Tend Your Creative Fire

Fan your flames of inspiration, passion, creativity and wisdom
in this intimate in-person alchemical ceremony.

You’re a keeper of sacred life force. A guardian of the vibrant energy that flows through you, connecting you to a wellspring of creativity, wisdom, and passion. Your creative voice, mind, expression, and soul don’t need to be forced. They need a space to unfurl where you can tap into your joyful creativity and keep the flame alive. 

Your entire life is a canvas of self-expression. Creative in your thoughts, actions, movements, words and artyou were born with a wild imagination and an insatiable curiosity. 

This is your creative fire. 

Yet, perfectionism, overwhelm, self-doubt and fear has choked your flames and you find yourself forcing, pushing and following the herd.

It’s time to remember you’re a natural born creator.

It’s time to remember you’re a natural born creator.

This is your invitation to join me for an intimate alchemical ceremony to rekindle your creative fire. Guided by the gentle spirit of Goddess Brigid and the snowdrop – the dynamic energies of fire and water – this ceremony will tend to your inner fire so you can emerge as a creative, passionate and powerful being. 

Through a tapestry of guided rituals, immersive shamanic drumming, soul exploration and grounded earth-based practices you’ll be empowered to weave creativity and inspiration into every aspect of your life.

We’ll come together at the Imbolc, for the first stirrings of spring after a long winter hibernation, to nurture your creative self as tenderly as one would care for a child. This is a gateway to become brighter, alive with possibility and connected to your inner magic. 

Snowdrop medicine to help expand your creative fire
A person holding a basket full of items.

Creativity: a way of being in the world

Harness the gifts of your creative fire

It’s time to let the flow of creativity, of wonder, of miracles that you hold inside yourself, come out. 

To set intentions around who you’d like to become and let your creative practice feed that emerging self.

Creativity isn’t just a skill or a talent; it’s a way of engaging with the world. It means expressing your deepest self, exploring the unknown with your mind, nurturing curiosity, and having the courage to see possibilities where others see limits. 

Let your creative practice shape who you aspire to be.

How often do you find yourself at a crossroads, faced with decisions? It’s in these moments that your creative essence becomes a guiding light. It reminds you that you have the power to transform your situation. 

By nurturing your soul’s fire, you reclaim your role as a creator of your life’s story. You shift from feeling that life is happening to you, to being an active architect, crafting your own narrative fuelled by your deepest aspirations.

You’re ready to birth your creative self

Flourish with your inner flame

It’s time to shapeshift the stories you’ve created around your creativity and ability to access your creative fire. You possess the power to gently untangle the knots that prevent you from shining your light in the world.

This ceremony is for you if you:

Embrace healing from our plant & spirit guardians

In the ceremony you’ll experience the profound healing, guidance and support of our plant allies snowdrop through a reflective tea ceremony. Snowdrops carry the vibration of renewal and hope reminding us that we are meant to embody and share our authentic expression in the world. 

Goddess Brigid, our guide at Imbolc, the keeper of the eternal flame, helps us in nurturing and protecting the seed of our creative spirit,  guiding us to forge our unique path forward.

Associated with both the elements of fire, symboliszing her perpetual flame, and water, represented by Brigid’s wells, she offers guidance in our creative journey. In our rituals, water will be used to stir our inspiration, intuition, and dreams, while fire will connect us to our passion, determination, and the resolve to bring our creative selves into fruition in the world.

A statue of st patrick in ireland is surrounded by a string of twigs.
Snowdrops on a dark background.

What you can expect

Ceremony is a powerful catalyst to remember who and what you truly are. It provides a bridge back to wholeness as it supports healing and transformation, allowing you to tap into the sacredness surrounding you. 

It’s a place that reveals inspiration, creativity, wisdom and clarity, guiding you into communion with yourself, your soul and the sacred. In shamanic ceremony, we work within a medicine wheel which enables the potential for expanded consciousness that ripples out into our life, our families and community. 

You’ll need your own yoga mat, a blanket, and bottle of water. Additional items may be required, however you’ll receive an email with further details ahead of the event. No previous experience or specific skills are necessary—this is a nurturing and inclusive event accessible to all.

Space is limited to 12 people to ensure an intimate gathering, as we weave a multi-dimensional space of lasting transformation. Influenced by my training and mentoring with Sli an Chroi and Shamanic Energy Training, these ceremonies carry the wisdom gifted to me by my spirit team, the earth, and my ancestral lineage.

Don’t miss this opportunity to claim your space in this transformative ceremony. 

Roseleen McNally holding a Mala Naofa in her hands. Her shamanic medicine bundle.


Kind words from participants

A Place of Enchantment

Join us and embrace a truly creative life

Group numbers will be limited to 12 people so we can maintain an intimate “nest” container and you can receive personalised attention and support, fostering deeper connections and a more profound, transformative experience

The ceremony is held within a Shamanic Energy Training® Template that weaves a multi-dimensional space of lasting transformation.
These ceremonies are influenced by my training and mentoring with Sli an Chroi and Shamanic Energy Training. These ceremonies carry the wisdom gifted to me by life, my spirit team, the earth, and my ancestral lineage.



Immerse yourself in the beauty and tranquility of our space in Aventine Gardens where nature surrounds us during our shamanic ceremony.

Sunday 28th January, 10am - 1pm

Aventine Garden, Foxrock, Co. Dublin

Includes all materials.

Your Guide

The most important thing is to hold on, hold out, for your creative life, for your solitude, for your time to be and do, for your very life; hold on, for the promise from the wild nature is this: after winter, spring always comes' Dr Clarissa Pinkola Estés

I believe there’s great beauty in giving ourselves permission to speak a new vision to life, reimagine past aspirations, open the door to wild possibilities, leave room for new information to come in and shape what you’ve already envisioned. To be creative with life.

Too often, we create solely from our minds, often influenced by outside perceptions, with little room left for soul. What if both could exist together, where the soul dreams and the mind helps to bring the vision to life. You get to experience flexibility rather than rigidity by sitting in counsel with your creative fire.

In my early 40s burnout brought me to my knees. I call those three years ‘living at the edge of the forest’ as I withdrew from life to recoup, and weed out the deep patterns of people-pleasing to redefine what a life lived well meant for me. It was a huge course correction. One that led me back to reclaiming my creativity, not just artistically.

My life is shaped around curiosity, innovation, imagination, dreaming and enchantment as they help me to forge a path that transforms even the most mundane moments into opportunities for wonder and discovery.

An immersive image capturing the therapeutic power of reiki healing as a woman's hands delicately hold a ring, nestled within the gentle currents of a serene stream.
Roseleen McNally, shamanic practitioner engaging in shamanic Healing deep in the woods.

Where we gather together

Our healing space is held within the magical grounds of Aventine Gardens, a space dedicated to celebration, healing and growth.

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