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The Reiki Sanctuary

A Space Where All of You is Welcome


 Sanctuary: A Sacred Space for You & Your Healing

Specially crafted online monthly reiki gatherings (for those initiated into the practice of reiki – any level & lineage) to guide you back to yourself as we navigate an ever changing world individually and collectively. With so much vying for our attention and energy it vital to have a place for you to just be – be pause, to breath, to listen, to receive and to come back home to yourself.

The Reiki Sanctuary is a Space to Heal, Receive, Nourish, Tend to Your Inner World & Be With Others.

This is for you whether you are beginning a reiki practice, desire to get back on track or are a seasoned practitioner.

The focus of these gatherings is to focus on your self healing and expand your capacity to hold space for what is arising for you at this time. To allow you the opportunity to drop into yourself, to hear the wisdom that is held within you and to cultivate the resources needed to hold you during these times.

Designed in delicious monthly online LIVE gatherings which include reiki self practice meditations & practices, reiju, peer practice & discussion and Q&As with Roseleen who will guide you through every step.⠀

These Reiki Gatherings Were Crafted to support you

Reiki Dublin The Thirsty Soul

Have a regular time to practice and take time for yourself

A space for YOU to receive as more than likely you give a lot of yourself, time & energy already to others

To listen: you soul has so much to tell you, give it the space

In spaces of transition, navigating the space between, being with change and surrendering to the unknown.

Deepen your relationship to reiki whether you are just beginning or a seasoned practitioner, whether you practice for personal healing or work professionally

Hold space for the mystery as reiki weaves it magic with & on you!

Create a deep root system of support and soul nourishment.

To allow healing to happen

To connect to your source, your intuition and the voice within.

During the end of one chapter and being with uncertainity

Recognise your needs & begin to model what that looks like

Feel better resourced and centered if you are in struggle or overwhelm

Emergence, in whatever way that is calling you

Why Join The

The Reiki Sanctuary?

We practice reiki to create a haven
amidst the demands of life, a space to refuel,
to realign, to reconnect and come back home to ourselves.

Your reiki self practice provides a space for you to experience yourself at the deepest level – to feel within your cells the infinite potential that is available to you.

We practice reiki –  to know ourselves, to bring ourselves back to our centre, to feel & know when we’ve been pulled away from our inner wisdom, to awaken to the power& great light that is within each of us. We learn we are more than what we perceive ourselves to be – we are not broken, we don’t need fixing – we need a space to be held, witnessed & tended to… we need a sanctuary within and without.

When we know ourselves then we know what is ours to heal – remembering that to heal is to bring into wholeness, to return to wholeness… Wholeness is being with what is arising in the moment, what life is inviting us to live through and be with.

You do not need to do this alone. So often you learn a practice then feel you have to do it all by yourself or you only share it with others and forget yourself. There is healing in coming together to practice reiki – you learn that challenges are a normal part of life, you hear how others are practicing (or what gets in the way), you share reiki with others and you feel part of a larger community.

Dipping you toe into water is nice but to immerse yourself and give yourself to the water, feeling supported & held – well that’s a different level. It’s the same with your reiki practice – practicing ad hoc is nice but a consistent practice is where you will truly experience the deep benefits and beauty of reiki as a spiritual practice and not just a ‘healing modality’.


reiki three diamonds
reiki three diamonds
THANK YOU!!!!!! You have been amazing and a true anchor in stormy times and a breath of calm. I could listen back to the practices when I had time. It is as if I would be going through something and the meditation would hit it spot on what I was going through. ~ Fiona
These gatherings has been such a huge support during a time of great uncertainty in my life and has helped me lean into the trust and deeper well of wisdom available once fear is embraced with Love. Roseleen’s meditations and reiki healing have created a ground of deep compassionate support that has felt like a warm blanket on a cold night. Feel deeply grateful for the virtual embrace that Roseleen has so generously gifted during this time~ Justine
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 Join me in the Sanctuary of Your Self Practice if you desire to:

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Have energetic support as you navigate life

Be with what is arising in the present moment

How a spaces that supports the digestion of life experiences

Discover more about reiki beyond what you've learned

To remember who you are and to feel empowered in life, your choices and yourself

An invaluable resource to help you to process whatever is going on in life at this ever changing time and even potentially shift your perception, perspective or holding of it.

