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It’s time… Come Home to Yourself with Reiki

A specially crafted 21 Day online LIVE programme to help you reconnect with and refresh your daily reiki self practice in less than 20 minutes per day.

This is for you whether you are beginning a reiki practice, desire to get back on track or are a seasoned practitioner. The focus of the online program is to create and maintain a daily reiki self practice that nourishes, nurtures, empowers and replenishes you and your life.

Designed in delicious daily emails of wisdom, practical guidance, worksheets, self practice meditations & videos along with 3 deep dive LIVE calls, to guide you through every step.⠀

Thanks for the lovely course which is still doing me great good. The Heart of Reiki was one of the hightlights of this year I must say. ~ Vivien 

Does this sound like you?

You are attuned to reiki (any level and any lineage) and…

  • Long to reconnect, refresh or nourish a deeper connection with your reiki self practice
  • Wish to deepen your connection to the beauty of reiki and your inner wisdom
  • Want to increase your confidence in your reiki self practice
  • Desire to come back to the basics and create a strong foundation for moving forward
  • Want to create a simple reiki practice that you can easily integrate into your life that brings lasting results
  • Lack guidance and support to develop a consistent and effective reiki self practice

Do you remember your why?

Do you remember the day you learned reiki & received your reiki attunements?

The awe of feeling your own energy and realising you are so much more than a physical being. The sense that anything was possible. The relief of feeling lighter and brighter. Seeing yourself and others through ‘new’ eyes. The sense of hope and pure potential that was awakened within. The tears of joy of feeling a level of calmness in your being that you thought was gone forever. The space to hear your the still quiet voice within. The power igniting within you. The deep knowing that this was a new way of being, thinking and experiencing life.

Then something got in the way and your practice feel away.

It’s never too late to come back to your reiki practice – refresh, enliven and deepen it.

YOU are need. NOW is the time.

Never has there been a time where more people are needed to anchor the light and healing in their daily life.

Tap back into YOUR wisdom, power and healing. You are needed now. The world needs you now IN your wisdom, power and healing.


The Heart of Reiki

Transform your reiki self practice and develop a strong foundation that will support and sustain you for years to come.

This course cultivates your reiki self practice, self-discovery and healing. Each day, new content—video, written, and audio—is rolled out for you. I will hold 3 live webinars where we come together to self practice and answer your questions.

When you are initiated into any Level of Reiki you awaken the seed of Reiki / Universal Life Force Energy within you. This seed is cultivated and grown through your personal practice. Each time you lay our hands on yourself with the intention to heal, the seeds of your true nature,  are watered and begin to blossom.

This course is an invitation to tend to the power of Reiki within you, to re-awaken, renew and strengthen it.

Your Reiki Self Practice is at the Heart of Reiki.

This course is designed to support you to develop a self practice that works for you and fits into your life. It will infuse you with a renewed love and deeper understanding of your practice along with greater confidence in your skills as a reiki practitioner (personal or professional).

reiki symbol

If you are thinking of doing a reiki course, I highly recommend doing it with Roseleen, she loves what she does and you can feel this throughout the whole time. Reiki will enrich your life in many ways, and Roseleen will support you throughout your journey ~ Adele Buckley

 Join me in The Heart of Reiki if you desire to:

Create space for your daily reiki self practice that can weave into your day

Discover creative ways for practicing self reiki

Explore the roadblocks to your self practice

Discover the flexibility of your self practice and release 'rules' you've created around it

Receive healing through your self practice

Tools to focus your mind and your energy in your self practice and life

Remember the beauty of keeping your self practice simple and let go of it being ‘perfect’ or ‘correct’

Have support from an experienced teacher in live online webinars

Tend to the power of Reiki within you
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Why Practice Self Reiki?

As you cultivate balance in your body, mind and spirit
through the practice of reiki,
every aspect of your life is infused with vitality, happiness, balance and peace.

We practice reiki –  to get better at being our True Self, to get better at letting go of anger and worry,  to get better at bringing compassion and gratitude into our life.

The real embodiment and healing begins after your reiki training as so much is learned through the daily application of your reiki self practice. 

Your reiki self practice is the foundation from which all other benefits emerge. While even an ‘ad hoc’ reiki self practice will help you feel better, a consistent and daily practice is where you see the longer lasting benefits of reiki as healing can happen on a deeper level.

We practice reiki to create a haven amidst the demands of life, a space to refuel, to realign, to reconnect, to come back home to ourselves.

With The Heart of Reiki

You’ll create a daily reiki self practice to realign, to reconnect, to COME BACK HOME TO YOURSELF – a practice that will nourish you and your LIFE for years to come.

Here’s everything you’ll get when you sign up:

Easy to understand, simple to integrate practices

A practice that can fit into your day in 15-20 mins but also nourishes and supports you.

Easy-to-implement methods for a successful and disciplined practice

Experience different reiki practices and choose what ‘works’ for you. Learn to make your reiki practice something you get to do everyday rather than another thing added to the ‘to-do list’.

14 training modules

Info-packed sessions that are intended to walk you through creating, maintaining and developing a reiki self practice that will continue to deepend.


Downloadable PDF’s

The material shared will give you structure, guidance, with easy-to-follow steps to make your self practice something you WANT to experience.

3 LIVE Group Practice & Guidance Calls with Roseleen

Your chance to get guidance from me and keep the momentum as you move through the course. A space to practice together, receive reju and ask your reiki questions.

The live webinars will also be recorded so you can work through the course at your own pace.

9 Guided meditations that are yours to keep to develop your practice

Custom meditations to guide you through various reiki practices to deepen your understanding of yourself, your life and reiki.

