Reiki Healing

Realign to your own internal compass with a sense of calm

Sacred self connection and soul nourishment so you can feel more like yourself.

Let Reiki healing soothe and soften your entire being.

A place to drop the armour so you can stop bracing yourself against life, relax the mental chatter and attune within.

A space where there’s nothing for you to do but be open to receive.

Reiki healing offers you the space to remember who you are at your core, guiding you with a beautiful map back to your heart, back to your body, back to your innate wisdom, back to your expansive true self.

Reiki healing supports your self connection and awareness to create an opportunity for you to awaken even more to your energetic being.

As we move through life, our energy expands and contracts depending on how we are interacting with life on an emotional, mental, physical and spiritual level.

When your energy is contracted you can feel heavy, stifled, off balance, ungrounded, overwhelmed and can lack vitality, clarity, creativity and have ruminating thoughts. Yet when your energy is balanced and expansive, you can feel centered, supported, connected to your internal instincts, able to discern your heart intentions, be joyful and resilient.

As you experience all that is within you, you have the opportunity to engage with it in a different way, to learn from it, hold it differently and tend to it so you can become more empowered in yourself and life.  When you are more balanced, centred and connected to yourself you feel more rooted in who you are and how you want to be in your life and the world.

A woman in a green dress practicing reiki healing in the woods.

Reiki Healing provides nourishment and support for your growth and connection to self so you can live from that place within.

When you are connected:

Purple lilacs in the forest emit positive energy and have a soothing effect, making them ideal for reiki healing practices.

Benefits of reiki healing

Reiki Healing Can Support You to...

The effects of reiki healing can be felt almost instantly as the body relaxes into a deep sense of rest and receptivity. Many people say they feel more like themselves after reiki sessions – they feel peaceful, calm, in flow, have clarity or a deep sense of compassion towards themselves. Life begins to open up for them. 

Reiki healing guides you into the present moment, into yourself so from here you can see more clearly, feel more deeply, think more openly and feel your inner guidance.


Words from reiki clients

I wish for your reiki healing to be a remembering of your true nature

I’ve been practising self reiki, teaching reiki and sharing reiki professionally since 2008 and it’s a spiritual practice that has never left my side.

Reiki healing supported me to trust my energy, myself and life, to listen to my body and spirit and to take ownership in my internal and external world. Most importantly it opened the doors to self compassion as a guide in life.

The real growth is being more of who you truly are. Becoming yourself.

A pink flower in the forest with a blurred background, offering soothing reiki energy.
Roseleen McNally, shamanic practitioner engaging in shamanic Healing deep in the woods.

Choose Your Reiki Healing Session

Experience reiki your own way. The beauty about reiki is that often each session is as different as you are. Meeting yourself in a new way, through fresh eyes.

A pink rose exuding reiki healing energy on a dark background.

Reiki Healing Sessions

Individual sessions –  You will feel the benefits from the first session. However, in order to see the biggest transformation, I recommend 3/4 sessions, about 3/4 weeks apart.

I’ll guide you through your session, starting with witnessing what brings you to a reiki treatment and where you are desiring support. You’re invited to lay down on the treatment bed, remaining fully clothed and shoes removed.

I’ll be guiding my hands to different positions from the head to your feet (sometimes touching and sometimes keeping his/her hands at a certain distance from the body).

Each person is very different in how they feel and experience the reiki energy, common feelings include tingling, warmth, a deep relaxation that sends you to sleep. Trust that your experience is exactly what it needs to be on that day.

We’ll close our time together checking any questions you may have and integration after the treatment as you consider how you’ll carry the feeling from the session with you into life. 

Receive healing online from the comfort of your own home. It has all the beautiful benefits as in-person treatments. Spiritual energy / Reiki works beyond the constraints of time and space and can be shared remotely. 

We’ll come together online via zoom at the agreed time. We start by listening to what has guided you to receive reiki. You can then make yourself comfy (lying down / seated). We can then turn off the cameras while I share gentle music and you relax in your own space. At the end of the session you will hear my voice guiding you back into your environment and grounding you in the moment. 

Investment: €80 – 60 mins

Root & Recentre with Reiki Healing

Sometimes, we reach a place where we need additional support, this 3 month program includes reiki and mentoring. Designed to support you energetically whilst also providing practical steps to ensure you are moving forward in life.

Investment: €600. Installment plans available.

  • Intake form so you can get clear on support you need.
  • 3 x 75 min Reiki Sessions
  • 3 x 60 min Mentoring sessions (tailored to your needs can include mentoring, meditations, somatic work etc)
  • Email check ins
  • Worksheets
A close up of pink roses basking in the sun, radiating reiki healing energy.
A pink rose with water droplets on it, radiating energy for reiki healing.

Reiki Mentoring

This is for you if: 

  • You’ve trained as a reiki practitioner or teacher and want to go deeper into your practice. 
  • Your practice has fallen to the wayside and you want to start again. 
  • You desire to start teaching but don’t know how to start and need guidance on attunements, teaching and holding space. 
  • You’re already teaching reiki but have questions and don’t know who turn to for support
  • You want support in running your reiki business

Reiki mentoring sessions are tailored to your unique needs. I create a container for you to dive deeper into reiki as a spiritual practice and professional business. Together we’ll expand your reiki self practice, your capacity to hold space for others in reiki sessions or teaching.

Investment: €575 for 3 months mentoring. Installment plans available or €150 for an individual session.

  • Intake form so you can get clear on support you need
  • 4 x 75 min mentoring sessions (tailored to your needs includes reju each session)
  • Email check ins
  • Worksheets

Need Help Deciding?

If you’re wondering what reiki healing session would be right for you at this time, I’d love to hear from you.

A close up of a pink flower with a hint of reiki healing energy.
Green leaves on a dark background providing a serene atmosphere for reiki healing.
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