Receive healing through your self practice

Distinguish between the noise of the mind and the truth of your soul / Inner Bright Light

Have a 'reiki family' as someone described it. A space to connect with others and hear others are going through the same challenges / experience can help you to keep going.

Have support from an experienced teacher (over 14 years experience teaching reiki) in live online webinars


Depth to My Practice

I feel I have really raised my vibration and grown spiritually. I feel a deep sense of gratitude for being able to participate in this sacred experience held by yourself Roseleen. I am privileged for being granted the space to able to really heal and grow resilience through a challenging time. I have felt my practise take on more depth and I fully trust in it. I am also drawn to eventually moving towards practising energy healing and will continue to deepen through practise on friends and family. ~ Grace

Peace and Calm

If peace and calm is what you are seeking, these gatherings are a space to find it. I felt connected to a sense of humanity, gentleness and kindness that I was finding hard to access on my own. It was essential during this year to have that connection. ~ Michelle

Compassion & Understanding

It has really soothed my nervous system and helped me to destress. It was somewhere I had to be during this time of having nowhere to be! It was time I made to show up for myself which was needed as I have 2 children. The compassion and understanding Roseleen shared with us and encouraged us to have for ourselves was the anchor I found within myself. ~ Nicola

Connection to My Inner Joy

I’ve found myself able to go much deeper with healing while attending the gatherings and to release the expectations I’d been imposing on myself. I am able to just meet myself where I am. I connected to such a joyful part of myself because of these practices! Also, it’s been lovely to be part of the group and have that sense of community.

Adapting to A New Way

It confirms once again for me that I am not on my own in my thinking and with the support of Roseleen and this community and my self practice of Reiki , all has helped me to find order and calm especially at this time of uncertainty of how life is changing and I feel stronger now to adapting to a new way of living. Aware too that this can be challenging but feel I have the skills now to stand back and breathe and allow whatever challenges that arise to say “It’s ok you can do this’. ~ Patricia

What You Will Receive Each Month:

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Monthly Online LIVE Group Practices & Guidance Calls with Roseleen each month

A space to practice reiki together, with guided meditations, receive distance reiki healing, experience reju and ask your reiki questions.

The live gatherings will also be available for 1 week after each class in the class platform – available if you can attend live or not.

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Recording of the Practices

The recordings of the class will be available for one week so you can continue the practice or catch up if you missed the class. Custom reiki practices to guide you through various practices to deepen your understanding of yourself, your life and reiki.

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Sharing Reiju

Reiju is a ritual that is performed by a Reiki teacher on a student and is one of the five original elements of the system of Reiki. This is a space for you to draw as much Ki as you need through the body. You will receive reiju at each gathering.
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Deep Listening to Yourself

Soul prompts as a guide for self enquiry. After our reiki self practice we are usually in a different state of being and more receptive to hearing the whispers of our mind, heart, body and soul.

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Peer Practices

At certain gatherings, we will practice distance healing, sharing practices with each other or general group discussions – these aspects will be tailored to your needs and will be drawn from questions I receive. We will also use the breakout rooms so you can share & get to know each other (optional as always!)
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Questions & Answers with Roseleen

It’s normal for questions to arise as you practice & share reiki. You can submit your questions to Roseleen prior to the LIVE gatherings where she will address them – learning tailored to your needs. Discussions may include: sharing with family & friends, distance healing, practicing reiki professionally, starting your business etc.

Book Your

Place on the Reiki Gatherings

Recordings available after class for 1 week. You can join for the 6 gatherings from July to December or attend a gathering individually.

Payment plans occur monthly, and the payment method on file will be automatically charged every 30 days until complete. Plans cannot be cancelled once they are initiated so please consider your needs prior to joining.

Each class takes place at 7pm IST (Irish Standard Time) / GMT +1.


All classes are 7pm – 8.30pm

€110 for 6 gatherings or €55 x 2 monthly installments

July Gathering

July 6th @ 7pm – 8.30pm


August Gathering

August 3rd @ 7-8.30pm


September Gathering

Sept 7th @ 7-8.30pm


October Gathering

October 5th @ 7pm – 8.30pm


November Gathering

November 2nd @ 7-8.30pm


December Gathering

December 7th @7-8.30pm


Hi I’m Roseleen

I have been teaching and sharing reiki professionally since 2008 and my love affair with it began way before then.

