Burn Bright
A Summer Solstice Ceremony

Lead, attune and create from the depths of your Soul

If you want to illuminate what you need to see, know and experience to support the evolution of your soul, this is your invitation.

You aren’t just here to heal – you’re here to become who you’re destined to be.

There’s a light inside your soul that’s eager to shimmer, shine and express itself. Yet, it’s too easy to dim that light as you fall into the deep sea of forgetting, losing sight of your true essence.

Your soul holds sacred messages that reveal timely truths for your life here and now.

When you remember and reclaim your soul wisdom, you’ll discover a rootedness and strength that will fill you with a sense of who you are and who you may become. 

Your radiant light will shine forth and act as your internal compass, guiding you home to unearth the ancient wisdom of your soul. It’s a place of remembrance, where you reclaim power, sovereignty and trust your inner authority. 

It’s time to commune with your light. To gather around it and celebrate its fullness. 

Join me in-person where I’ll guide you along a pathway of reconnection and ancient soul remembering. We’ll gather at the Summer Solstice – a time of celebration, joy and outward expression – to embrace the beauty and fullness of your soul. This opportunity is ripe with possibility, connecting you to your passion, your purpose and place in the world.

Do you hear the call to burn bright? Don’t ignore it, it’s calling to you.

Stay true to your soul

What if your soul was the driver in your life?

In a world of information overload, how do you discern your inner soul voice? When life demands your attention and it feels like you’re being thrown off course, it’s time to turn inward. By leaning into your soul, you trust yourself, shine your light, and share your gifts with the world. 

It takes courage and vulnerability to shine your light fully and blossom. But when, deep in your bones, you yearn to reveal your soul’s expression, you’re being guided to answer the call. To say yes and let the sun of summer solstice radiate its luminosity to ignite your own inner light and illuminate your path forward.

This opportunity is for you if:

  • You’re tired of dimming your brightness
  • You feel called to deepen your relationship with your soul’s wisdom
  • You’re done playing the role of the burnt-out, exhausted woman and want to feel revitalized
  • You sense a burning passion within and are curious about what action you can take to bring it into your world
  • You’re navigating significant changes or challenges and are yearning for practices that foster inner clarity 
  • You know there’s something more to life but struggle to find time to give space to that
  • You long to live a life more closely aligned with who you feel you are but feel held back from expressing it
  • You want to be held in a dedicated space to actually hear the guidance of your soul so you can embrace a sweeter life



Ceremony for the soul

What to expect

A shamanic ceremony is a powerful catalyst to see yourself and your life in a new light, opening up new possibilities for growth and transformation so you can remember who and what you truly are.

A place of healing and transformation that reveals inspiration, creativity, wisdom and clarity, this experience will guide you into communion with yourself, your soul and the sacred.

You’ll be gently guided to unearth the ancient wisdom of your soul through a tapestry of reflective tea ceremony, shamanic drumming / journeying, ritual magick, earth based practices and grounding reflections and integrations.

Enter into deep connection with the spirit of our plant ally, Blue Lotus regarded as a symbol of the sun as the flower closes at night and rises to open in the morning light. Blue Lotus, a wise and loving companion, helps you to receive spiritual guidance, transformative healing and divine inspiration. She elevates your consciousness and attune it to the highest spiritual mind to bless, support and nourish you in the ways that you need at this time of your life’s journey. 

It’s time to spread your wings and become the deep, soul connected woman you know you came here to be.

Roseleen McNally holding a Mala Naofa in her hands. Her shamanic medicine bundle.


Kind words from participants

A Summer Solstice Ceremony

Join us and burn bright

So you can receive personalized attention and support throughout this experience, space is limited to only 12 people. Expect deeper connections and a profound, transformative experience you’ll be so grateful you said yes to.

The ceremony is held within a Shamanic Energy Training® Template that weaves a multi-dimensional space of lasting transformation. These ceremonies are influenced by my training and mentoring with Sli an Chroi and Shamanic Energy Training. These ceremonies carry the wisdom gifted to me by life, my spirit team, the earth, and my ancestral lineage.

Early Bird

available until 7th June


Immerse yourself in the beauty and tranquility of our space in Aventine Gardens where nature surrounds us during our shamanic ceremony.

Where: Aventine Garden, Foxrock, Co. Dublin

When: Sunday 23rd June 2024, 10am - 1pm

What to bring: Your own yoga mat, a blanket and bottle of water

Includes all materials

Standard Price

Standard Price from 8th June


Immerse yourself in the beauty and tranquility of our space in Aventine Gardens where nature surrounds us during our shamanic ceremony.

Where: Aventine Garden, Foxrock, Co. Dublin

When: Sunday 23rd June 2024, 10am - 1pm

What to bring: Your own yoga mat, a blanket and bottle of water

Includes all materials

Your Guide

“Ritual & ceremony brings depth and beauty back to life; it opens our minds and hearts to what we once knew but have forgotten.”- Robin Wall Kimmerer

I remember what it’s like to be soul-thirsty. In my 20’s, I lost my way, listening to the expectations placed on me about who I was to be and become. As time wore on, frustration and anger became constant companions, yet I didn’t pause to understand their deeper meaning. Instead, I kept running from myself, chasing what I believed would bring joy, peace and perhaps some relief. 

It wasn’t until I embraced the inner work that I began to strip away the barriers that stifled my inner soul expression. Refining your soul connection is an ongoing journey of deep listening. The nourishment your soul seeks evolves as you grow through your own inner initiations, deepening the wisdom your soul reveals as you grow in relationship with it.

Today, my life is centered around soul connection, fuelling my which fosters curiosity, innovation, imagination, dreaming, and enchantment. These elements inspire me to transform even the most ordinary moments into opportunities for wonder and discovery. 

This is what I want for you too. Because I know it’s power and it’s glorious.

An immersive image capturing the therapeutic power of reiki healing as a woman's hands delicately hold a ring, nestled within the gentle currents of a serene stream.
Roseleen McNally, shamanic practitioner engaging in shamanic Healing deep in the woods.

Curious but uncertain?

If you’re intrigued about the power of this experience but not sure it’s for you, let’s have a chat to remove any worries and answer your questions.

A close up of a pink flower with a hint of reiki healing energy.
Green leaves on a dark background providing a serene atmosphere for reiki healing.

Where we gather together

Our healing space is held within the magical grounds of Aventine Gardens, a space dedicated to celebration, healing and growth.

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