Spirit Dolls

A Healing Companion

Open to Enchantment

A Spirit / Medicine doll is a magical handcrafted doll that carries deep healing, wisdom and medicine for it’s holder. Each doll holds unique energies and qualities that are available to support you in life. As I craft each doll I listen for the spirit of the doll that wishes to be a guide for you.

A spirit doll carries within it’s belly a medicine bundle of healing. It holds your hopes, dreams and wishes. The doll offers a portal to a deeper connection to your spirit, to the wisdom and healing that is offered by your doll for you to receive. It is a power companion that supports you in personal transformation.

I release a limited number of dolls every few months and I take a small number of custom orders for personal spirit dolls. There is also the opportunity to include a healing ceremony / session with your doll.

Spirit / Medicine Dolls

A limited number of Spirit Dolls are released every few months. Listen to your heart and feel into what spirit doll calls to you and wishes to be of service to you in your life. You can sign up to my newsletter to be notified of newly released dolls.

I also offer a number of custom made dolls – you can scroll below for more details.

Custom Made Spirit Dolls

It’s a joy to create Spirit Dolls for individuals who desire to hold a custom medicine doll to support, guide, heal, enliven, awaken and nourish them.  The doll is birthed to suit your needs and I always leave room for the spirit of the doll to emerge.

People are called to custom dolls for a multitude of reasons. Some being, to honor: transitions, potent ceremonies / rituals, solar returns, rites of passage. For others it’s to hold space and specific qualities on their altar or home or to bring healing to an aspect of themselves and their life.

Prior to beginning the creation process, you will can send me specific wishes / intentions for the doll. There may themes, energetic qualities that you would like honored or you may wish to have some small personal items included in the medicine bundle (inside the belly of the doll) e.g. herb, crystals, momentos etc. You may have some small items you’d like to include on the adornment of the spirit doll. I will always do my best to meet these needs but also surrender to the dolls that wants to come through for you.

You may not have any items you wish to include so I will allow the spirit doll to birth itself into being.