Reweaving Your Stories
A Day Retreat

Become the storyteller of your own life

Are you ready to go on a transformative journey, planting and activating the seeds of a new and evolving story for your life?

It's time to reclaim your role as the master storyteller, crafting a narrative that aligns with your true essence, your authentic self, and unlocks a world of boundless possibilities. No longer confined to a story that doesn’t belong to you or dictated by societal expectations, it’s time to release outdated beliefs and embrace a story of infinite potential and hope.

Join me for an intimate in-person alchemical day retreat guided by myself, the enchanting plant spirit Lady Lavender & Mother Blue Lotus and the element of fire. Together, we’ll delve into the depths of your evolving story, creating sacred space to release old stories that no longer align with who you are becoming. Through this process, you’ll cultivate the power to build new blueprints for a deeply meaningful life.

With guided rituals, immersive shamanic drumming, transformative meditation, gentle reiki healing and grounded earth-based practices, you’ll weave new stories and shed the attachments to outdated ways of being. With the power of your own story harnessed; you’ll emerge with newfound clarity, purpose and the ability to navigate your path forward with unwavering confidence.

Unleash the power within

Crafting your story

Our lives are intricately woven with the stories we tell ourselves, stories that shape our reality and influence our beliefs, emotions, behaviours and perceptions of the world. From ancestral tales to personal narratives of love, loss, transformation and more, these stories hold immense power in shaping our lives.

While some stories empower and inspire, others can keep you trapped in limiting patterns. The stories you internalise become the lens through which you experience life.

But here’s the truth: you have the power to unbind yourself from old narratives that no longer serve you. You have the ability to rewrite your story, to break free from the constraints of the past and step into the present moment as the authentic creator of your own life. 

You decide who you are and who you get to become. You can break free from the past and land in the present moment, choosing to be the creator of your life.

It’s time to embark on a transformative journey of crafting a new story – one that emerges from the depths of your tender heart, evoking a deep sigh of relief and opening pathways of possibility before you. 

This is a story that evolves as you engage with it, allowing you to embrace your true essence and live a life of authenticity and purpose.

Join me on this empowering quest to evolve your story and together, we’ll chart a course towards a future filled with fulfillment and joy.

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Claim your narrative and embrace the power of your stories

Who holds the pen in your story?

Stories are more than mere tales. They’re vessels of wisdom, catalysts for healing and gateways to self-discovery. Your stories hold the potential to reimagine, transform and ignite profound change in your life. 

It’s time to ask yourself: Who holds the pen in your story?

Through the transformative journey of “Reweaving your story,” you’ll embark on a path of exploration, inviting new ways of being in the world that breathe life into your existence. 

By honoring and sharing your stories, you reclaim your power and release the grip of inner narratives that no longer serve you. These stories, once perceived as monsters, lose their hold over you, allowing you to walk a new path unfettered by the constraints of the past.  

Remember, your story is an ongoing creation – a blank page waiting to be filled. As you delve into your creative wellspring, you have the opportunity to resolve old patterns, alchemise unfinished business and reimagine yourself with the richness of your experiences. 

What do you desire for your new story to hold? What dreams and aspirations lie within you, waiting to be expressed?

Join us in this empowering ceremony and receive the gifts of transformation and renewal. Step into the role of the storyteller and shape a narrative that reflects your authentic self, invites possibility and ignites the spark of profound change. 

This is your invitation, it’s time to claim your story. 

This is for you if...

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Kind words from participants

Meet Our Plant Guardians

Join us on the transformative journey of self-discovery at our upcoming one day retreat. Immerse yourself in the profound beauty of ceremony and reconnect with the essence of who you truly are.

Ceremony is a powerful catalyst for healing and transformation, allowing you to tap into the sacredness that surrounds you. During this ceremony, you’ll experience the profound healing, guidance and support of Lady Lavender & Mother Blue Lotus and the transformative power of the Spirit of Fire.

Lady Lavender, a divine presence, will stand by your side with courage and strength, empowering you to release old patterns and stories that no longer align with your life. Through her gentle guidance, your mind will find stillness, allowing the wisdom within your heart to shape a new narrative.

