Your Radiant Heart

Open to life’s beauty in this intimate in-person alchemical ceremony.

Do you hear the beckoning of your heart? A call inviting you to expand your capacity for joy, creativity, expression, wonder, play and delight. 

Imagine a life infused with a profound love for the very act of living, where you’re able to fully express what’s in and on your heart. Picture a reality where you not only acknowledge but actively receive the beauty within and all around you.

Your heart, a sanctuary of belonging, a destination for homecoming and remembrance, yearns for a pivotal role in your life. It’s time to position your heart and soul at the core of your existence, ensuring fidelity to what truly matters – your dreams, desires and the life you yearn to live. 

Rather than concealing your heart behind protective  armour, allow it to radiate its inherent gifts and beauty through every fibre of your being.

It’s time to tend your radiant heart

Much like a delicate seed, your heart requires attentive care, for it cannot flourish in depleted soil. Your essence requires replenishment, repair, and nurturing to unfurl, flourish and guide you towards to genuine happiness, love, connection and joy. 

Consider this is your personal invitation to join me in an intimate alchemical ceremony, an experience crafted to unlock  the power within your heart. 

Guided by the wisdom of hawthorn and rose, the plant guardians of the heart, this ceremony will nourish  your essence, enabling you to fall in love with life, yourself and nature.  

Through a tapestry of guided rituals, immersive shamanic drumming, soul exploration and grounded earth-based practices, you’ll be empowered to reignite your heart’s connection and awaken the dormant life force that winter has concealed.

We’ll come together at the Spring Equinox, a moment  of renewal, emergence and harmony, to rejuvenate the heart of your self. Many seeds have been resting in the darkness of your heart, awaiting their moment in the light to grow and unfurl, revealing their innate beauty. This is your gateway to a brighter existence, alive with possibilities and deeply connected to your inner magic. 

As you plant and nurture these  seeds, they will continue to enrich you,  establishing roots and blossoming into a vibrant expression of your true self.

Your radiant heart ceremony
A person holding a basket full of items.

Harmonise the heart and mind connection

Cultivating a heart-centered life

Often, we seek love from external sources in our quest for validation, that we’re enough, overlooking that what we truly yearn for a profound connection with love itself.

Somewhere along the way, you’ve strayed from living in your heart. The ceaseless chatter of thoughts and emotions in your mind drowns out the subtle whispers of our hearts. 

The mind, proficient in managing the complexities of life – balancing, remembering, processing and doing – takes the lead. Amidst this mental busyness, you neglect your heart mind – a deeper, quieter and steadier place of intuition, inner knowing, truth and divine love. 

This isn’t about demonising the mind or exalting the heart, it’s about gently harmonising the connection between heart, mind and body. This harmony opens channels of communication and healing, allowing the mind to relax and the heart’s invaluable wisdom to surface, connecting you to your authentic self.

Your heart, an anchor, guides you back to love, meaning and clarity when you feel lost, confused, overwhelmed or disconnected. It becomes a wise companion during  in challenges, teaching you to remain open to joy and live from the heart.

Nourishing the heart deeply allows you to connect with your spirit and attune to your inner callings. Within, you find comfort, guidance, peace, love and compassion, as you grow to trust your inner voice, guidance and intuition.

You’re ready to let the light of your heart shine

Healing, clearing and activating your heart

What resides at the core of your heart? Is it a sanctuary for love, joy, passion, fun and creativity or perhaps fear, worry, hurt or sadness linger? 

In the depth of your being, what beckons you? It’s natural to shield your heart for fear of potential hurt, yet in doing so, we unintentionally restrict the entry to life’s offerings – love, wonder, gratitude and awe. 

The time has come to make your heart a fertile ground, ready to nurture the seeds of love and joy you wish to cultivate.

This ceremony is ideal for you if you:

Embrace heart healing from our plant & spirit guardians

Embark on a journey of  profound healing, guidance and support as you embrace the nurturing energy of our plant allies, hawthorn and rose, in an immersive experience centered around a reflective tea ceremony. 

It’s time to come home to your heart. 

Imagine being cocooned in the tender embrace of rose petals and hawthorn blooms, surrounded by a profound sense of safety and love, while their protective thorns create a sacred space for tending to your inner needs.

