Awaken your soul’s expression through life’s initiations

Life is a journey, full of beginnings and endings.
What you may think is the end may be the beginning of you.

A place for you to deepen into yourself so you can deepen into the beauty of life

Come, let me walk alongside you as you navigate the beautiful and messy initiations of life. You’re not failing at life. You’re learning how to reclaim your deep soul longing for vitality, creativity and soul expression in a way which feels true to you. 

But something keeps holding you back.

I believe there’s a time to grow, a time to pause, a time to release and a time to end. When you honor where you are in the cycle of life, you can receive from this rich place.To access the sweetness of life and the creative nature of your becoming.

How we can work together

Hello I’m Roseleen and I’m here to guide you through the beauty and confusion of the seasons of life. Through the practices of Reiki, Shamanic Healing, Soulful Ceremonies, Medicine Dolls and Group Gatherings, I hold space for you to come exactly as you are. 

Through these ancient and beautiful practices, you’ll feel supported to engage with your whole self so you can step into new pathways, rediscover your connection to the natural world, reawaken your imagination and connect to your wisdom and vision for a life fully lived.

Soulful ceremony Co. Meath, Ireland and Online

Shamanic Healing

A sacred space to explore any energetic and emotional imprints which may be holding you back or keeping you locked in unsupportive patterns. A place where deeper parts of your essence can be restored and recovered so you can experience a fuller richer expression of you. Shamanic healing can help you see where you are and support you on a path to clarity, choice, healing and change.

Reiki Healing

Return to your centre with sacred self connection and soul nourishment so you can feel more like yourself. Reiki offers you the space to remove your armour and unfurl as you remember who you are at your core. Reiki guides you with a beautiful map back to your heart, back to your body, back to your innate wisdom and to your expansive true self. Each session will leave you feeling grounded, relaxed, rejuvenated and connected to your inner being.

A woman's feet immersed in a stream of water, experiencing the soothing effects of Reiki Healing.
A woman in a red dress sitting on rocks in a forest experiences the soothing essence of Reiki Healing.

Soulful Ceremony

Marking the key moments which shape you is a powerful way to bring healing and make meaning of your experience. You may desire to prepare yourself for a key moment to come, sit with one you’re currently navigating or integrate one from your past. When you honour where you are in life as well as who you are becoming you can access the full potential waiting to be restored into your being. Enrich your soul’s path and reclaim your wisdom, creativity and joy with a custom ceremony that’s meaningful to you.

Group Gatherings

Experience the power of gathering together as a group with intention, meaning and purpose. We gather to heal, to remember, to discover what we long for is already within us and to reclaim our place in the fabric of life. We gather to kindle connection with ourselves, spirit, community and the land itself so we can deepen into life. Activate your joy, gifts, light, creativity and nourish your body, mind and spirit by attending a group event.

A shamanic healer gracefully holds a large drum amidst the serene woods of Ireland.
A doll with long hair and a pink cloak that provides Reiki Healing.

Sacred medicine dolls

A reflection of your own inner soul, medicine dolls hold space for you to connect to parts of yourself that you’ve forgotten, left unclaimed or disconnected from. A powerful companion to support you in your personal transformation, medicine dolls teach you how to hold yourself through life – with a loving, compassionate and fierce embrace. A guide to walk alongside you sharing healing and wisdom they open you up to inspiration, magic, encouragement and a reminder of what you need at the present moment.

Remember the Magic you already hold within

I walk side by side with you as you journey through the winding path of life because I believe something always grows from the initiations of life, a doorway to greater clarity, creativity, life force, well-being and soul expression. 

With over 14 years experience in healing and teaching, I help people to arrive back home to themselves.

I know what it takes to walk the path of healing. As someone who stalled at every phase in the seasons of life – beginnings, endings, blossoming and the space in between. I’ve lived through burnout. I learnt to compassionately be with all parts of myself, developing a relationship with nature. Listening to my ‘still quiet voice within’ has dramatically shifted my way of being in the world, and I don’t say that lightly.

I help people connect to Earth and her natural cycles.When you learn to engage with nature from a place of relationship rather than extraction, you open yourself to the gifts of curiosity, healing, inspiration and beauty.

I’m passionate about supporting others on their journey to wholeness. To enrich your soul and life by disconnecting from the external noise so you can come deeper into presence with yourself and remember your true creative nature.

This is my life’s work. My purpose. Rooted in weaving shamanic healing and ceremonies, reiki and earth based practices so you can heal at your own pace in a nurturing, gentle yet powerful and playful way.

A woman in a red dress sitting on a log in the woods, seeking Reiki Healing or Shamanic Healing.


Kind words
from those I’ve walked with


The thirsty soul blog

Sacred Storytelling

Learn how to navigate the ebbs and flows of life and  be supported on your healing path. Discover how to walk the shamanic path and be guided through the Celtic Wheel. It’s all in here waiting for you.

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Listen to the Thirsty Soul Podcast, where we talk about healing, rites of passage and other times of initiation and transformation in life. A place for conversations around your life a canvas of self-expression and how these times can be a catalyst to become more of who you are.

The podcast is a place that reveals inspiration, creativity, wisdom and clarity, guiding you into communion with yourself, your soul and the sacred.

Each episode is here to help you contemplate the themes in your own life and deepen your relationship to yourself, your life and the world around you.

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