Benefits of Shamanic Healing: 8 Transformative Benefits

8 Deep Transformative Benefits of Shamanic Healing

People come to shamanic healing when they want to feel more of something: more peace, nourishment, safety, aliveness, joy, and connection. They desire more fulfilment in their career, more financial security and connection in their relationships, and more alignment with their soul.

They find themselves dealing with: 

  • stress, 
  • discontent  
  • confusion, 
  • a feeling of disconnection from themselves or the world, 
  • a frustrating stagnation where nothing is moving, 
  • or a sense of being in a continuous loop that doesn’t change

Shamanic healing works on a pure energetic level as the practitioner directs the healing towards the root cause of the challenge. Addressing the root can cause profound shifts to occur that ripple through other aspects of your life. This transformation from the inside out lasts beyond a ‘quick fix’.

8 Deep Transformative Benefits of Shamanic Healing

8 Powerful Benefits of Shamanic Healing

1. Emotional Healing

Shamanic healing seeks to address past traumas and reintegrate fragmented soul parts. You can feel free from the burden of the emotional load that was weighing you down. This can allow you to make life choices unaffected by past experiences and support a more positive outlook on your way forward.

It’s been an incredible journey. I am so very proud of myself as I have come into bigger and stronger me….it’s amazing to be here. Thank you for your support when I was very much suffering at every level. Doing the reiki courses and the shamanic healing was key. I am reminded everday how far I have come. Your kindness and experience and skills were of great value to me at time where I needed them.

2. Recovery of Soul Energy

‘Soul loss’ is where aspects of the soul become fragmented due to trauma. The recovery of lost soul parts, known as soul retrieval, helps to restore your vitality and energy. You can notice deep shifts in your energy levels, as well as a sense of wholeness. You may find that bringing back the soul parts also invites reintegrating qualities and parts of yourself back into your life that may have been missing, like playfulness, courage, and a sense of adventure, thereby enhancing the richness of life.

3. Restoration of Power

Soul retrieval can help you regain a sense of personal power. This can lead to increased self-confidence and a stronger sense of agency in your life, enabling you to make choices that are aligned with your needs and well-being. Your life force is revitalised, giving you more energy and motivation to pursue your goals and desires.

4. Improved Relationships

Healing past wounds increases your ability to engage in healthy relationships. You can communicate with others in healthier, more helpful ways when you resolve internal conflicts and traumas. This leads to greater empathy, communication, and closeness, resulting in more satisfying and supportive relationships.

Roseleen completely changed my life, since doing soul retrievals with her I have not been the same and my I feel more present and alive than I ever did before. She is warm and kind and you feel very safe with her.

Stone with spirals

5. Brings Healing to Past Traumas

Shamanic healing is often used to bring closure to past events. This allows you to move beyond your past and engage fully with the present. People discover that by releasing the challenges, they are no longer defined by what happened and are free to move on.

6. Enhanced Self-Awareness

Shamanic treatments can help you gain insights into how your past experiences have affected your current identity, behaviour, and feelings. As you become more in tune with your needs and feelings, this increase in self-awareness encourages growth towards greater authentic self-expression and satisfaction.

7. Sense of Wholeness and Integration

Shamanic healing can help you feel more complete and whole. A more harmonious and fulfilling life results from balancing one’s mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual qualities. 

8. Greater Joy and Enthusiasm

As you heal and reintegrate lost parts of your essence, you may experience renewed joy and enthusiasm for life. This can emerge as an appreciation for the beauty of the world around you, a desire to pursue previously unexplored interests or an increased interaction with life’s gifts.