Together, hawthorn and rose create a sacred space that gives your heart a voice – empowering it to speak its truth. They provide support in establishing healthy boundaries, enabling you to care for your own needs while fostering a capacity for love that is clear, powerful and gentle, strong and open to receiving.

Whether your heart is a tender seedling or expanding and opening to the fullness of life, we’ll meet you where you are. This journey is about holding you lovingly and gently through your unique unfolding, without forcing your heart to open. Instead, we’ll tend to the radiance within, so you can feel alive, vibrant and let your heart light shine.

A pink rose symbolizing reiki healing in the middle of a lush green background.

What you can expect

Ceremony is a powerful catalyst for remembering your true self. It acts as a bridge back to wholeness, as it supports healing and transformation while immersing you in sacred energies that surround you. 

It’s a place where you can unlock inspiration, kindle creativity and gain profound wisdom and clarity. Guiding you into communion with your inner self, your soul and the sacred, our   shamanic ceremony works within the framework of a medicine wheel. 

The sacred circle enhances the potential for expanded consciousness, creating ripples that extend into your life, your family and your community. 

To fully engage in this experience, bring your own yoga mat, a blanket, and bottle of water. Further details, including any additional items you might need, will be provided in the pre-event email. This nurturing and inclusive event requires no prior experience or specific skills, ensuring accessibility for everyone.

Our intimate gathering is limited to 12 individuals, creating a multi-dimensional space for lasting transformation. 

Seize the opportunity to claim your space in this heartful awakening  ceremony – a journey of transformation.

Roseleen McNally holding a Mala Naofa in her hands. Her shamanic medicine bundle.


Kind words from participants

A Place of Healing

Join us and ignite your heart’s power

The ceremony is held within a Shamanic Energy Training® Template that weaves a multi-dimensional space of lasting transformation.
These ceremonies are influenced by my training and mentoring with Sli an Chroi and Shamanic Energy Training. These ceremonies embody the wisdom bestowed upon me by my spirit team, the earth and my ancestral lineage.



Immerse yourself in the beauty and tranquility of our space in Aventine Gardens where nature surrounds us during our shamanic ceremony.

TBC, 10am - 1pm

Aventine Garden, Foxrock, Co. Dublin

Includes all materials.

Your Guide

'The way to maintain one's connection to the wild is to ask yourself what it is that you want. This is the sorting of the seed from the dirt. One of the most important discriminations we can make in this matter is the difference between things that beckon to us and things that call from our souls' ~ Dr Clarissa Pinkola Estés

I believe there’s great beauty that unfolds when we grant ourselves permission to speak a new vision for our lives, reimagining past aspirations, opening the door to wild possibilities, leaving room for new information to come in and shaping what you’ve already envisioned. To be creative with life.

Often, our creations are born solely from the confines of our minds, heavily influenced by external perceptions, leaving little space for the soul’s authentic expression. 

What if we could bridge the gap between the soul’s dreams and the mind’s ability to manifest those visions? This is where the magic happens – the dance of creativity unfolds and you find yourself sitting in counsel with your own creative fire, experiencing the fluidity of possibilities rather than the rigidity of predetermined paths

In my early 40s, burnout brought me to my knees, leading me to a profound course correction I refer to those three years as ‘living at the edge of the forest,’ a time when I withdrew from the chaos of life to regenerate, weed out ingrained patterns of people-pleasing to redefine what a well-lived life truly meant for me.

This transformative experience propelled me to listen deeply to my heart, safeguard my energy and fortify my boundaries. 

My life is now shaped around the pillars of curiosity, innovation, imagination, dreaming and enchantment. These guiding principles help me to forge a path where even the most mundane moments transform into opportunities for wonder and discovery. 

Join me in this journey of discovery. If you’re curious to learn more about my story and the magic we can create together, click below.

An immersive image capturing the therapeutic power of reiki healing as a woman's hands delicately hold a ring, nestled within the gentle currents of a serene stream.
Roseleen McNally, shamanic practitioner engaging in shamanic Healing deep in the woods.

Where we gather together

Our healing space is held within the magical grounds of Aventine Gardens, a space dedicated to celebration, healing and growth.

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