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Mapping Your Internal Landscape

Taking the steps to build and live the life you want to live is a Journey. Often we need support along this journey. The Pathway is a space created for you that is for reflection, clarity, healing & alchemy so you can step strongly onto your path.

I’m interested in guiding you to discover the truth for yourself which comes from learning who you really are, exploring your inner workings, revealing what is blocking you and discovering how to give yourself what you need. By the end of our time together you’ll be clear on what’s really holding you back, and you’ll have the tools to shift your life to reglect what your truly want.

Transforming your life is a process and it requires a lot more than just knowing what to do which is why I combine mentoring with energy work so you create the activations and recalibrations from within. We all know ‘how to’ do something but we need support to get out of our own way by moving beyond fears, resistances and doutbs and towards trusting our inner knowing.

After Our Time Together You Will Feel…

In tune with your inner compass

A renewed sense of purpose

A deeper understanding of your energy

Unstuck with momentum in life

Like you’ve come home to yourself

Space created within you through the healing (reiki & breathwork)

Movement in your vision

Aligned to your life

You will feel more like YOU

This is For You If You Are…

ready to go on a journey of self discovery

willing to take responsibility & accountability for your experience in life

open to changing your thought patterns, beliefs and stories that are not serving you

ready to use emotional healing and energy work (breathwork & Reiki) in addition to practical steps

seeking a blend of practical steps in addition to spiritual practices to help you grow and evolve

ready for lasting change and success

not looking for a ‘quick’ fix

willing to grow and do the inner work ( soul work between sessions)

understand that this is a process

Heal – Action – Integrate

How it Works

A carefully curated mix of Mentoring to get you taking steps forward on your vision along with Breathwork & Reiki to move stagnant energy, beliefs and patterns that are keeping you in a non supportive loop. You are not investing in a quick fix, this work is to provide deep shifts internally and externally. Healing isn’t linear, our journey together will follow a cyclical path: learning, adjusting, evaluating, integrating and anchoring the process for you so you have the tools well after our time together.

Month 1

Session 1: 90 mins Mentoring & Opening Ceremony

Session 2: 60 mins Breathwork

Bonus: Personal Ceremony work for our time together


Month 2

Session 1: 75 mins Mentoring

Session 2: 60 mins Reiki

Month 3

Session 1: 75 mins Mentoring

Session 2: Choice 60 mins Reiki or Breathwork

Session 3: 60mins Mentoring Session & Closing Ceremony


I have spent over a year doing my Reiki practice and Magnified Healing and reading up on all the wisdom you impart about nature and energy. I now realise how equipped I have become and how much faith I have. It’s easy to read and practice and enjoy the loveliness of spirituality but when you are plunged into pain that’s when the connection shines brightest. ~ Jane

Just wanted to thank you for all your work Rosie. It’s had a hugh impact on my life. It’s hard to describe but your work is so powerful yet so subtle and gentle. Each time I leave I feel I’m better, brighter, lighter, more powerful version of myself. Thank you beyond words. ~ Maeve

You have been a huge part of my learning and growth during past six months Roseleen and I deeply appreciate it. I am in a very different place to this time last year. I feel excited about the year ahead and look forward to continuing this fabulous journey. ~ Sarah

Hi Rosie just wanted to say how much I’m feeling the benefits of the day. MAGICAL is not the word!! You have helped me restore all the good faith I had for reiki and I’m so excited to start using it now again. Thank you so much ~ Geraldine

The pathway home to self


3 Month Mentoring : €1200 Introductory Pricing

15 mins discovery call to see if we are suited

4 x 75 mins Mentoring Sessions with actionable work / exercises after each session

1 x 60 mins Breathwork Session

1 x 60 mins Reiki Session

1 x 60 mins Reiki or Breathwork (your choice)

Opening & Closing Ceremony

Personal Ceremony / Ritual for our time together

Bi-Weekly Check In Email Support between Sessions

*Payment plan available, please inquire

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