Unlimited access to the program

All call recordings, video MP4 files are downloadable. You can revisit them as often as you like, as you continue your reiki self practice.


Roseleen’s grounded energy and authenticity make her teaching and sharing style the perfect antidote to daily stresses and strains. I feel I’ve come home to my true self. I continue to enjoy self practice as well as practice on others and my confidence to trust my intuition is greatly increased. ~ Nicola Clare

About Roseleen

I have been teaching and sharing reiki since 2009 and my love affair with it began way before then.

Having studied from two lineages – Usui Reiki Ryoho (Traditional Japanese Teachings) & Usui Shiki Ryoho (Westernised Teachings) – provides me with a broad, balanced and authentic view of the system of Reiki

I continue to deepen my knowledge, understanding and experience through additional Reiki trainings & mentoring with Frans Stiene.

The Heart of Reiki is the manifestation of my desire to create a container where all levels of reiki practitioners can come back to the basics of creating an empowering self practice that works for them and their life.



I have attended many courses over the years with many different teachers and I can honestly say Roseleen is one of the most down to earth teachers I have met. I walked away totally confident in myself and my ability to practice reiki. Even though I’ve been practicing Reiki for 7/8 years since training with Roseleen I have a much deeper understanding of Reiki and learned lots of new ways to bring it into my life. ~ Lucy Healy, Yoga Teacher

Frequently Asked Questions

What will be included in the course?

Through a combination of video, worksheets, meditations, self practice exercises, journal prompts and accompanying worksheets, you will embrace the healing power of a daily self practice that will only take 10-20 minutes of your day.

You will also have 3 LIVE video calls with me where we will self practice together and you can ask your questions, share your progress and challenges, and receive additional support, guidance and inspiration from me. 

Each class will be recorded and posted in the Heart of Reiki portal for you to delve into, explore and integrate at your own pace so you don’t become overloaded with content and have plenty of opportunity to focus on the self practice element of the course.

Will this course be as effective as learning live, or in person?

Yes. With pre-recorded videos & meditation, downloadable worksheets you get to flow and learn at your pace. You choose how to absorb the information at a pace that feels aligned for you.

What if I can't complete the course in 21 days?

Not a problem. I know life can be busy – the course information is yours to move through at a pace that feels nourishing.

You will have access to the course portal for 12 months, and you are welcome to watch the videos & listen to the meditations anytime you like.

All the content will be downloadable for you to keep after the 12 months too.


How do I access the course materials?

Course materials are accessed via an online private learning platform. You will receive all the details when you join.

You do not need anything other than a computer, tablet or smartphone to participate.

We will be using Zoom for the live sessions which is a free, web based video platform. You will click on the link I send you for each class and it will open on your device. The Live Call will be recorded and posted in the course portal.

How long will I have access to the materials after the course ends?

All the video trainings and audio exercises are downloadable. I actually recommend downloading the audio exercises and accompanying PDF’s so you have access to them wherever you are. The materials are yours to keep once downloaded.

Material will remain accessible for 12 months after the course ends. For the most effective experience, it;s always good to complete all of your self practices and reflective exercises during the duration of the course. Remember, you will have access to all the exercises, meditations, prompts and videos to go at your own pace. Better to digest and integrate than rush the process.

What is the schedule for the Live Calls?

You will receive your first lesson on 30 October. Our first live call is on Thurs 31st October, the second live call is on Thurs 7th November and final call is TBD. The classes will be from 7pm IST (Irish Standard Time).

All of the classes will be recorded and posted in the course platform so if you miss a class, you can catch up when you have time and space to do so.

Is this a Reiki Training?

This is not a reiki training. You will not be able to practice self reiki, share treatments with others or teach reiki after taking this course.

This is a personal healing course through your reiki self practice – it is suitable for those new to reiki, seasoned practitioners and those who want to come back on track with their practice. Anyone who wants to dive into the deeper layers of reiki.

I won't be able to attend some of the Live Calls. Will I miss out?

All the classes will be recorded and posted in the course platform for you to access at a time that works for you. It is always a joy to have you live on the call but you will absolutely be able to feel the benefits of the calls (self practice & Q&A) even if you are watching / listening to the videos at a later time.

Will there be new content every day for 21 days?

No. And this is on purpose. This is because consistency and repetition are an intentional part of the courses design. Just as you wouldn’t go receive a reiki treatment every day for 21 days, it is also way too much for us to be faced with a new lesson every day for 21 days. It would create overwhelm and probably result in you not keeping up your practice.

Rest, integration and repetition, as well as time to catch up if you are behind, are all crucial elements of practicing reiki and they are built into the course for that reason.

You can see from the above layout there will be 14 days of fresh content, 3 Live webinars and 7 days of reflection and self practice reminders along with guided reiki meditations.

Is this course for professional reiki practitioners or those who practice reiki for their own wellbeing?

This course is designed to support those who practice reiki personally i.e. self treatment / family & friends AND professionally i.e sharing reiki treatments & teaching reiki. It is for all levels, lineages and experience of reiki practitioners.

How many hours should I budget for the course, per day?

I’ve deliberately created the content to be bitesize so you can fit it easily into your day. You can then always extend your self practice time at any stage. At the beginning it’s important to create a consistent practice and let quality be the focus rather than quantity. Between 15 and 30 minutes, depending on the subject and length of time you wish to dedicate to your practice.


Can I gift the course to someone?

The easiest way to gift this course to your friend/family member/partner is to sign up with their name, their email and your credit card information.

Do you offer refunds?

There are no refunds, and payment plans may not be cancelled once they have been initiated.

Installments are taken monthly once you sign up i.e. 2 monthly installments or 4 monthly installments.

If there are any questions I haven’t covered, drop me an email at at and I’ll get right back to you!

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