Shamanic Healing

Create powerful transformations in your energy and life.
Shamanic healing Ireland - The roots of a tree on the ground.

I see you. You have a sense of what life could feel like.

You no longer want to be restricted by the pain of past conditioning, you’re ready to break the energetic patterns, traumas and old stories that keep you from living a meaningful, creative and joyful life.

It’s time to restore your power and reclaim your path as a creator of your life with shamanic healing.

Because you’re not broken. You don’t need fixing. You’re caring for the tender parts of yourself and remembering who you are so you can welcome home all of you. You’re learning to embrace your wholeness.

Shamanic healing in Ireland involving ferns in the woods.

We’re not taught
how to move through life.

You come into life wanting to experience all it has to offer but you haven’t been taught how to move through its cycles of life, death and rebirth.

Sometimes we can get stuck in these cycles and this is where Shamanic healing can help.

On the spiral path of awakening there are times to begin, to grow, to harvest, to celebrate, weed, rest, let go, end and die. Shamanic healing can support you to navigate this path and the season of life your spirit is within.

Life brings change and challenges and sometimes we need extra support to guide us. To help us keep going, find our way or to heal and grow.

Shamanic healing can help you see where you are and support you on a path to clarity, choice, healing and change.

During these sessions your energetic body will be cleansed. Old patterns, out-dated programmes and past wounds that are draining your life force will be brought into balance.  Healing will be available by identifying and tending to the root issue of imbalances present that are preventing you from living a life that’s is fulfilling and supports your souls growth.

A woman in a red dress performing shamanic healing while standing on a log in the woods of Ireland.
A woman is holding a colorful bag in her hands.

Shamanic Healing for the soul

The power to heal and evolve is within you.

Shamanic Healing is about reclaiming your energy and your power.

Not power over people or things but power for life, change, growth and expansion. Power to be who you are and not who you were conditioned to be. 

Your past holds potential medicine for the present. The present and your future is influenced by your past and your family’s past. The ‘You’ reacting to the challenges and situations in your life is not often the ‘mature adult’ but a wounded or unexamined part of you. You don’t go back to the past simply to re-experience it, you heal and integrate it so you’re not defined by it.

tired of the same old patterns?

You're ready to unlock the treasure within

Maybe you’ve been doing the ‘work’ and tried all the ‘things’ but nothing is changing, your inner and outer worlds don’t match.

Or you’re trying to achieve something but feel blocked and can’t put your finger on what it is. You’re tired of feeling stuck and unable to move forward.

Maybe you feel flat, fragmented and disconnected from yourself and life. You may even sense the imprints of unsupportive generational and ancestral patterns driving your choices and responses in life.

Sound familiar? It’s time to breakthrough these limitations and….
In the depths of the woods, a feather delicately rests atop a mystical log, holding the essence of shamanic healing in Ireland.
A woman holding up a small piece of wood.

Allow True Transformation

Shamanic Healings are transformational as the change happens within. When your internal world shifts the ripples expand through all of your life. You will find yourself lighter, more open, ready to make changes and able to take up space in yourself and life. 

Shamanic Healing is for you if you long to:

shamanic healing testimonials

Kind words from Clients

Direct experience, personal empowerment, living in the right relationship and learning from the intelligence of nature are at the heart of Shamanic Healing.

Here's how your session will work.

While each session is unique to the individual, these are stages we’ll walk through together.


Your Healing Intention

I hold space for all aspects of you as you share your intention and what is coming up for you around the theme or challenge which has brought you to shamanic healing. This allows you to formulate your healing intention.


Energetic Healing

The deeper energy work will vary depending on the shamanic based practices used - illumination, extraction, soul retrieval, bands of power or psychopomp healing. Your energetic body will be cleansed and healing will be activated by identifying and tending to the root issue of imbalances present.


Your Soul Work

After the shamanic healing you can share your personal experiences and insights. Together, we create some integration ‘soul work’ so you can anchor the new ways of being, feeling and experiencing life into your day to day. This reinforces your own personal power and remembering that you are an active participant in your healing.



The shamanic healing you receive will ripple through time and space creating gentle and lasting shifts in your life. These will be revealed in unexpected yet beautiful ways. Integration gives you time to digest, process and fully absorb the healing and wisdom you received.

Choose Your
Shamanic Healing Experience

A mystical purple rose is blooming in the dark, offering an ethereal presence and potential for shamanic healing in Ireland.

Shamanic Healing

Held in sacred space, we focus on what you need to release or retrieve and work with shamanic practices to help facilitate a deep energetic healing shift in your soul & energy body. ‚Äč

These sessions can be held online or in-person.

Investment: €120, 1.5-2 hours

Shamanic Healing Integration Session

At the end of each session, you receive soulwork to integrate the healing into day-to-day life. You are an active participant in your healing. An integration session provides additional support, reflection and guidance should you need deeper support in the weeks after your healing.

These sessions can allow you a space to reflect on what insights you’ve received since your session, where (if any) challenges are arising in integrating the energy / changes into your life and how to open even more to the medicine and gifts of your healing.

Investment: €120, 1.5 hour

A purple flower on a black background, symbolizing shamanic healing in Ireland.

Your questions answered

Common questions

Ahead of your healing, I suggest avoiding alcohol the day before, on the day, and preferably a few days after a healing.  Let me know if there are any concerns, doubts and fears that you may have regarding the session. My style is grounded, practical as well as spiritual and there is nothing to worry about as you are always in control and fully present throughout the session (with your eyes closed and lying down mostly).

If you suffer from severe mental health issues such as schizophrenia, psychosis, bi-polar etc shamanic healing may not be right/ the best for you. If you are on medication and wondering if a Shamanic Healing can support you, please contact me.

While this varies typically, most people feel relieved and lighter when they let go of the dense energy. However, this is a healing process and the work can release pent up emotions. I’ll talk to you more during the session about your soulwork and how to support yourself after your healing session.

It’s easy to rush back into life after your session but if you can, I recommend taking some time to process your experience and take some time in nature or space to breath and listen to your inner being. I know that after a healing there is the temptation to share it with someone i.e. a friend etc. I recommend taking sometime to incubate and integrate your session before sharing your experience. You will also have your soulwork to support you in the weeks after the session.

In order to see the biggest transformation, I recommend 3/4 shamanic healing sessions, about 4-5 weeks apart. This allows processing on your part and stabilisation of your energy so that we can continue the work on a firm foundation. After the last session, you can come back whenever you wish to address other concerns.

The type of shamanic healing technique provided is determined during our discussion at the start of the session. Advanced practices such as soul retrieval require at least 2 or 3 extraction sessions to ensure there’s enough space in your system to hold and properly integrate that energy.

Need Help Deciding?

If you’re wondering what healing session would be right for you at this time or  want to find out more about me, my experience and how I work, I’d love to hear from you.

A vibrant red leaf gracefully adorns a branch amidst the enchanting foliage of a serene forest.
A close up image of green leaves with hints of shamanic healing.
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