The element of fire, symbolizing transformation, will support your journey by helping you let go of what no longer serves you. As emotional blockages and stagnant patterns are burned away, space is created for healing, clarity, and renewal.

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What to expect

“Ceremony is a vehicle for belonging – to a family, to a people, and to the land” – Robin Wall Kimmerer

You’ll be gently guided to tend to threads of stories that are limiting your expression of self in the world and weave in new stories that nourish this next cycle in your life. You’ll do this through a tapestry of a tea ceremony, rituals, nature work, reflections and integrations.

Reflective tea ceremony

Enter into deep connection with the spirit of our plant allies, Lavender & Blue Lotus who will bless, support and nourish you in the ways that you need at this time of your life's story.

Shamanic journeying / drumming

Alchemise stagnant energy to uncover the inherent beauty, connection and power that comes from allowing this energy to move through you. Connect to yourself, your spirit and the divine forces for guidance and healing as you move from being the passive observer of your life and becoming the creator.

Ritual Magick

Imagine how it would feel to claim the direction of your life and become the hero of your own story?

Through rituals remember and enrich your connection with what is sacred in life. Enhance your sense of meaning, connection, purpose and belonging as you craft pathways to support your movement forward. In addition, we will hold an outdoor fire ceremony.

Earth based practices

The land around my home will support you to embody and ground your new narratives into your being. Through nature-based practice, rekindle your relationship to yourself, others and the earth, awakening to the power and healing that is held within nature.

Guided Meditation & Internal reflection

Unearth your inner wisdom, essence and creative spirit so you grow in your sovereignty and place yourself back into the heart of your own life.

Intentional integration

Align your healing and insights with action and intention, allowing you to anchor the energetic shifts into your everyday life. Experience the beauty and delight of amplifying your world from the inside out.

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Join us and replace old stories with new possibilities

Space is limited to maintain an intimate “nest” container and ensure you can receive personalized attention and support so you can foster deeper connections and a more profound, transformative experience.

time & Date

Sat 29th June, 10.30am - 5.30pm


Ballygortagh, Summerhill,
Co. Meath, A83 RC65

Early Bird Price until 2nd June - 2 places remaining

Early Bird €145 includes lunch & all materials (deposit €70)

What to bring

You’ll need your own yoga mat, a blanket, and bottle of water

Additional items may be required, however you’ll receive an email with further details ahead of the event. No previous experience or specific skills are necessary—this is a nurturing and inclusive event accessible to all.

We’ll weave a multi-dimensional space of lasting transformation. Influenced by my training and mentoring with Sli an Chroi and Shamanic Energy Training, these ceremonies carry the wisdom gifted to me by my spirit team, the earth, and my ancestral lineage. This space is held within a Shamanic Energy Training® Sacred Space Weaver – The White Dragon Lineage® Template.

Your Guide

The most important thing is to hold on, hold out, for your creative life, for your solitude, for your time to be and do, for your very life; hold on, for the promise from the wild nature is this: after winter, spring always comes' Dr Clarissa Pinkola Estés

I believe there’s great beauty in giving ourselves permission to speak a new vision to life, reimagine past aspirations, open the door to wild possibilities, leave room for new information to come in and shape what you’ve already envisioned. To be creative with life.

Too often, we create solely from our minds, often influenced by outside perceptions, with little room left for soul. What if both could exist together, where the soul dreams and the mind helps to bring the vision to life. You get to experience flexibility rather than rigidity by sitting in counsel with your creative fire.

In my early 40s burnout brought me to my knees. I call those three years ‘living at the edge of the forest’ as I withdrew from life to recoup, and weed out the deep patterns of people-pleasing to redefine what a life lived well meant for me. It was a huge course correction. One that led me back to reclaiming my creativity, not just artistically.

My life is shaped around curiosity, innovation, imagination, dreaming and enchantment as they help me to forge a path that transforms even the most mundane moments into opportunities for wonder and discovery.

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Roseleen McNally, shamanic practitioner engaging in shamanic Healing deep in the woods.

Where we gather together

Our healing space is held within the earthy grounds of my home, a space dedicated to healing. Gathering just after Summer Solstice will be basking in the expansion and growth of this time of year.

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