align to your vision for life


I have spent over a year doing my Reiki practice and Magnified Healing and reading up on all the wisdom you impart about nature and energy. I now realise how equipped I have become and how much faith I have. It’s easy to read and practice and enjoy the loveliness of spirituality but when you are plunged into pain that’s when the connection shines brightest. ~ Jane

Just wanted to thank you for all your work Rosie. It’s had a hugh impact on my life. It’s hard to describe but your work is so powerful yet so subtle and gentle. Each time I leave I feel I’m better, brighter, lighter, more powerful version of myself. Thank you beyond words. ~ Maeve

You have been a huge part of my learning and growth during past six months Roseleen and I deeply appreciate it. I am in a very different place to this time last year. I feel excited about the year ahead and look forward to continuing this fabulous journey. ~ Sarah

Hi Rosie just wanted to say how much I’m feeling the benefits of the day. MAGICAL is not the word!! You have helped me restore all the good faith I had for reiki and I’m so excited to start using it now again. Thank you so much ~ Geraldine



Individual Session

Individual Sessions are 90 mins that can either be done in-person (in Blackrock, Co. Dublin) or virtually over Zoom.


Q&A / Reiki Training & Practices

Tailored study & practice plan


3 Mth Reiki Mentoring

The Reiki Mentoring Program can be done in-person (Blackrock, Co. Dublin) or virtually via zoom.

1 x 60 hr assessment and mentoring session

3 x 75 min mentoring sessions (tailored to your needs includes reju each session)

Email check ins


Discounts for the Virtual / Live Reiki Masterclasses & Monthly Gatherings during our time together

€575 (installment plans available)

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