Visioning in the Dark

Retrieve your dream seeds of potential in this intimate alchemical shamanic ceremony. Choose to join in-person or online.

Imagine what it would be like to have a guiding symbol of your soul vision that you can return to over and over.

Winter is a time to move slowly and intentionally. It’s time to go within and dream so you can actively listen for the dream seeds that stir within. Whether it’s a new beginning, a longing for creative expression, or a retrieval of self, your soul knows what you need.

Let it lead the way.

This is your invitation to join me for an intimate alchemical ceremony guided by the plant spirit Blue Lotus and our guardian, An Cailleach as we let our deepest longings emerge.Through a tapestry of guided rituals, immersive shamanic drumming, soul exploration and grounded earth-based practices this ceremony will support your connection with your guiding vision and dream seed.

We’ll come together at the Winter Solstice, the darkest point of the year, to listen to our soul longings and embrace winter’s inspiration. Discover how to hold a clear vision and strong intention in your heart so you can be guided along life's path, ensuring you never lose your way.

Choose your visioning experience, either in person or online.

A Journey to Unearth Your Guiding Vision

Follow the pulse. Follow the spark.

In our ceremony, we’ll listen, dream and vision not from the mind but through the wisdom of our soul that speaks in metaphor, images, symbols, imagination and poetry. The dark days of winter hold the quiet place, this is the birthplace of all creation where you can find doorways leading into a vast landscape of possibility. 

I invite you to step through this doorway, quieten the external noise and drop deep within to hear the answers to: 

What’s my soul asking of me? 

What’s needed of me? 

What am I longing for?

It’s time for you to unearth your guiding vision, reweaving it into the rich tapestry of your life.

To let your future self pave the way and embolden you.

To rest in the mystery and trust that in the emptiness your tender vision will emerge.

To retrieve soul wisdom so you can flourish in your life

A woman practicing Shamanic Healing in the woods, utilizing a large drum.

A Soul-Fueled Vision

Enter into this ceremonial space, not with the intention of formulating goals or New Year’s Resolutions but to carry a soul-fueled vision in your heart that you can hold tenderly during the gestation of the winter months. 

At Winter Solstice, we get to stand still and ask ‘How do I wish to express myself in my world?’ ‘What energy do I wish to carry through into this cycle?’.

When you join us, you’ll experience a transformative journey to connect to your natural wisdom and attune to the rhythms of life so you can rest in this winter portal of metamorphosis and infuse your dream seeds with creative energy.

Our ceremony invites you to:

What you can expect

Ceremony is a powerful catalyst to remember who and what you truly are. It provides a bridge back to wholeness as it supports healing and transformation, allowing you to tap into the sacredness surrounding you. 

Experience the profound healing, guidance and support of our plant allies Blue Lotus, Lavender and Rose through a reflective tea ceremony. Blue Lotus opens the doors to dreaming, awakening the imagination to possibility. Lavender and Rose offer a softening and soothing balm as you nurture your dream seeds in the rich fertile soil. 

An Cailleach, our guide, will help you cut through the ‘shoulds, musts and oughts’ so you can receive your soul guiding vision.

You’ll need your own yoga mat, blanket, and bottle of water. Additional items may be required, you’ll receive an email with further details ahead of the event. No previous experience or specific skills are necessary—this is a nurturing and inclusive event accessible to all.

Space is limited to 12 people to ensure an intimate gathering, as we weave a multi-dimensional space of lasting transformation. Influenced by my training and mentoring with Sli an Chroi and Shamanic Energy Training, these ceremonies carry the wisdom gifted to me by my spirit team, the earth, and my ancestral lineage.

Don’t miss this opportunity to claim your space in this transformative ceremony. 

Roseleen McNally holding a Mala Naofa in her hands. Her shamanic medicine bundle.


Kind words from participants

A Place of Enchantment

Choose Your Visioning Experience

Group numbers will be limited to 12 people so we can maintain an intimate “nest” container and allow space for integration, sharing and feeling witnessed.

The ceremony is held within a Shamanic Energy Training® Template that weaves a multi-dimensional space of lasting transformation.
These ceremonies are influenced by my training and mentoring with Sli an Chroi and Shamanic Energy Training. These ceremonies carry the wisdom gifted to me by life, my spirit team, the earth, and my ancestral lineage.



Immerse yourself in the beauty and tranquility of our space in Aventine Gardens where nature surrounds us during our shamanic ceremony.

Sunday 15th December 2024, 10am - 1pm

Aventine Garden, Foxrock, Co. Dublin

Includes all materials and blue lotus tea ceremony. Alternative tea provided if you can’t drink blue lotus.

Your Guide

"Until the culture recognises the legitimacy of growing down, each person in the culture struggles blindly to make sense of the darkness that the soul requires to deepen into life." - James Hillman

I believe there’s great beauty in giving ourselves permission to speak a new vision to life, reimagine past aspirations, open the door to wild possibilities, leave room for new information to come in and shape what you’ve already envisioned. 

Too often, we create solely from our minds, often influenced by outside perceptions, with little room left for soul. What if both could exist together, where the soul dreams and the mind helps to bring the vision to life. You get to experience flexibility rather than rigidity by sitting in counsel with your vision. You allow your vision to guide you.

It’s time to pick up the undervalued gifts of dreaming, imagination, enchantment and visioning and invite in a willingness to be aware of yourself and what calls you onward. Let’s vision together knowing that doing so ripples out beyond ourselves.

A pink lotus flower on a dark background.
Roseleen McNally, shamanic practitioner engaging in shamanic Healing deep in the woods.

Where we gather together

Our healing space is held within the magical grounds of Aventine Gardens, a space dedicated to celebration, healing and growth.

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