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Thank you for connecting with me. I’m honored you’re here…


It’s my dearest wish that you feel nourished on every level as you take the time to listen to the Meditation and tune into how you are feeling at any moment you listen to it.

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What to know more?…

If you’d like to know more about what I do and the trainings and events I offer, look below and click on the image to take you to it.

1-1 sessions


Give yourself the support you need to allow your body on all levels to come back into harmony through Reiki, Shamanism & Magnified Healing.

Reiki courses dublin


Take your health & wellness into your own hands through learning reiki. Learn to connect with your own innate wisdom through the power and beauty of reiki. .

Women's circle


Reconnect, awaken and nurture the feminine spirit within as we celebrate aspects of womanhood through ceremony, rites & community.

reiki mentoring


We can all do with some support. There’s beauty to be found in your own truth but you’ll never find it if you don’t learn to slow down and turn within for the answers.

online classes


From the comfort of your own home, follow the wisdom of your own natural cycles as we celebrate the awakening of the seasonal energies.

Women's circle


Download a meditation to help you to become grounded, access your inner wisdom, to feel supported and to shift your energy.

Book an Appointment

I am located at 55 Rock Road, Blackrock, Co. Dublin but I also take appointments via skype. Fill out my contact form and you can make an appointment.

Book A Workshop

Are looking to start or deepen your self healing journey and bring a supportive self practice into your life with Reik or Magnified Healing?

The Thirsty Soul

Roseleen McNally

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