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When do people come for a shamanic Healing

People come to shamanic healing when they:

  • are attending a talk therapy but need energetic support to shift patterns that aren’t changing.
  • are ready to let go of outdated and limiting beliefs that block their inner wisdom and personal power.
  • want to release old stories, past narratives and familial patterns so they can reclaim their role as creators in their life.
  • feel stuck, are going around in loops where nothing is changing. Shamanic healing can guide them towards new possibilities.
  • want to access their wisdom and insights so they can trust their inner guidance.
  • desire a deeper connection with nature, the earth, and their place in the world.
  • want to let go of their ancestral burdens and create room for a purposeful life
  • long to recover soul parts affected by trauma and welcome more health, vibrancy, and joy.
  • feel lacking in energy, life has become dull and they wish to have a renewed sense of vitality.
  • want their energy field cleansed of heavy energy and experience renewed energy, determination, and a new outlook on life.
  • Are creatively blocked and want to encourage their inspiration to flow more freely.
  • Desire to walk through emotions like grief, anger, fear using them as a  guide towards a more centred and grounded self.
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3 Ways Shamanic healing support you

1. Release core beliefs and patterns

We all have limiting beliefs.

Many of your beliefs help you step forward in life, while others hold us back. Limiting beliefs restrict your expression and freedom in some way, usually due to fear and self-doubt.

Beliefs emerge from various experiences: a throwaway comment from a teacher, a family mantra that became a self-fulfilling prophecy, or cultural narratives that shaped our worldview.

Pause and ponder. What did someone say or do that influenced how you see yourself and affected how you engage with the world? What were you told that you took on as a truth even though it wasn’t? It’s the subtle, often repeated ones that tend to embed themselves deeply into our self-talk, such as:

I’m not good enough. I’m not good enough to apply for the promotion.

I’m not smart enough… I’m not smart enough to add my voice to this conversation.

I’m not creative. I’m not creative, so I won’t even write the story.

It’s too late to… It’s too late to learn how to play guitar.

I can’t… I can’t do public speaking.

I shouldn’t… I shouldn’t speak up in case they get angry.

Someone says… My mother always says I’m so emotional.

These limiting beliefs are more than thoughts. They subtly drain your energy and hold back your life’s potential.

Shamanic healing removes imprints from your energy body through extraction sessions. By clearing out the old beliefs, whether they are childhood, ancestral, cultural, or anything else, there is room to cultivate beliefs that serve you—beliefs that, when nurtured, can inform your choices and inspire empowering behaviours that lead to a more nourished life.

2. Retrieve soul parts and personal power

During soul retrieval a fragmented piece of the soul that retreated during a traumatic moment is returned. It’s as if an aspect of your essence decided to step away and forgot to return. It often takes with it a spark of your vitality, like a sense of trust, innocence, joy, or adventure.

It’s normal for soul loss to occur during different stages of our lives. It doesn’t always stem from big events; it can happen subtly and over time. Most people say they don’t feel like themselves. Life feels dull or something is missing. They long for a time when they felt energetically whole. ‘I wonder where that carefree child went’. 

Soul retrieval isn’t about revisiting or reliving the pain of the past. Instead, it’s a gentle way to reconnect with the lost parts of yourself, inviting them back into your life. It’s a way to retrieve your life force without reliving difficult situations or digging through memories. It’s about rediscovering yourself in your wholeness and supporting you to move forward with a sense of empowerment.

3. Cord Cutting

Cord cutting helps to clear an unhealthy dynamic between individuals. It can help strengthen the loving connection and create healthier dynamics. Codependent relationships can lead to cords forming due to a lack of healthy boundaries. Sometimes cords are attached to family members, loved ones, colleagues, and friends. Cutting a cord doesn’t mean you don’t care and the healing won’t remove the person from your life. It releases the constrictive energy between you both so healing can come in.

In conclusion

Shamanic healing provides long-term lasting inner transformation and healing. It supports the integration of the wisdom from the past and clears the way for an even more empowered self.

It’s a road to reclaiming part of ourselves, letting go of burdens that no longer serve us and stepping into a more vibrant life. Shamanic healing causes a ripple effect of change in many aspects of our lives. When we heal, our family, our lineage and our community heal with us. 

Explore how shamanic healing can support you on your path to wholeness and joy.

Remember, healing supports you to engage with life with renewed energy and purpose.

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