Reiki – What is there to Fear?

I got such a lovely response from people about my last newsletter ‘What is Reiki’ that I decided to continue on with the thread this month.  As a teacher & practitioner of Reiki , I feel a deep responsibility that when we learn reiki we have a clear understanding of what it is, how to practice it confidently, how energy works but also learn to question what we are reading, learning and hearing about reiki.

I don’t want those who learn reiki with me to think exactly like me – I want them to think for themselves and learn from their experience of reiki. I will give examples, suggestions, hold discussions, be there for guidance, listen to other perspectives and do my best to answer questions but I also always say ‘find how reiki / healing fits into your map of the world at this moment’. Of course, your map might change (more than likely it will) and hey that’s ok! As your map changes, you get to decide what to put in it.

As a Reiki Teacher, I regularly get asked about when / when we can’t give reiki to ourselves or others. It’s always an interesting discussion as sometimes it depends on what we’ve read, been taught or heard through the grapevine!

Some Reiki Don’ts

  • Don’t do reiki on a broken bone – it will heal too quickly
  • Don’t do reiki on a cancer patient – it will give energy to the tumor
  • Don’t do reiki on someone who has low blood pressure – it will lower it
  • Don’t do reiki on pregnant women
  • Don’t do reiki on someone who has a pacemaker
  • Don’t treat insulin-dependent Diabetics
  • Don’t give too much reiki

And the list goes on…..

So if I believe Reiki is a method for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing and that it can do no harm why would I have a list of ‘Don’t do reiki when’… ? If I believe reiki is a source of love then how could it be dangerous? Most of the time we don’t check to see if this is true. We take it for granted that we wouldn’t be taught it if it wasn’t true! So ask yourself what is true for you?

Reiki is a healing energy and helps bring the body on all levels back into harmony and balance. You cannot have too much reiki. The reiki will flow to whereever it is needed within the system and the body will take whatever it needs. Our body knows when we have enough and it will stop flowing. Of course, there is always the effects of the body balancing itself on all levels after a treatment where we can feel tired, emotional, full of energy etc but these are all part of the healing process. As a friend of mine says you are stirring the soup everytime you have any form of healing so something has to rise to the top 🙂

I’ve attuned pregnant women to reiki (some didn’t even know they were pregnant at the time) and treated them before, during and after the pregnancy and have had the pleasure of practicing reiki with women who were going through the stages at IVF. It is a wonderful experience to share reiki with someone who is bringing another little individual into the world and to support them through the process. A reiki practitioner can treat themselves everyday during their pregnancy helping them with morning sickness, aches and pains and connecting with their unborn child – a beautiful gift I think.

What do your Believe?

Learn to question what you are taking on as a belief in your practice of Reiki. Does what you are learning make sense (of course I know if you are new to energy, then some of the terminology may be new to you and may stretch your belief system – that’s a good thing right?). Does your understanding of reiki constrict the practice of reiki rather than expand it.

Is there anywhere you feel confused in your self practice or professional practice? I’d love to hear from you….

For me I would suggest that we don’t do reiki when we are trying to convince a family member to have reiki as we feel they ‘need’ it or it would help them. At that point I would suggest stepping away. Let the person have a choice. They may not want reiki now but further down the road they may change their mind. Yet they may also never change it which is fine. As a reiki practitioner you have to be OK with people not wanting healing / not wanting to change etc. This is where our own self practice supports us to have compassion and understanding for other peoples choices.

If you are going through an extremely emotional period / upheaval I would suggest that you continue with your own self practice to support you but understand that you might need a little time to yourself before giving to another individual. How can we support another if we cannot support ourselves.

If you are concerned when treating someone use your commonsense e.g. with diabeties you can make sure they monitor their blood sugar before and after treatments (they will be monitoring it daily anyway), if you are not comfortable treating someone then refer them to someone else. Don’t feel you have to be a super hero 🙂

Reiki always work for the highest good of ourselves / client and will only balance what is needed. If you are unsure whether you can give reiki, simply quieten your mind and ask for guidance – let reiki guide you to the answer.

Be mindful but not fearful 🙂