Having studied from two lineages – Usui Reiki Ryoho (Traditional Japanese Teachings) & Usui Shiki Ryoho (Westernised Teachings) – this provides me with a broad, balanced and authentic view of the system of Reiki.

I continue to deepen my knowledge, understanding and experience through additional Reiki trainings & mentoring with Frans Stiene.

The Reiki Gatherings are a result of the ‘Anchor Within’ series held during Mar-July 2020 which gave a space for participants to deeply receive the needed to navigate the ever changing times we are in. The ‘Tending’ series is born out of a desire to create a space for people to feel held, supported and access the wisdom within as we continue to evolve through the ‘growing pains’ of 2020.

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I have attended many courses over the years with many different teachers and I can honestly say Roseleen is one of the most down to earth teachers I have met. I walked away totally confident in myself and my ability to practice reiki. Even though I’ve been practicing Reiki for 7/8 years since training with Roseleen I have a much deeper understanding of Reiki and learned lots of new ways to bring it into my life. ~ Lucy Healy, Yoga Teacher
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Frequently Asked Questions
What will be included in the course?

You will have 1 LIVE video calls with me monthly where we will self practice together, journal prompts to delve into your inner wisdom, use breakout rooms for sharing, and you can ask your questions, share your progress and challenges, and receive additional support, guidance and inspiration from me.

Each class will be recorded and posted in the Reiki Sanctuary portal for you to delve into, explore and integrate at your own pace – you will have access to the recording of each class for 1 week.

Will these practice gatherings be as effective as learning live, or in person?

Yes. I ran these for the majority of 2020 with great feedback. People often surprised by the healing they received. Also many gatherings focus on sharing with others and not the self practice which is key and the part people often struggle with. Here you are supported in your reiki growth. With the recordings available you choose how to absorb the information at a pace that feels aligned for you.

How do I access the course materials?
Course videos are accessed via an online private learning platform. You will receive all the details when you join.

You do not need anything other than a computer, tablet or smartphone to participate.

We will be using Zoom for the live sessions which is a free, web based video platform. You will click on the link I send you for each class and it will open on your device. The Live Call will be recorded and posted in the course portal for you to re-watch after.

How long will I have access to the materials after the course ends?

All the video trainings and audio exercises are held on the course platform. After each class the material will be there for one week for you to watch. The last call is on 7th December and the access to that call will end on 20th Dec.

What is the schedule for the Live Calls?

See above the class dates. There are 2 classes each month.

The classes will be from 7pm IST (Irish Standard Time) / GMT +1.

All of the classes will be recorded and posted in the course platform so if you miss a class, you can catch up when you have time and space to do so.

Is this a Reiki Training?
This is not a reiki training and you will not receive any certification.

These are personal healing gatherings through your reiki self practice – it is suitable for those new to reiki (i.e. have at least reiki level 1), seasoned practitioners and those who want to come back on track with their practice.

I won't be able to attend some of the Live Calls. Will I miss out?
All the classes will be recorded and posted in the course platform for you to access at a time that works for you. It is always a joy to have you live on the call but you will absolutely be able to feel the benefits of the calls (self practice & Q&A) even if you are watching / listening to the videos at a later time.
Are these gatherings for professional reiki practitioners or those who practice reiki for their own wellbeing?
This course is designed to support those who practice reiki personally i.e. self treatment / family & friends AND professionally i.e sharing reiki treatments & teaching reiki. It is for all levels, lineages and experience of reiki practitioners.
How many hours should I budget for the gatherings?

Because this is a LIVE but recordings are available after, you get to choose how you approach it.

Live Gathering 1: 7-8.30pm

Live Gathering 2: 7 – 8.30pm

Can I gift the gatherings to someone?
The easiest way to gift this course to your friend/family member/partner is to sign up with their name, their email and your credit card information.
Do you offer refunds?

There are no refunds, and payment plans may not be cancelled once they have been initiated.

Installments are taken monthly once you sign up.



If there are any questions I haven’t covered, drop me an email at at [email protected] and I’ll get right back to you!

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