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    I’m Roseleen, a Reiki Master Teacher & Shamanic Healing Facilitator who works with people who are seeking to reconnect to their inner wisdom, embrace the natural rhythms of life and are ready transform their lives. With over 14 years of experiencing leading trainings and sessions, I hold deep healing containers for you to meet yourself.

    This is a place to begin the journey of cultivating your life from the inside out. A space for you to go inward, to heal, reclaim your truth and empower yourself.

    Healing / Spirituality is not somewhere else or something reserved for those ‘woo-hoo’ types, but is right here in our ordinary everyday life. Healing is for everyone. My past experience as an Accountant / Auditor enables me to make the mystical grounded, practical and also experiential and personal to you as there is no one fits all approach.

    As a guide & teacher for those who wish to train and grow in the art of healing, I offer an embodied approach, bringing healing into everyday living as we are called at this time to ground into ourselves and place in this world.

    Through my 1-1 Sessions, Reiki Trainings, Walking the Celtic Wheel & Reiki Sanctuary, and retreats I invite you to experience healing for yourself.


    We can all do with some support. There’s beauty to be found in your own truth but you’ll never find it until you slow down and turn within for the answers. Set the inner foundations for the way forward.

    Give yourself the support you need to allow your body on all levels to come back into harmony through Reiki, Breathwork, Shamanism & Magnified Healing

    Join a variety of events online and in-person ranging from classes honoring the turning points of the Celtic Wheel to deep dive reiki immersions.



    Join a variety of events online and in-person ranging from classes honoring the turning points of the Celtic Wheel to deep dive reiki immersions.

    Soulful Ceremonies

    Mark the thresholds that happen in life (present or retrospectively) so you can receive the wisdom and healing as you grow deeper into your true self.

    A Spirit / Medicine doll is a magical handcrafted doll that carries deep healing, wisdom and medicine for it’s holder. Each doll holds unique energies and qualities that are available to support you in life.

    Spirit Dolls

    We have lost touch with our natural way of being, our true nature

    We’re surrounded in a culture of constant busyness and there is so much pressure to keep busy, to keep up, to have more, do more and be more that we judge, doubt, push and compare ourselves, in an attempt to find happiness and peace.

    As a result, life at this fast pace is emotionally, mentally and physcially exhausting and usually unfulfilling. Our focus ends up on the ever growing to-do lists and reponsibilities that we lose sight of what it truly means to live and to be in our true nature. What is means to be connected to the things that truly matter.

    Through my offerings it’s my intention to gently guide and support you to reconnect with yourself in addition to your intuition and your inner wisdom; connections between your bodies, minds and soul; connections to other people, a sense of belonging and community ; connections to living things, to nature, to the universe and the natural cycle of life.

    Learn how to shift your perspective and live from a place of love, compassion and gratitude.  Appreciate the world around you and let nature nourish your body, mind and soul. Become aware of and break through your subconscious limitations. Restore balance, harmony and flow in you and your life.

    My mission is to empower individuals to know that they can access their ‘best teacher’ within. True change comes from within and when we learn to truly listen to ourselves, we are empowered to make choices that support us in our day to day life.

    As a Life Coach, Reiki Master & Teacher , Shamanic Practitioner and Magnified Healing practitioner as well as a qualified Chartered Accountant, I have a practical approach but also know that there are just some things that our ‘minds’ cannot heal and that is the beauty of energy healing.

    Our Clients Say

    For the past year & 1/2 I felt like I was ‘stuck’ in my life and not my happy self. So I decided to try Reiki to get ‘unstuck’. Thankfully I came across Roseleen who has been such a blessing. After 4 sessions with her I feel so much better within myself, I have positive energy again, I feel motivated again & I feel so cleared of negativity. It has been such a powerful & positive experience for me. Roseleen is so welcoming & friendly and has a real talent to heal. I would definitely recommend her!

    When I heard about ‘The Thirsty Soul’ from a friend, the name alone had me curious and interested. I had completed reiki level 1 the previous year with a different teacher and was on the lookout for a place to continue to level 2. After attending a women’s circle and also a reiki share evening with Roseleen I knew this was my route to level 2. Roseleen knows her stuff! I felt so comfortable in her company as she creates a wonderful calm environment for learning, healing and expanding as a person. Completing reiki 2 with Roseleen has given me a new confidence with my reiki practice both for myself and with others.

    My journey with Roseleen began a short six months ago and since then my life has been transformed. Roseleen’s style of teaching, her approach and her guidance throughout were matched only by a beautifully warm demeanor and great encouragement for which I am deeply grateful.  Roseleen makes the practice of Reiki so easily accessible to all who work with her as I have felt personally and seen with my fellow students.  Thank you Roseleen for such dedicated teaching, your continued support and guidance are greatly appreciated and I look forward to continuing my journey with you in the future.

    Huge thanks for the healing. I’m feeling great really. I feel very positive and sense a really huge shift so am taking things easy and not trying too much. More than anything, I really felt the talk helped clarify so much. I believe if I can work through the heavy energy that there will be clarity about everything else. When I left you I saw light everywhere, my attention was drawn to trees with lights and all manner of lights on the way home so I took it as a sign I am on the right path! I’m so grateful for your abilities, your time, authenticity and care.

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