Soulful Ceremonies

Tend the thresholds in life so you can honor the endings and nurture the beginnings of who you are becoming
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Ceremonially marking key moments in life is a potent way to bring healing and make meaning of your experience.

You get to choose to meet and cross these moments and allow the initiations to be powerful doorways into knowing yourself more deeply and how you want to be in the world.

Using Earth-based wisdom, shamanic practices, reiki healing, embodiment techniques, meditation and rituals, I create unique shamanic ceremonies for you so you can give yourself the opportunity to meet yourself at key moments in your life. 

Witness, honour, transform and move with the energy of key moments. Because in this moment there’s beauty and richness. 

Reiki healing energy channels through the shadows of leaves on a tree trunk, creating a sense of tranquility and balance.

Life is full of Initiatory Moments which...

Experience the Power and Renewal of personalised ceremony

We’re not taught how to meet these threshold moments. Often we find ourselves unprepared, frustrated, confused, overwhelmed and lost. We move from one ending or beginning to the next phase often without pause. 

When you keep moving forward, carrying the past with you, it informs your present and future. 

Experience the power in taking a dedicated space to honour, reflect, grieve, dream,create or receive. 

By witnessing the moment – or entering into ceremony – you’re able to take a step back and reflect on where you’ve been, what you’ve created, how you’ve arrived here, what you’ve lost, gained or sacrificed and what you wish for the future so you can integrate the wisdom into the fabric of your being.

These are the moments where you’re being shaped by life. 

Gloriously messy but full of life, healing and potential waiting to be activated, you’re being called to mine the gold within these thresholds and yourself so they can enrich your soul’s path. 

These moments gift you time to listen to the call from your soul, a space to create a new narrative and an opportunity to become even more of your true self.

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Soulful ceremony Co. Meath, Ireland and Online

Give these moments the value and attention they deserve

A Soulful Ceremony is for you if you long to...

The Spiral Path

Ceremony is for all stages of life

When you think of the word ceremony you may only associate it with traditional life ceremonies like birth, marriage and death. 

Ceremonies are designed to help you move through life consciously and curiously with intent, presence, meaning, purpose and healing.

Any experience can be woven with intention, meaning and healing through the power of ceremony.

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Soulful Ceremony support you during...

Guiding you into who you are becoming

Life changes

Navigate or mark a transition in life such as mid life, motherhood, elderhood


Open to and step into new beginnings such as a business project, job, relationship, motherhood or new home


Honor a younger part of you and your journey such as your menarche, menopause, teenage years or an aspects that needs tending


Find acceptance in the space inbetween and when life brings unexpected changes


Emerge from the emptiness of the void such as burnout, midlife ‘opportunity’ and endings


Celebrate an aspect of yourself or life through a gratitude / celebration ceremony


Navigate a period of endings such as leaving a job, end of a relationship, empty nest, a busy way of life and limiting patterns


Honor death and tend to grief 

Healing story

Bring healing to your birthing story or any story that has shaped you and your life


Words from those I’ve held ceremony

Your life. Your moment. Your ceremony.

A deep intentional co-created ceremony for powerful transformation

Feel prepared and guided during the 3 stages of your powerful ceremony so you can give them the attention and receive the healing.

Preparation & Intention - 30 mins

We’ll attune and listen for the inspiration and soul desires that want to be acknowledged, to truly hear what’s calling you to enter into ceremony.

I’ll then create something personal and meaningful to reflect the essence, values and intention that are important to you.

You’ll receive a ceremony proposal and then working together, we’ll refine this to finalise your healing ceremony.

Transformative Ceremony - 2 hours

We’ll enter into ceremony, online or in-person, whatever feels right to you.

The ceremony is held within the power of a medicine wheel and co-created with the ancestors and spirit.

The power of ceremony is not about ‘how it looks’ but about the clarity of intention, how we step into it and show up for it, being open to receiving from the space and witnessing our ability to surrender to the mystery.

The ripples of the ceremony will extend through your life in its own beautiful and mysterious way and can benefit not only you but your family, community and beyond.

We are changed by ceremony – it is a direct experience.

Integration -30 mins online

Once our ceremony is complete, it is not an ending point but a powerful beginning. 

The days and even months after your ceremony are an opportunity to witness and observe the everyday empowerment of you and your life.

Three weeks after your ceremony, you’ll get to share your integration experience. Noting any insights that may be emerging, bringing awareness to how you are in yourself and what is being invited of / from you moving into your future.

This is another moment to anchor within the blessings, giving thanks to yourself and Spirit.

Choose Your Soulful Ceremony

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Your Soulful Ceremony

In-person at my space in Summerhill, Co. Meath or Online.

Exceptions: Baby naming, handfasting ceremony or group ceremonies, your discovery call will always be followed up with a quote for these ceremonies.

Travel expenses may be added dependent on location if outside of Summerhill, Co. Meath

Ceremony investment from €300 for 2 hour ceremony & integration session. Instalment plans are available.

Your Soulful Ceremony & Medicine Doll

Can take place at my space in Summerhill, Co. Meath or Online.

This includes everything from the Custom Ceremony with the added medicine of a handmade Medicine Doll.

The Medicine Doll will be created from the ceremony intention. During the ceremony, you will connect to the pure essence of your medicine doll so you can hear the wisdom it holds, how it can support you and connect you with your way forward.

Ceremony & Spirit Doll Investment from €550. Instalment plans are available

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Need Help Deciding?

You may already have something in mind, or this may be a new experience for you. Wherever you are on your journey, let’s discover what’s the best experience for you. 

Purple lilacs in the forest emit positive energy and have a soothing effect, making them ideal for reiki healing practices.
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